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Edymaniac: The Angola Vacation (Episode 7) [18+]


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Edymaniac: The Angola Vacation (Episode 7) [18+]

Knowing what she wanted, I maneuvered around until I was on top of her, in the missionary position. Wasting no time, I plunged my cock back inside of her and she gasped. I began thrusting into her deep and hard, using my arms to prop her legs up high and wide. She began stroking herself more urgently. She also began to breathe harder and to bark instructions: “Faster, Lanre…that’s right…deeper…fuck me, Lanre.”

This continued for several minutes until we reached a point where the entire bed was shaking violently and the sounds of our bodies slapping together were surely audible several rooms away. At that point, she finally came again, which she announced loudly. I let myself come too, and then we both collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.

About an hour later, still naked, we had sex again, this time at a much more leisurely pace from a spooning position. As I lay on my side, sliding in and out of her from behind, I used my free hand to stroke her clit. Though it wasn’t nearly as animalistic as our first go-around, we both eventually came again.


The next morning, Bisi left early to meet up with some friends in a nearby town. She kissed my forehead on the way out the door and said we “should get together again sometime.” Moments later, there was a knock on the door.

I was still naked, but I answered it anyway, knowing exactly who it was. Nana walked straight into my apartment like she lived there, cupping my cock briefly in her hands as she passed. She was wearing her pyjama trousers and a zip-up hoodie. She crawled immediately into my bed, and I crawled under the covers with her, hoping she just wanted to cuddle up and sleep. I was very tired.

“I was watching it, Lanre, wondering if you two might have another go this morning. I guess not…unless I missed it? But oh my god, Lanre…last night…watching you two…that was unbelievably sexy. I have to confess, I came along with you guys. I couldn’t help it. That’s how sexy it was. I just had to touch myself.” She was talking a mile a minute and seemed borderline giddy. I had never seen her like this.

As she was talking, she casually reached down under the covers and started fondling my penis. “The way she controlled the action, the way she just told you what she wanted, the way she just started touching herself…she was just so…confident. Is that what men like?”

As much as I wanted to sleep, the touch of her hand was having its desired effect. An erection was growing. After a pause, I answered her question. “Yeah, maybe not all men. Maybe some guys like the submissive type, but for most guys – certainly for me – confidence is incredibly sexy. And being overly self-conscious can be a real turn-off. Sex is best when both people feel comfortable and uninhibited around each other.”

“I also noticed that every time she came, she had help, whether it was your tongue or her hand or your hand. Is that normal? I always felt like if Kwesi and I had to resort to that, maybe we weren’t doing it right or something.”

I gave her a puzzled look. “Of course it’s normal. Look, I know there are some lucky girls out there who can come pretty easily from just sex alone, but I don’t think that’s very common. Most of the time, you’re going to need something else, a tongue, a hand, a vibrator, something.”

“Hey, that reminds me, what did you do to her when you…um…went down on her? I’ve never seen someone come that hard.”

“Oh, that’s something I learned from a girlfriend in uni. Some girls can have a powerful orgasm if you stimulate the right spot. I’ve only ever been able to do it with my fingers. The spot’s on the front wall of the vagina, just about an inch up.”

“Well, I think that’s something I’ll have to save for Kwesi, but I’m very intrigued…” She trailed off as she continued to stroke my now fully erect cock.

After almost a minute of silence, she finally spoke up again. “Lanre, one thing that became abundantly clear to me last night is that I still have a lot to learn…and it’s going to be hard for me to learn it just by watching. So, assuming it’s okay with you, I want to modify our rules…in a pretty big way.”

“Okay, how so?”

“I think we need to have actual…um…sex…you know…you inside of me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, but here’s how it’s gotta be. Rule 1: You always got to have a condom on. Rule 2: I control all the actions. I’m doing this to learn the moves, not to get fucked. Your role in this is passive only. Rule 3: no orgasms for me. I’m still saving those for Kwesi. So keep your hands to yourself and don’t try to do anything to get me off. Let me do all the work. Do we have a deal?”

“Um…yeah…of course…whatever you say.”

At that point, Nana let go of my cock and reached down under the bed. She came back up with a condom. Wasting no time, she ripped it open, tossed the wrapper aside, and began rolling it down my cock. Then she stood, quickly took off her pyjama trousers and panties, and straddled me, leaving her hoodie on.

She reached back and guided me slowly inside of her. The fact that I never thought I would ever get this opportunity made it all the more arousing. I had fantasized about this for months and now it was all happening so unexpectedly.

Nana smiled once my cock was fully inside of her. Though her rules were premised on the idea that she was just doing this to learn, not for her sexual gratification, I couldn’t help but notice how easily my cock slid inside of her. She was already quite wet.

She slowly began moving her hips in a rhythmic, rolling fashion, imitating what she had seen Bisi do the night before. I kept my hands at my side, though the urge to reach up and grab a hold of her hips was tremendous.

Having had sex twice already in the last 12 hours, I was in no danger of coming immediately, even as Nana increased her pace. Unlike our prior encounters, Nana seemed to be deliberately avoiding eye contact, looking away or closing her eyes.

I wondered if she was trying to avoid making this more intimate than it needed to be. But then, after a few minutes, she looked at me and asked, matter-of-factly, “How am I doing, Lanre? Is this good?”

“Uh…yeah…fantastic. You’re sexy as hell.”

She seemed to smile for a moment. Then she abruptly stopped, stood up, and spun around until she was facing away from me. “I want to try something different. I believe you call this the ‘reverse cowgirl.'” With that, she sat back down and guided me back inside her, her back and ass now facing me. It took all the willpower I had not to reach out and grab her amazing ass.

She continued to move up and down skillfully, steadily picking up the pace, as if trying to make me come as soon as possible. After a good five to ten minutes of this, with no sign of orgasm on my part, she stood up again, turned around, and mounted me once again facing forward. This time, once she resumed rocking up and down on my cock, she got a mischievous look on her face.

Then she reached up and slowly began to unzip her hoodie. As the zipper got down to her breast level, it became clear that she had nothing on underneath it. Slowly, playfully, she continued unzipping it until her breasts came popping out, in all their glory. That amazing sight was finally enough to push me over the edge. “Oh god, Nana…” I said, trailing off as my orgasm gripped me.

Nana came to a stop, though she was still breathing hard. Then she got up, quickly pulled her clothes back on and said “That was lovely, Lanre. Thank you. I know you’re tired. I’ll go back to my place now and let you sleep.” And then, just like that, she was gone. I couldn’t help but wonder if she left so abruptly because she wanted to finish herself off in privacy.

Over the next several weeks, we had sex sometimes, almost always with some variation of her on top. We always went over to my place to do it, I suppose because that’s where the box of condoms was, but Nana never suggested that we take any over to her place.

On one occasion, Nana suggested that we try it doggy-style, but insisted that I stay perfectly still and let her do all the moving. That instruction proved hard to abide by in practice, as we were both completely naked and the whole situation enormously aroused me.

It was nearly impossible for me to just stand there on my knees, not moving or using my hands. After numerous minor rules violations, Nana finally realized she was asking too much of me. So she pulled away, turned around, and ripped off the condom. Then she gave me possibly the world’s best combination blowjob/handjob/boobjob until I finally came all over her breasts.

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