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May 8, 2021

The Dark Series: Stephanie
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The Dark Series: Stephanie

Hi Guys,

Today, we will begin The Dark series, starting with Stephanie’s character. Here is a short introduction to the story.

Story written by Bass Ige


What is your fantasy? What is your worse fear?

Love is everything, Love is nothing

What have you to give? What are you willing to take?

Five lives, Five realities, Five fantasies.

I have but this life.


Stephanie, Aisha, Joseph, Niyi and Karen are long term friends right through secondary school and university days. They did believe everything had been done with after getting their degrees but nothing had prepared them for what was on the outside. All the years of sex, love and money was just the beginning….



Stephanie glanced at her wrist watch yet again knowing very well she was late. They had all agreed on 7pm but here she was half way there at past 9pm, she knew they would be angry that she arrived late but by the time she finished with the details of what delayed her at work, all was going to be forgiven.. Of that she was sure. She let a hand down and rubbed her thighs, her eyes closed as her mind went back an hour ago.

Stephanie had finished up work for the day in record time and was already packing up when Richmond walked up to her office and stood by the door with a huge grin on his face. If only he knew how much everyone in the office hated his arrogant face,well almost everyone. His late father had founded the company and upon his demise Richmond alongside his step-mother who was another hated person. Everyone found it normal that the two didn’t get along at all,each obviously wanted to be the boss and all but the old man will had split the company evenly between his wife and his two kids. Richmond and his sister(whose name none barely knew) held half the shares in the company and his wife held the other half. The sister had left her shares to Richmond and left the country with her rich husband(well that was the story)making Richmond go toe to toe with their hated step mother.

“What the hell did he want now”..Stephanie thought to herself as she watched him stroke his beard and licking his lips, how she wish she could tell guys that this was a huge turn off for most ladies..well at least within her circle. All of his nice physique, he was about six feet plus and had signs of working out regularly with his bald head to match and well trimmed beards. It was just too bad he came with bad manners.

“Any problem, Sir”..she asked in a tone that bore irritation. She did not want to be late for the hookup with the guys, they had been planning today for weeks now and there was no way she was going to miss out on anything.

“Nothing, baby girl. We just need a review of the contract proposal we got back from Jameson and sons”..Richmond answered whilst still stroking his beards.

Thank God she thought to herself as she sighed and continued with packing up her bag.

“Lanre is in charge of the Jameson review, Sir”..She told him without looking up. She had nothing to worry about, he had obviously come into the wrong office. He did not move, wasn’t her business as she shut down her computer and stood up to leave.

“Lanre can’t finish the review alone on time, go and help him. We need it done tonight so we can get all the right and proper signatures by tomorrow morning”..and without waiting for her reply, he turned around and walked away. She stared at the empty doorway for a while and felt the urge to scream but she knew even that would not have been enough to show off her anger at the moment. In a calm move that surprised even her, she picked up her phone and sent a group text to her friends.

On my way, bit of traffic on the way

That ‘bit of traffic’ took more time than she imagined and had delivered something shocking and yet soothing. She had gone up to Lanre’s office and helped with the review which had taken more than an hour, her anger had abated a little thanks to Lanre’s good sense of humor and work efficiency. Short in stature, he made up for it with a good character. Always the one with a smile on his face, he had a bit of heterosexual nature but was everyone’s go to guy in an emergency.

“Now my lady, will thou escort me to submit the review to thy royal assholeness?”..He said in his best mock Victorian English with a bow to follow. Stephanie couldn’t help but laugh and shook her head at the thought that such a guy was still single(well once again that was the word around the office).

He led the way and she followed humming Katy Perry’s Legendary lovers along the way. The whole office was empty not even a security guard was in view, we that was expected given that office hours ended almost two hours ago. She was just happy that they were done and she could just get a uber cab and hurry to join her friends,how much had she missed already?

She sighed at the thought and was about glancing at her wristwatch when she felt Lanre’s hand stop her. She looked up and was about to speak when he hurriedly put a finger on her lips and motioned to her to be silent.

“Listen”..He whispered to her.

Listen to what? She did not understand, she frowned and was about calling it one of his jokes when it hit her ears. At first it sounded like a baby whimpering but as she paid close attention it was the unmistakable moan of a lady in ecstasy.

Hard to believe but it was coming from the Director’s office where Richmond’s stepmom called her own. Stephanie’s brows went up at the thought of oga madam having a man come to fuck her right in the office, true she was still young enough to take a new man but she always made it seem like she wanted no other in her life. Lanre took his finger off her lips and began walking slowly to the office where the sounds were coming from. They got to the door which luckily for them was slightly ajar, Lanre took a very ood position infront of Stephanie while she cursed him in her head. While she was a little taller than he was, all she saw was madam bent over her table with her eyes closed and been jerked as someone was thrusting into her from behind.

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