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Dark Series: Chapter 2

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Dark Series: Chapter 2

Written By Bass Ige

Her facial expression did tell all, she was lost in the clouds and Steph wished she could just see who was assaulting her pussy right now. She didn’t know how to move pass Lanre without making it seem like she was all interested in watching people fuck but then again she really was. Madam’s moans were getting louder now, pretty obvious she did not care about who was still around or simply she had forgotten she was been fucked at the workplace.

Now Steph was really interested in watching the fuck in full HD if you would call it that. And just like it seemed like Lanre could read her thoughts, he moved away and let her to the front. She turned and gave him a huge smile while mouthing while he nodded in acknowledgement funny he had a bit of a frown on his face(Gay fella). She adjusted her skirt and bent over so she could take in the whole view, what she saw next make her jaw drop literally.

This was no guy fucking madam, it was Richmond, Steph’s heart skipped a beat as her brain tried processing what was right in her view but all she could see what some good fuck going on. Richmond raised his hand and delivered a hard slap on madam’s bare ass which Steph could now see in all its glory, she cried out and threw her head forward.

“Please, please”..She could hear Madam say.

Steph knew it was taking all of her willpower not to reach down and touch herself right now but she could not deny the fact that she was super turned on. If only Lanre wasn’t here, she would have fingered herself to oblivion. She wanted to turn around and look at him but she knew that might send out the wrong signal, it might take it as an invitation to whip his cock out but then again he was gay, right. She almost busted out laughing at the present situation of her been stuck with a presumed gay fellow and two supposed enemies fucking themselves.

Richmond had stopped thrusting into the lady and was now amusing himself by delivering some hard spanks all over her ass. Steph couldn’t tell if it was pure pain or pleasure all over madam’s face but she knew she could defintely do with some spanking, herself. She didn’t know for how long or when it hit her but she could feel a nudge right on her ass rubbing through her skirt. At first she thought her horny state was simply playing tricks on her, that could not be what she thougt it was.. nah, it could’t be.

Because if it was then it meant Lanre was packing some really heavy cock between his legs but even more surprising was that he was equally turned on by the scene playing out infront of them. Steph frowned her face as she tried to remember whoever it was that had started out the rumor that he was gay. She had no luck and returned to watching the live porn they had stumbled into.

*No matter what, you aren’t fucking me. You aren’t*

She mentally told herself as she noticed the scene had changed. Madam was now seated on the table legs spread wide open across and Richmond was nowhere in sight. Steph closed her eyes and just imagined herself in that position right now, sitting spread out on the table with a man kneeling between her legs eating her. The urge to touch herself came once more but this time she didn’t need to fight it, Lanre did it for her. Somehow his hand had found a way into her skirt and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. The feeling was something she could not explain as she tried to stay focused on what she was watching.

Madam had let a hand down and was rubbing Richmond’s shiny bald head which was now in sight. Her moans were low and inviting *If she wasn’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t mind doing her* Steph thought to herself as the magic of Lanre’s hands started taking over her. She closed her eyes as the pleasure was getting to much to bear, his finger was sliding her panties aside and she said a little prayer hoping he wouldn’t fuck her because in this state there was no way she was going to be able to resist him.

His finger dug deep and hard into her letting her jerk forward a little, she hurriedly bit her lower lips to avoid crying out.He did not take it slow as she half expected, he started finger fucking her hard and fast. His thumb had taken point right on her pussy lips rubbing them vigorously. Seem like he was trying to take out some anger on her and the funny thing is she didn’t mind a bit. She could not afford to open her eyes or mouth else the whole office might come down.

She bent over properly, hands on the wall for support as she felt her orgasm building up. She could tell Lanre felt it too as he made it two fingers insides her. She couldn’t tell how but she was moaning through closed mouth. Her legs started to shake as her orgasm gained momentum, right then and there she wished she was holding onto something than a wall.

For some strange reason, Lanre pulled his fingers out of her. She turned around and opened her eyes to let him see the fury in her eyes but when she did, he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking past her, she turned back once more to see Madam standing by the doorway with her arms folded right across her boobs and Richmond standing right behind her..

She did not know what to say or do, her mouth was open but no words came out. No one said anything either.

“Where is the review”..Richmond finally broke the ice as he stepped forward.

“Here it is, sir”..Lanre also stepped forward and handed over the documents which he had magically picked up from the floor where he had dropped them when his fingers had started to work.

“Thank you, Goodnight”..and With that, Richmond turned and went back into the office. Madam did not follow him but rather stared hard for a while at Steph and Lanre before making her way out in the opposite direction.

Steph thought about it all over and over again as she rubbed her thighs. Lanre had just waved her goodnight and gone his way while she also went back to her office to get her things and order a uber. Her sixth sense had wanted her to follow Lanre to wherever he was going and let him fuck her brains out but tonight was just not the night.. Tonight belonged to her friends.

“Here we are, ma”..The driver brought her back to reality. She merely nodded at him as she turned to pick up her purse and pay him. Thanking him, she got out of the car and walked up to the gate of a highly fenced compound. Pushing on the intercom button by the side, she leaned against the wall and prayed they wouldn’t be too pissed at her considering She was over two hours late.

“Who is it?” ..A voice came through the intercom.

“It’s Steph, big head”..She replied wearily

Moments later the gate swung open and she stepped in.

“What took you so long?”…A female voice shouted out from the bungalow housed within the compound.

Steph didn’t reply but smile as she shut the gate back and walked towards the main door of the house, it had already been opened for her *Joe and his gadgets ehn*.

She got to the living and dropped her bags on the floor to face and turned to face four frowning face..

“I am really sorry, guys..My boss was shooting some pornhub scenes and I just couldn’t miss it!”…

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