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May 9, 2021

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Him and Her (18+)

Written by Bass Ige

He sat up in bed and stroked his beards.

He felt exhausted and out of sorts,he knew he should just spend the rest of today in bed especially after all that happened last night. Just then the bathroom door swung open and she stepped out with just a towel wrapped around her. She looked at him and smiled,not a word was spoken between them. She walked to the human size mirror in the corner and with her back to him,let the towel fall to the ground. She had only panties on underneath and she proceeded to get dressed. He wanted to speak but what could he say,he looked up at the mirror and saw her still smiling at him.

He let loose a grin and pulled himself up higher on bed. She had gotten her bra on back in place then turned around and approached the bed. She lifted a leg and placed it on the edge of the bed and bent to pick up her thigh high stocking on the floor.

As she gently rolled the stocking gently and teasingly back on,he followed her hands from her feet up to her thighs. And though he knew it wasn’t safe for his health,he couldn’t help the rush of blood down to his dick. The duvet covered right from his stomach down to his feet. His dick got its supply of blood and stood upright like eiffel tower,she looked up and saw it. She only let a little smile play out on her lips. He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.

Twelve hours earlier…
She gripped her bag tight as she got out of the Taxi and walked under the rain into the hotel reception. She didn’t go to the receptionist to ask for directions,she knew where she was headed and needed no help. She stepped into the nearest elevator and let out a sigh of relief that she was the only one in it. She pushed the button right up for the fourteen floor and leaned back against the wall.

She closed her eyes as she tried to hold back her excitement. She had been his go to lady for the last two years and yet she could never get enough of him. It had all started out as a normal runs,she had met him at a senator’s party. Gone to a hotel room with him and expected to fuck his brains out but it was the other way round. He had been a monster for a 62years old man. His dick was massive and had pounded her pussy to multiple orgasm like a youth would and his mouth was something from the gods with the was he would feast on all parts of her body especially her clits.

After that experience she had become addicted to him and it didn’t hurt that he was filthy rich and spoilt her with gifts. She had gotten a new apartment and car within the last two years. All those were added bonus,what she was really after was his dick. In the last two years,she had attempted fucking other men but still came around to comparing them to him and they just didn’t match up so she had found it very easy to give them all up when he had opened up a boutique downtown for her.

She bit her lips slowly in anticipation and the elevator doors came apart and she stepped out.

He slowly sipped the redwine room service had brought up. She should be here by now,he thought as he struggled to keep his breathing under control. He was already naked. She was like a drug he just couldn’t overdose on no matter how much he used her. She had a body men drooled over..5’10 height that came some massive boobs and large nipples he had often tried to suck dry. And the ass that followed behind? That was something he just couldn’t describe enough,such round soft ass that bounced back at him whenever he hit it. He heard the knob of the door been turned and smiled.

He always left the room door open for her. He dropped the cup of wine on the stool by the bedside and looked down at his dick. It was a thing of joy to him that the beautiful monster still performed as much as it did. When most of his mates complained about their retired dick,he just smiled and thought of her sucking and fucking it.
She walked into the center of the room and faced him..without saying a word,they both knew what was about to go down. She flung her bag aside and proceeded to unbutton down the trench coat she had on. She took her time killing him slowly and he knew it. He closed his eyes and counted one to twenty and opened them. She was still standing there now in nothing but her bra and panties and a thigh high stocking. She walked towards him and his eyes were focused on the way her boobs juggled up within her bra.

She stood before him and his nose was hit with the inviting scent of her pussy which he could bet was wet as fuck right now. She lifted a leg and placed on the bed,moving closer till her pussy was directly in front of his face. He needed no second invitation,he started kissing inside her thighs all up to her pantie-protected pussy,he let up a hand and shifted her panties to the side as his tongue came in contact with her clean shaved pussy. He grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her closer. He slide his tongue deep into her pussy and felt her thigh shudder around him. He was just getting started with one hand firmly placed on her ass,he let his other hand hold her pantie in place as he began tongue fucking her.
“Eat me please,don’t tease me”..She whispered with her hands finding their way to his head. She began running her fingers through his grey hair. She closed her eyes and threw her head back with a cry as his teeth grazed her clits while his tongue dug deeper into her.

Anticipation more than often killed her more than anything else and she knew it was happening again. She could feel her orgasm building up with each thrust his tongue took deep into her wet spot. She bit her lower lips and savoured the moment.
He knew that movement of hers and knew she was on the brink. She always came early when his tongue was at work and he was proud of that. He began kissing deeper and placing soft bites on her clits as her juice started to gush out and take home on his face.

He loved her cumming all over his face and always kissed her right on the lips in appreciation but this time..he make little wet kisses inside her thighs while she let out a loud moan that signalled her final release. She shook all over and held on tight to his head for support. He let her rest and muster back some strength..
She loved this,did she love him? She couldn’t tell but she loved this. She closed her eyes and relaxed,breathing slowly as she came back to earth. She released his head and walked to a corner of the room where a chair was. She grabbed it and pulled it to the center of the room. Then walked back to him,holding him by the hand,she led him to the chair and sat him down. Then knelt before him,she started her kisses on his chest,letting her fingers pull and play with his nipples. She kissed his navel next letting her tongue dwell in between his belly.

She let her hands cup his balls before her mouth arrived there and took full charge. She held his dick and kissed the tip in appreciation of the joy it gave her. She soaked his dickhead only in her mouth and let her hands start up a fast paced massage on the full length of his dick. Without taking her mouth of,she let her saliva drip down the side of her mouth and down his dick while her hands let it rub all over.
This was the best feeling in the world,anything else was a facade. Her mouth killed him over and over again and he held his breathe and all his organs were on shutdown. He could hold no further,he grabbed her head and forced her down fully on his dick making her choke on it. She didn’t fight it,she knew if she kept long at it, he would shoot all in her mouth,she wanted it. Wanted to feel hot,thick sperm down her throat but today he didn’t want that.

He wanted it in so he didn’t bother standing up to reach for the condom he had brought along and dropped on the bed. He raised her head and let her up,she didn’t think twice,she tore off her panties and sank her dripping pussy on his dick which was also just as wet. He grabbed her by the hips and slammed her fully on. She cried out but he didn’t stop he took one of her nipples in his mouth and housed it there as she began to ride him fast.

She increased the tempo as she felt his other hand grabbing and spanking her ass. She grabbed her other boobs and squeezed it tight while her eyes went back to been closed and this time she bit her lower lips till she could taste her blood.
He couldn’t hold it,he knew he was going to cum soon and it wasn’t his fault,she had taken charge of the fuck. He pushed her off and before she knew what was happening,he turned her around and she had her hands holding the chair with his dick slamming deep into her pussy.
“God!!l” he groaned out as he let out a stream of hot,thick cum into her pussy. At that instant she felt his thumb graze her clits and she followed suit as her pussy betrayed her and let out a fountain. He staggered backwards and as always she was scared he was going to pass out. She turned to look at him as he fell on the bed and sat up. She stood upright now and continued staring at him.

She could feel the mixture of their cum dripping down her thighs and she loved it. He finally looked up at her and smiled.
“Should we order some food?

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