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May 9, 2021

DS Series: The Quickie Between Breakfast (18+)
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DS Series: The Quickie Between Breakfast (18+)


Thanks for having and keeping faith with us (Us meaning myself, guest writers, and regular columnists), following through with this blog, reading and contributing till we got back to full scaling publishing here.

For the newcomers who started reading this year, you’re welcome, I hope we have stories that you enjoy and can relate with.

Recently, we’ve had people convert from Instagram which is very flattering but what I find most interesting however is that outside Nigeria, the country with the most views is South Africa. Maybe, its time that we start considering developing content for South Africa.

If you’ve got any idea on what type of stories that will work well for our South African audience, please send them to me, you can send me a message on Instagram, my handle is @deolububble, same for Twitter too.

This year, Oniranu- Daddy Hoe hasn’t really been himself but it’s still not an excuse not put out enjoyable content. We will do better. If there is a story you’d like to see more content, let me know.

If you’ve been reading my stories long enough, then you’ll know that when I travel, I like to enjoy the culture, the food, and possibly someone will be willing to share the genitalia with me. I tried to make that as unoffensive as possible. It actually isn’t just people who wanna have sex, sometimes they’re people who we’ve become friends, have a couple of things in common, and perhaps share nudes.

Yea, people are still sharing nudes, you just have to be sure about the maturity of the person you’re sharing it with.

The story you’re about to read is one where I excuse myself away from my boss to go and smash and come back to the same table without anyone suspecting a thing.

On one of my recent trips with my boss which I’m not really a fan of. Those trips are littered with lots of restrictions, and schedules often get so tight for personal time, because it always work work work! And for me, I wanna see the town, and get together with friends.

My boss is a devoted Christian or portrays a devoted Christian. He doesn’t drink, smoke or even socialize. Boring right?

I’m a Christian too, just that I’m not the one that will mention Jesus after every 3 statements, I’m not a religious nutjob or a bible thumping pretentious yuppie! I’m a regular Christian, who believe your faith is personal. So, because of that, when we travel, I try to get rooms away from where he is, because I might have plans, and I don’t want him to see me doing “my thing”.

On this particular trip, I made sure that my room was not in the same building as his, despite my building had lesser infrastructure but the fact that I could sneak out and have guests was just what made my trip even better.

A couple of days in, and we’ve been busy with work. My resident friend and interest hadn’t seen yet, her situation was quite complicated, she had a 7 pm curfew which made things very hard. I would be free from 9 pm upwards but the good thing about her situation is that she can be out of the house by 8 am.

I was due to leave in about two days time, so I devised a plan, if we cannot get together in the evening, how about early in the morning.

The morning only consisted of complimentary breakfast by 8m with my boss then back to the room to prepare to head out to the project site. Last the other night, we had planned that she comes during the breakfast period. The next morning while I was with my boss discussing the project over breakfast, I saw her notification on my phone that she is at the reception. I quickly excused myself that I needed to pick my medication to use after breakfast.

Thankfully, the restaurant wasn’t in the same building as the hotel, so I escaped, saw her at the reception looking beautiful. She even looked sexier in person than all those pictures we’ve exchanged.

I grabbed her by hand to my room and got straight into it, quickie, I hugged her tight, as soon as we got into the room, then we began kissing. The kissing was the action to be done while I hurried took off her jean trouser, holding her huge ass in my hand. Despite being so tall, the ass was still big, my hands couldn’t hold them all together. That in itself made me harder, I knew I was under a lot of time constraint.

As soon as I was about to get her out of her jeans and panties, it was easier for me to undo my belt buckle, and drop it. I was already hard, the thought of having ‘some’ from the moment I left the restaurant. She climbed on the bed and bent over in doggy style, I put my wet hands, rubbed softly against her vulva before I pushed the dick right against the opening of her pussy.

Pushing through, her pussy was wet, guess the quickie nature and also the no time for romance thing may have been an added factor to how much. I slowly thrust into her for a while before I picked up the pace.

The sheer amount of bounce back from her soft big ass behind in itself is another pleasure, asides from the wet couchie I was enjoying, the big ass is another marvel as well, I held onto her waist, as I began to thrust faster, and then that was when she collapsed onto the bed, with my dick still buried into her.

This is another remix of doggy that I loved, I held her waist from behind, this time around, the strokes became deep, and I could feel my dick touch her cervix, and then her moan will become louder. My load will not disappoint as it came soon, I removed my dick and poured my cum all over her ass.

I laid there for about another minute for some small talk. Not forgetting that I told my boss that I wanted to quickly get my drug before he comes to my room. I got up from the bed, and cleaned myself quickly, grabbed my nylon bag of medication and rushed back to the restaurant, not before applying some body spray.

When I got back to the restaurant, he was rounding up, and wondering what took me so long. I couldn’t say I was having sex so, I said it took me a while to locate where I kept it inside my luggage.

After the breakfast, I went back into the room, for one more round of some good loving and amazing sex with my beautiful, seductive big ass lady before joining him in the car to roll out.

Needless to say that the rest of the day went smoothly with all my creative juices flowing.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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