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August 4, 2021

Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine VII(18+)
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Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine VII(18+)

She groaned and squirmed under him. She had already cum so many times, she thought she should be satiated, but knowing he hadn’t cum yet, all she could think about was getting his hard cock back inside of her.

“You are sooo sexy!” she moaned in his ear.

He captured her mouth with his again and slipped his tongue into it, thrusting. She sucked his tongue and squeezed his butt, pushing up against him.

His cock was steadily leaking pre-cum into the condom as it rubbed against her hip. Oh, my god. I could cum just like this.

He pulled away from her and fumbled with the condom box, pulling out another one.

“I think a fresh one would be good.” He slipped off the one he was wearing and tossed it toward the garbage can, not caring if it actually made it in or not.

She took the condom from him and started to open the package.

“Why don’t you wait on that for a few minutes? Can I go down on you?”

Her eyes flashed with a primitive desire. “Oh, yes!”

He started by kissing her again on her already kiss-swollen lips. She was still wearing the bustier. He unzipped it down the side and slipped it off, fully exposing her beautiful breasts.

She gasped and writhed as both of his hands automatically fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples gently. He trailed kisses slowly down her neck and across her collarbone, moving lower until his mouth found her nipple. He kissed around the areola with soft, teasing kisses. She moaned with pleasure. He pulsed his tongue against her nipple several times, feeling it start to harden.

“Oh suck, suck!” she begged.

He laughed wickedly. “Oh, you want me to suck your breasts?” He continued to tease gently with his tongue, all the while softly rubbing her other nipple with his fingers.

She squirmed and gasped. “Oh, please! Please suck!”

He could deny her no longer. He pulled her nipple into his mouth and sucked. At the same time, he pinched and rolled her other nipple firmly between his fingers.

She arched her back and groaned loudly. The sensations he was causing in her nipples were lighting her groin on fire. She thought she might cum again just from that. Her pussy spasmed.

Oh, she is hot. She’s practically vibrating just from the nipple stimulation. His cock spewed pre-cum onto her leg. Perhaps I should put a condom on sooner rather than later. But instead, he moved further down, moving his cock out of the danger zone and brushing kisses down her rib cage. His other hand took over on the wet nipple as his tongue found her belly button. He lingered there.

She giggled when he tongued around her belly button. It tickled slightly.

He moved further down and she spread her legs for him. He laved his tongue up the inside of her thigh, tasting her pussy juices. She moaned again, softly.

As he swept his tongue around her pussy lips, she convulsed, slapping him in the mouth with her pussy.

“Whoa. Settle girl! I’m down here. I’m going to lick you now.”

She moaned her assent. Segun had rarely gone down on her. She quivered in anticipation.

He ran his tongue around her labia again, being careful to avoid her sensitive, swollen clit. She moaned again but held still this time. He lapped the wetness from around her pussy. Slowly, gently, he moved to the front of her vagina, licking around her clit, but not across it yet.

She grabbed his hair tightly in her hands. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to force him to keep going or pull him away, but she wanted some control. She felt like she was in a spinning dive—her plane was going down fast!

Slowly he tongued her clit, pulsing gently.

She let out a small, high-pitched squeal.

He continued at the same pace and pressure for a little while, noting that her muscles tensed and her breathing became ragged gasps. When he felt her relax and sigh, he began to suck on her clit with gentle but firm pressure.

She had been riding her pleasure steadily, feeling little stabs of ecstasy, getting closer to the edge, and suddenly, as often happened, it was gone. She sighed, ready to start over, but just then he changed pressure. She was immediately right on the edge again.

“Oh, Christ, Chidi!” Her voice was tinged with desperation. She pulled on his head as she felt her release erupting from deep within. She could not stop the loud groan that escaped her mouth any more than she could stop every muscle in her body from clenching.

He felt her orgasm, felt her pussy squeeze tight as her hips pushed upwards. Juice squirted onto his chin as if under pressure, drenching his chin and neck in pungent female nectar. His cock throbbed in excitement even as his brain marvelled at the unexpected deluge. He had not thought she would cum so soon or so drenchingly.

Her body trembled and spasmed a few times, while she made little happy sounds. Then she sighed in deep relaxation.

“Thank you,” she said. “Chidi, that was amazing. I’m not going to ask how you learned to do that; I don’t think I want to know.”

He smiled at her praise and moved up to kiss her.

“Oh my God, Chidi! You’re all wet!”

“That’s from you.”

“Well, it’s your fault.” She giggled and starting licking his chin and neck.

“I love your beard.”

“I know. I need to shave.” He rubbed his chin.

“No, I like it just the way it is. It’s rugged. Sexy.”

“You’re sexy.” He kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth.

He emitted an answering rumble as his hand played down her body and his kisses became aggressive. Soon they were deep into a kissing and petting session.

He was very aware of her beautiful, naked body under his. His cock started streaming again.

“I better put a condom back on.” His voice was husky.

“Oh, God Chidi! I don’t know how you can have me completely satisfied one minute and so fucking horny for you the next.” She helped him roll the condom over his hard, slick cock.

His eyes were heavy with desire. “Temi, can I fuck you again?” he breathed into her ear.

“Oh, yeah, Chidi!” Her voice was low, sensuous. “I want you inside me.”

He put both hands on her waist and pulled on her. “Over you go,” he said, as she seemed to understand what he wanted and rolled over.

A small thrill of excitement tingled through her as he rolled her over. Does he want to take me the back way? She had never had anal sex. It wasn’t something Segun had wanted to try. She wasn’t sure she wanted to try it either, but now that she was thinking it might be a possibility, something within her went wild. She pulled her knees up under her, waving her butt in the air.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Chidi!”

He growled like a wild animal and grabbed her tightly around the chest. He slammed his cock into her pussy, to the hilt, and began to pound her hard and fast, still growling. His arm around her chest found her nipple and pinched. All thought left him. He was running on pure instinct. He felt totally out of control; he couldn’t have stopped if he had wanted to. He gave the animal inside him free rein, completely overwhelmed with passion.

She was surprised at her brief flare of disappointment that he wasn’t after anal sex but immediately forgot about it with the onslaught of his animalistic attack on her. His raw sexual energy pushed her into a state of euphoria. He was pinching her nipple so hard it hurt, but the pain seemed to increase her pleasure somehow. His growls drove her to a fever pitch. She screamed in small bursts of passion, immediately on the edge of another orgasm.

Her back was flawless. Her golden curls fanned out across her shoulders in beautiful disarray. Her butt was full and firm and she met his urgent thrusts with backward bucks of her own. The sight of this gorgeous creature beneath him was enough on its own to overwhelm him. The sounds, her screams of pleasure mixed with his own growls that he couldn’t seem to stop, added to his insanity. All of his senses seemed heightened. He could smell her dripping pussy. Her nipple under his fingers was hard as a pebble, her skin warm and smooth beneath his hips.

And the sensations going through his cock were unreal. He had never had sex quite like this before. So raw. So savage. His cock felt like it was going to explode with the intensity.

He caught sight of her long, slender neck beneath her hair. He tugged her hair aside, leaned into her and bit her just where her shoulder met her neck. He didn’t bite too hard, just a nip that turned into a hard suck. His cock slammed into her pussy at a frenzied pace.

When he bit her on the neck, she orgasmed. She had been close anyway and the new sensation, the bite followed by strong sucking, turned her clitoris suddenly inside out. She felt intense heat, followed by an explosion of lava. It shuddered down her limbs. She screamed long and loud.

Her pussy had been squeezing his cock rhythmically, pulsing, but suddenly, as she began screaming, it clamped down with such force it expelled him. He pushed back in immediately, brutally forcing his way into the tightness and heat. His growls turned into a howl as he felt his seed erupt from his balls and race along his shaft. He fucked into her tight depths hard and deep. If he hadn’t been wearing a condom, his sperm would have shot all the way into her fallopian tubes—at least that’s how it felt.

She spasmed back into him, completely out of control. Her mind was oblivious to anything except the overwhelming sensations of her orgasm. Everything darkened. Finally, her muscles started to relax. He pushed into her a few more times. He had obviously just orgasmed too, howling. Howling! God, he was sexy!

He collapsed on top of her, his arms still wrapped around her, but loosely. His head was next to hers, his lips by her ears.

“Ohhh, Temi!”

She sighed and moaned softly. She was still incapable of speech.

“Are you okay?”

She found her voice. “Why wouldn’t I be?” she murmured huskily.

” I don’t know. I was just out of control, that’s all.”

“That was the most fantastic sex I’ve ever had. ‘Okay’ does not describe how I feel right now.”

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