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May 9, 2021

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The Bet (18+)

Written by Bass Ige

Davido’s skelewu was on full blast as the DJ continued in his attempt to murder the club patrons with hits after hits. It was just a few minutes past 2am and yet it felt like the club had been on lockdown for over twenty four hours.

Seyi looked over to the table she and her friends had occupied a short while earlier. Sighting the bottle of Vodka they had ordered still there half-filled,she made straight for it. She had a feeling she would need to be really drunk to enjoy tonight and right now she was just half past tipsy. She grabbed the bottle by the neck and proceeded to take in a gulp-full.
“Jeeezz! Seyi, couldn’t you have used a cup”..Her friend Michelle was shouting over the loud music a few feets away. Right now Seyi didn’t care and she doubt if anyone did. Apparently everyone here is high and over the top,she thought to herself as she took in another gulp she was dropping the bottle back on the table when she sensed a pair of eyes straight up ahead.

She looked up and saw two guys smiling back at her. One was fair while the other was dark. Weird combo she thought. But truth was they were both good looking. She shrugged,whose business was it anyway if she drank straight from a bottle?. She just shook her head and headed back to the dance floor. It was her night out and she sure as hell was planning to enjoy it.
About thirty more minutes had gone past and she was feeling dizzy, she needed air and water. The vodka was finally getting to her. She made her way through the crowd still rocking on the dance floor and headed straight for the door with the ‘Restroom’ sign on it.

A man who looked more like a bouncer opened the door to let her through. She was really grateful because right now she couldn’t trust herself not to crash through the door. She managed to get to the water basin,turned the tap on and splashed some water on her face. Holding her hair with one hand,she bent forward and let the water run down on her face.

She came back up and heaved a huge sigh of relief,she was almost sane now. So she thought till she looked up at the mirror right infront of her and saw a guy standing behind her with a huge grin on his face. What? How? When? Were the series of question that ran through her mind as she turned around to face the intruder.

Looking at him closer,she saw that he was the dark guy who had been staring at her earlier on with his friend.
“Excuse me,what the fuck are you doing here?” she managed to ask
He didn’t reply,he just moved closer towards her, she took two steps backwards till her back was hitting the water basin,should she scream?
“I just wanted to confirm if your ass is as bouncy as it looks”
“What?!” Seyi’s jaw literally dropped.

Was this some kind of sick joke or was it the Vodka still playing tricks?
“My friend and I noticed you have no panties on and your ass was the center on attraction on the dance floor so we took a bet, and now I am here to confirm because my side of the bet is that your ass isn’t that bouncy,its just the tight fitting dress you have on you”.
Seyi was numb,was this guy insane? First, this was the ladies’ restroom,secondly just how in heaven’s name did he think he could just feel up her ass? She looked at his face to determine the kind of tantrum she would thrown and yet again was that stupid grin on his face. Just who the fuck did he think he was?

Admittedly he was quite handsome but then so what?!
Just as she was about to give him a piece of her mind,she heard the restroom door open and footsteps before she could see who it was,Mr Dark and handsome grabbed her arm and pulled her along into one of the numerous cubicles.

She was squeezed between him and the cubicle wall. She could hear females voices giggling and water running. Scream she could not,she could barely breathe. She let one of her hands reach out to his arms and pinched him. To his credit,he didn’t flinch, he only looked down at her and smiled.

He proceed to let his hands down and cup her ass. Insane as it was was,this was having an effect between her thighs. Curse Banke! She was the one who had always advised her never to hit the club with panties on.

Her thoughts were brought back to the present when she felt her dress been raised over her ass. What the hell was he trying to do? He squeezed her ass and pulled her into him him tighter letting it her thighs feel the hard and hot erection between his legs. God,this wasn’t happening.

The girls out in the restroom were still giggling and even gisting and here she was breathless.
He had where he wanted her,she had tormented him all night as he had watched her danced care free on the dance floor,her ass and hips a mad combo. He had only taken that bet with Fred because he needed a motive to hit on her and here he was.

He decided to push his luck further,he bent his head and kissed her neck half expecting her to use her pretty long nails on him instead all he got was a soft moan and she melted into him. She raised one of her thighs by the side of his leg and he let a hand down to hold onto it. Caressing it,he knew she was fit. Such a firm thigh he was holding.

He started nibbling on her shoulders dropping little wet kissed everywhere his lips touched. The hand he had on her ass was probing deeper now and he could feel her swollen clits. She was really dripping,this made his cock rage with anger to be free. He started rubbing her clits together as she on her part started whining her waist on his hand. Her free hands had roamed and found his belt buckle and in the tight spot they were,she made light work of getting his belt off.

Everything was getting blurred by the second. So she thought till her hand touched his cock and everything was real again. She didn’t want to be sober,she didn’t want to go back out dancing,she didn’t even want to see her friends,she wanted this cock to fuck her to oblivion!
As if he could read her mind,he started turning her around till her ass was rubbing on his erection. He let his hands to d front of her dress and grabbed her boobs…gently rolling her already erect nipples between his fingers and her dress. She wasn’t ready for all these foreplay,she wanted his cock in her pussy straight up and she was going to get it. She reached behind and grabbed his cock ready to slide it into her pussy when he held her hand and took his cock of her.

He aimed at her pussy and slowly started rubbing his dickhead against her clits. Does this crazy guy have any idea how much he’s killing her? She thought to herself. She could feel her pussy walls tightening up and yet he wasn’t even inside her. He started rubbing against her clits harder and faster and as she was at the brink of her orgasm,he stopped.

What?! How could he?! She was about to turn around and see what was wrong when she felt his cock plunge deep into her. She let out a scream as her legs gave way and she poured all around his cock which wasn’t moving but was buried deep in her. He gripped her hips and waited a few seconds for her to gain a little strength then with no warning he started pounding her.

No slow gentle strokes,he was really fucking her. Her boobs were jiggling together as she peeled her dress and bra off them. He fucked her hard and fast that she was finding it difficult to hold in her moans. She had come to her senses and remembered that there were ladies in the restroom too though everywhere was really quiet save for the sloppy sound of a hard cock pounded her senses away again.

He had a hand on her backside as he was gentle pushing her head downwards. She knew what he wanted and didn’t wait for anymore clue as she backed up her ass on him and was touching her toes.

He was the one groaning out loud now but only for a few moments only as he closed her legs together and started slamming into her with real fury! Fuck whoever was in the restroom as she started screaming out obscenities
‘Fuck me harder! Oh God,my pussy, I’m cumming, pleaseeeee don’t stop! You love this pussy!’
He was groaning out even louder too as he was about cumming. He raised up a hand and spanked her ass real hand and pushed her over the brink. Her legs wobbled beneath and she gasped for air. He didn’t let her loose as he held her tight and filled her up with his hot sperm.

He released as she fell to the floor. She was shaking as she pulled up her legs in front of her. There was no movement or sound till she heard the sound of his belt buckle.
“What are you doing?” She asked as she looked up to see him getting his jean back on.
“Well,I am heading back out to get a drink and get my bet money. Your ass was out of this world”.
As she was about ranting at him,he opened the cubicle door and stepped out. What arrogant bastard?! She was mad at herself for letting her guard down. Though her still throbbing pussy would argue otherwise.

She closed her eyes and stayed calm for a minute then proceeded to clean up and get dressed. When she stepped out of the cubicle,she saw three girls standing by the water basin gisting in silence,they all eyed her but she didn’t care. She had just had an amazing fuck.

She headed back to where she and her friends had their seat and looked around for the guy who had just taken her breathe away. He was nowhere to be found. Just then someone tap her shoulder and she turned around to see a bouncer,he pressed a piece of paper into her hand and left. She opened it
“I have decided to used the money gracefully.

So I have gotten a room at the hotel right across the road. But pity I should spend the money alone. Room number is 110″….

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