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DS Series: OOMF Parole

The reason you’ve not read about this is because she hadn’t given me permission for me to write the story but the last time we spoke, she gave me the go-ahead to publish the story, and also let me apologize very quickly for not posting stories for a while, like the title of Fela’s biography, these things happen because of, “This Bitch of a life!”.

You’ll understand better at a later date.

I got a lot of tweets, DMs on Twitter and Instagram, thanks for checking on me. We’re working on so many things at the moment, I promise Y’all will like it.

So, to why we’re all here. Through this platform, I have met a whole lot of people, from the people who took me deeper in sex, to people who we became friends, and to others who have become more than friends, and also there are those that want to have sex, not forgetting those that are having a difficult time with their sexuality.

The people having issues with their sexuality are mostly ladies, when we publish lesbian stories, the DMs I get are usually along the lines of “I think I’m bisexual”, “I love tribbing”. In case you don’t know what tribbing is, its the act of rubbing vaginas against each other, shout out to my OOMF who taught me that.

The person whose adventure’s name will not be mentioned during the act of which we do not speak of at the time we shall keep close to the chest.

She has been following me for a while, whenever a new episode dropped, she would hit my DM on Twitter to talk about it, and we just got closer that way, she was out of Lagos, serving in Benin, and like any love story although I doubt if this was a love story at the beginning, but things escalated later on,

What happened here was that we eventually got closer and closer, and then she revealed a lot of things to me, about how much she didn’t really enjoy sex, and this lady was one hell of a sexy lady, she is tall, her boobs are glorious, trust me on that, those bad boys will have your mouth out, they look like they were surgically implanted with the mad shape, the boob sack was big, but not too big, the nipple sat in the middle of the boobs, I had seen them in pictures and marveled but when I saw them in real life, I did the Messi new camp worship.

[From all of this, you must have guessed that I’m a boob guy, and I’m guilty as charged]

Two hands in the air, with the torso upward bending back and forth when I saw them in real life. We couldn’t see for a while, I kept hoping that work will send me across that side of town, but No, it was in other directions but then luck or God of sex eventually smiled on me, she had arrived in Lagos, and like things couldn’t get any better, she stayed around Yaba as well.

A day or two after she told me she was in town, I decided to drive by after work to see her and say hi, then maybe plan to see over the weekend when there was time to “explore” but I was in for a surprise.

I parked in front of her house, and she came into the car, she looked even more beautiful than the pictures and nudes, we exchanged pleasantries, laughed and did all types of stuff, the kicker here was that her grandma was seated outside looking at us in the car. After about twenty minutes or so, I was leaving to go home. She said, how about she comes to know my place just to know in case she wants to come over that she can just bike it over. Since it’s a quick show her and come back, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes, so I drove off.

We arrived at my house, and she got out, followed me upstairs into my house, at this point, I looked more at what she was wearing, she was wearing a T-shirt, nothing underneath, it was a big shirt but the way the boobs moved underneath it, definitely those bad boys are moving freely, then a bum short underneath that.

The whole risque thing about her was turning me on, so when we got into my apartment, I went in for a kiss which was welcomed, and like a kid at the amusement park, I wanted to go on all the rides on this sexy girl while maintaining an air of calmness outside, with a riot going on in my mind, where next to touch.

Finally before me, were those boobs that I had seen their pictures, I grabbed for them, and the touch filled me with more want, they were soft. So, in no holds barred fashion, I took off the top, and have I said how beautiful her breasts are? Shit, it hit me in the face like a tonne of bricks. Shit! It made my erection even harder,

Gawd dammit!

I kissed her and began to fondle with the breast, we weren’t sitting, we were still upstanding, with me still in my work clothes, eating her up like a madman in my head but with composure in real life. Trying to be “Deolu Oniranu”, the execution was good, we continued to make out, and I was sure that she had no panties on, with her brand of risqueness, there is no way she is wearing panties but I was gonna have to find out myself, I left the boobs for a quick second to unbutton the short, and pull them down to get a feel for what was underneath.

She was reasonably wet, and with that we continued, one hand on the magnificent boobs, the other in her pussy, fingering around trying to find her spot, while the mouth was stuck on her mouth, the make out felt really good, perhaps because of all the pent-up emotion of sexting and ‘nuding’ that had been going on for a while.

[Before we proceed, guys we need to do better with nudes and stop leaking it like a childish delusional vengeful insecure psychopath, some of us enjoy it and treasure it. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk]

Eventually, I lost my items of clothes quite appropriately, so it became a naked party, this time hand on her ass, pulling her closer into my erection, with her hand stroking my dick gently, she was thoroughly wet, there was no time also, her grandma will soon start calling her.

This knowing of the house thing was supposed to take 3 minutes but now it was taking longer than expected. We just need a quickie for all of our senses to come back to normal, I ran to the bedroom to get my condom, and on the living room sofa, I wanted to feel the 3D experience of it all. So, I went for the natural romantic position, the missionary style, 3 dimensional in the fact that; one, we could stare into each other and probably kiss, two, my chest can feel her boobs, and thirdly, I could thrust into her and see her expression, to decipher what she likes and what not.

Facial cues are all over people’s faces during sex, we had spoken about it but being observant is also good, not only did she have one of the best boobs I’ve personally seen, she also had a really tight pussy, with the condom strapped, I pointed the thing at her pussy opening, in a let’s get this show on the road fashion, she was wet but slowly she took in all my length, and then I began to thrust in faster, looking into her eyes, kissing her intermittently.

One thing she never told me then started happening after a while we began, she was a moaner, not just a moaner, a  really loud one, this was about 8pm-ish, my neighbors no doubt will be hearing a girl moaning.

I wasn’t ashamed of it all, I was just new to someone being that loud of a moaner, I already heard that my nickname in the house is ‘the gigolo’ and they don’t even know about this blog, how they came about it is still a mystery.

So, douse down her loud moaning, I kissed her from time to time, but then I was ready for something more, so we stopped and switched to doggy position, where  I could be more dominating.

As soon as that ass was up in the air, I went into it like it owed me money, she already told me she liked it rough, so I stared nice and slow, not long after, I felt her pussy become wetter, and soon the tiredness of the day crept into me as I exploded into the condom.

Like clockwork, her phone started ringing, and it was her grandma, she was too spent to pick it up, so we waited to catch out breathe, dress up and head to Tonyson to buy some pringles as proof to her grandma that we just went down the streets to get something.

Who was she kidding? The grandma knows especially if she’s got a good nose on her, she would have caught the scent, that was how an impromptu knowing my place turned into a quickie.

There is another part to this story, when we got together at her work-hotel room, and she was already high in loud, that was the most fun we had together.

Depending on how y’all liked this story, that part two will come up.

I’ve been including our erotic audio stories, let me know if you enjoy them.

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