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May 9, 2021

The Dark Series: Chapter 4
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The Dark Series: Chapter 4

Written By Bass Ige

They moved out in a convoy, Becky with Steph in her car while Joe took Aisha with him. Niyi drove solo in his own car since he was going home anyway. He drove in a mood even he could not control, Steph recall of what had happened at her work had had more effect on him that he could admit. His dick had been in rampage throughout her gist but luckily for him he had been sitting in a position that not even eagle eyed Aisha would have noticed. He was the last in the convoy and when they got to the junction dividing their paths, he pushed on his horn twice as a form of goodbye and turned on his way.

“Niyi no even get time, he would go fuck Tara die this night ehn”. Joe commented as he looked up in the car mirror.

Aisha chuckled *If only he knew what that really meant* she thought to herself. What do they know?

It took Niyi a little over ten minutes to get home, he pushed at his car horn for a while before Musa the gateman came to open up. The anger building up in him did not let him reply the mallam’s greetings. He made his way inside the apartment, managing a smile as he flickered on the lights, seeing his well set up apartment light up always gave him this unexplainable feeling. But then again he remembered why he had rushed home in the first place and had his face all up in a frown. He made his way to the master bedroom this time not bothering to put on the lights as he stepped in, he loved this side of the apartment as dark as possible.

He stood and stared at her a while even in the dark he could make out the outline of her curvaceous body sprawled across the bed, with the duvet doing a poor job of covering her up. The smile returned for some few seconds replaced by the frown once more when he remembered there was no flow of blood to his groin. He unbuckled his belt as he made his way towards her, whipping it out of its holes.

Holding it as some sort of whip, he pulled off the duvet off her and the sight of her bare ass had him staring for a moment and then. WHSSSSH!!! The silence of the night was broken by the sound of his belt hitting up her ass.

“Jesus!”. Tara screamed as she jumped out of bed, hitting her leg against the bed stand in the process.

“See how you slept so openly? And you did not even notice when I came into the house, what if it was a robber who came in here? Ehn! Answer me!”. Niyi snarled at her.

“But the mallam is at the gate, he would havvv”. Her sentence was interrupted by his fist against her face that sent her falling back into bed.

“Don’t you ever talk back at me, is that what you are gonna be doing once we are married”. Niyi’s eyes were blazing red now as he climbed into bed and knelt over her. Wrapping a hand around her neck, he began to choke.

“Ni,ii Niyi yoouu asked”. Tara began but then stopped as his hand wouldn’t let her speak. He raised his belt once more and whipped her across the thighs, she closed her eyes in pain.

Niyi felt his erection even before he whipped her over and over again. He let go of her neck and made to let down his trousers, his dick was all straining against his boxers begging for release.

“Niyi, please I am very sorry. Please don’t do this”. Tara coughed out as tears trickled down her face.

Niyi smiled at her, bent over to kiss her forehead and without any sort of warning. He grabbed her by the hand and flung her out of bed. As her body hit the floor hard, he went straight at her. Pulling her robe, he tore if right off her body and slap her face hard as she made to protest once more. Tara closed her eyes as her face burned from the slap and she could blood all over her lips. Niyi turned her over and she could only brace herself for what she knew was about to come. Her ass was bare and high in the open and there nothing she could do about it as Niyi started whipping her with his belt. She held back crying and screaming out for help because she knew none would come. She just wanted him to be done and over with it.

Niyi was livid with rage as she made no sound, was she silently challenging him? He stopped and turned her around and could see blood all over her lips. He smiled once again and went down to kiss her blood covered lips, grabbing one of her breasts and squeezing hard as he did so. Still he got no sound or resistance from her. He rose and stared at her angrily, what was she feeling like? He thought to himself, He made her, he owned her, he could break her. Tara stared defiantly back at him then she sighed, she knew the longer she held back the more infuriated he would get and the longer this would drag out.

“Niyi, I love you very much but there is only so much of all these I can take”. She whispered.

“Only so much you can take before what?! Before what?!”. He roared at her and as she made to speak, he drove his fist through her jaw. This time she couldn’t hold back as she screamed and started fighting back at him. He stopped hitting her and grabbed her by the thighs flinging them over his shoulders, he dug two fingers straight into her pussy which was surprisingly wet.

“Leave me alone, you animal!”

Kabiru the gateman stood at the entrance of the door and once more thought of how he was going to feed his wife and six children if he dared to knock and help madam. He hated this feeling every time Oga started like this. He had known this night was going to be one of those nights when Oga had drove past him without responding to his greetings. He had resisted the urge to go back to bed and ignore what was about to be. He shook his head and as usual gave up, turned around and walked back to his BQ apartment.


Tara could not tell what was pissing her off the most, her savage of a boyfriend of her pussy which was dripping all over Niyi’s fingers right now. There was only some much energy she could summon to fight him as he replaced his fingers with his dick and started slapping her with each thrust into her. She closed her eyes and gave way to the pleasure as she held back moaning knowing he could barely last two minutes. He grabbed her neck once more and started choking her as he fucked her deeper and could feel his cum almost here. He jumped off her and stood over her jerking off all over her face, groaning. She let his warm sperm run down her face as she watched him finish up and head to the bathroom without a word. She opened her eyes and looked towards her bedside drawer longing so much for her vibrator.  For how long could she stay been unsatisfied with all these?

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