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Just Call (18+)

Written by Bass Ige

“Calm down Pamela. I have told you all you have to do is call” Sylvia tried calming down her friend one more time, and once again,she failed.
“Stop telling me to calm down,you are getting laid everyday like a whore and you are telling me to calm down? Please!”, Pamela hissed.
Sylvia sighed,she didn’t know what else to do. Deep down she knew Pamela was right. She was here getting dicked down whenever she wanted to and Pamela was stuck on some dude who was never around. Though Sylvia never did understand the concept of love,she just had to respect her friend’s decision to be faithful but that didn’t stop her from offering some good advice.
“Sylvia,I think I should just go home and sleep. I think its the stress of work just getting to me.”.Pamela stood up.
Sylvia stood up and gave her friend a tight hug and smiled.
“Just consider what I have said. I would text the number to you just incase you change your mind”.
“Yeah whatever” Pamela turned around and took her leave. Sylvia watched her friend’s retreating backside and felt the usual pang of jealousy. Sylvia was drop-dead gorgeous, pure 5’11 of pure beauty. She had a thighs that could make a full blooded man cum in his pants considering those thighs led up to some wide hips housing a very round ass.

Her boobs were one of the best Sylvia knew. She remembered sucking one Pamela’s nipples all night during a drunk threesome they had had with a course-mate back in school. They were the kind of boobs that didn’t need a bra to stay up. Sylvia shook her head and picked up her phone and proceeded to text Pamela.
She got out to the street and hailed a cab,she didn’t even haggle about the price,she just wanted to get home and get into bed. She rubbed her forehead and was about closing her eyes when she heard her phone beep,she picked it up and saw the text from Sylvia. It was the number for a guy Sylvia had promised who fuck her brains out. Pamela closed her eyes,Sylvia was definitely crazy. She just couldn’t imagine fucking some other dick other than Kelvin’s.

Fine,he wasn’t always around barely ever around was even the better expression but she just couldn’t cheat on him. Her 9inch dildo had kept her in check all this while but her endurance was been stretched thin. She was almost dozing off when she felt the car come to a stop. She was home,she got out of the car and paid the cabman his fare. She turned around to face the four bedroom bungalow Kelvin had bought just over a year ago when he had rolled out plans to married her.

Only problem was he was never in it, he felt he took care of her needs but yet ignored her more basic need, the need to feel like a woman. She opened the main door and went in,dropping her bags on the dining table.

She walked towards the bathroom,undressing as she made her way there. By the time she steps into the shower,she has got only her bra and panties on. She wastes no time in dispatching both,standing stark naked underneath the warm shower,she let’s the water run down her skin remembering the last time Kelvin had been home.

He had fucked her right her in the bathroom and all she could remember from that experience was her screams. There was just something about sex with him even her dildo couldn’t replace. She reached a hand down and rubbed her clits.

She bit her lower lips and thought about a quick masturbation. If only she could retain the thoughts of Kelvin’s lips surrounding her erect nipple. She just couldn’t,she gave up and proceeded to have a proper bathe.

All done,she grabbed a towel and dried up herself and after deciding against putting anything one,she turned off the lights and went to bed wrapping a duvet all around her.
She was in dreamville when she felt a hand creeping up her thighs. She wanted to open her eyes and scream but her senses told her the intruder could be harmed and dangerous. The hand was rubbing her thighs slowly now and moving upwards right underneath the duvet. She thought about opening her eyes but once again her senses decided otherwise. She was laying on her belly,ass any attempt to open her eyes to see the intruder would involve her turning around.

She couldn’t say what would be his reaction so she kept still and continued feigning sleep. His hand was getting bolder as she could feel a finger gently brushing across her opening and she was surprised she was loving the the feeling as the finger was right there playing across her pussy,not touching her neither was it making any attempt to enter her.

She felt another hand raise the duvet right over her ass and leaving it there. Her butt was right in the open and she could feel the cool air of the AC hit her, what he going to rape her? She frowned at the thought and tried figuring out where her phone was then remember it was in her bag which she had flung on the floor when she entered the house.

Damn! It was more than damn when a finger plunged into her without no prior warning. She let out a gasp and was shocked at how her pussy had betrayed her with easy access. She couldn’t believe she was wet enough to let a finger in.

The finger lay in her without moving,what was going on? She felt the finger curl up inside her and took up all space. She loved the feeling and was fighting to hold on to her sense which were still telling her this was an intruder. Sixth sense it must be,pay no heed to it her pussy told her as the finger began to work inside her. Such length it had,it went far in deep and made her bite lips in anticipation of the finger fuck she knew was building up.

The finger started gathering up pace slowly going in deep on her with each thrust..she closed her thighs in on the hand to give more friction. She forgot about sixth sense and its theories as she was getting finger fucked real good..she let her moans show appreciation and was feeling her orgasm build up slowly and just when she felt it couldn’t get any better,the finger stopped.

What? What the fuck?! Who? When?! Her head spurned around in shock and she was about to open her eyes and scream when she felt a tongue hit up her clits and they replied the call. They opened up to the tongue as it slid up right into her cunt, the finger taking up position right beneath it as the intruder started lapping her up.

She started moving her ass to the movement of his tongue which felt so damn good in her.. She had thrown care to the wind now and her moans were in full flow. She started moving her big butt up and down his face gaining full access to his tongue which was showing no sign of leaving her pussy anytime soon. He was really sucking up inside of her like he was trying to have her back at base one all dry. She guessed,she didn’t care as she was uttering inconclusive words now as she could feel herself cumming.

She broke protocol and reached back to grab his head and buried it deep between her ass,his mouth fully entrenched on her pussy as she came with a scream..she gripped his head tight with her thighs. She was on a all time high.
“Oh God! Ohh”, she came down to a moan. She gripped the bedsheet and could feel a tear roll down her face and onto it. Just when she thought she could turn around and face the intruder..she felt a strong hand grabbed both her wrist roughly and pin them right over her head. What?! And within a second,she could feel a monster’s head rubbing on her ass. He slapped her ass cheeks with his dick and she moaned in reply. She wanted a fuck,she needed a fuck,she was ready for a fuck. She didn’t have to wait long for it as he burrowed deep into her leaving her gasping for breathe.

Slow thrusts at first had her feeling she had taken in all of him and yet as the thrust got faster and faster he got larger. He was fucking her with the fury of a thousand men when he stopped abruptly. And without any prior warning he spanked her ass real hard and watched as they bounced together in response. He spanked her harder and she bit the bedsheet to avoid screaming her lungs out. He pulled out his dick and once more got to spanking her ass with it. Letting her ass feel the wetness of her cunt. She let go of the bedsheet
“Please,fuck me”..she whispered..
He laid fully on her,his dick right between his abdomen and her ass and she heard his deep voice..
“What do you really want?”
” I want you to fuck me,sir” she whispered a little louder this time. And the ‘sir’ had the desired effect as she felt his dick once more finding its way between her clits and deep into her depth once more. This time she gave herself to it all,raising her abdomen a little off the bed so she could match hime thrust for thrust. He placed kisses behind her neck all down her spine as he fucked her,he rolled up his tongue in her ear and she was over the moon.

He reached out a hand beneath her and found her cure with his thumb,rubbing her as he pounded her over and over again. She was speaking in tongue now and was pushing hime closer to the brink of no return. She was moaning,he was groaning. She bit the sheets once more as her orgasm shook right through her and she buried her face in the pillow.

He groaned out and hurriedly pulled his dick out and proceeded to spill warm thick cum all over her ass and she loved it. He collapsed on her and she didn’t mind. She needed to catch her breathe. His weight was now bearing and she pushed him off,she needed to shower. He pinned her down again and she could feel his dick gaining its erection against her ass once more
That’s when she screamed and woke up sweating. What was going ? She looked around her..the room was dark and her towel was on the floor. She looked all over the bed and found no sign of anyone else on it but she could feel the wetness. Without thinking twice,she got home and went to her her phone from her bag. She scrolled to the number Sylvia had texted her. She needed a fuck and she sure as hell was going to get it!

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