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May 8, 2021

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L for Learner(18+)

Written by Bass Ige

Niyi hurriedly got off then bike and pressed a hundred naira note into the hand of the bikeman and ran into the compound.
“Your change!!” called out the bikeman but he didn’t turn back. His twenty naira change wasn’t worth his favourite show. He was praying fervently that it shouldn’t have ended. Damn that lecturer that had spend more time on some stupid lectures. Niyi ran passed the front door and slowed down his steps as he got to the kitchen door.

Stopped and took off his footwear, gripped his bag tightly and slowly turned the knob on. He peeped in,no sign of anyone in. Hmm good, he thought to himself and slowly started tiptoeing towards the guest room. A few steps to the door and he could hear the usual moans, he smiled as his heartbeat increased its pace.

He calmly dropped his bag on the floor and moved to the door where he bent over and peeped through the keyhole, which was big enough considering the door handle had been removed and his Dad or Mum hadn’t thought to fix it, through here he could watch his favourite show of all time.
The house help mum had gotten a few weeks back was a real freak. Anytime no one was home,she’s invite her friend over and they’d have some hot lesbian sex. Sadly, Niyi had only discovered this last week when he had come home early from school and was walking pass the guest room on his way to the toilet and he had heard moanings.

He had stopped to peep and from then on, he had made it a habit to always get home early and right now he could tell he hadn’t missed much.  Ada(the househelp) was lying down naked except for her panties still on and her friend was sitting on her face riding her tongue.

Damn,she was good… riding the tongue like it was a dick.

Ada gripped her ass and though Niyi couldn’t fully see her face covered by the thighs, he was pretty sure she was eating the pussy good. Her friend raised up her head and cried out and fell off.
“Wetin dey do you?” Ada laughed as she got up and proceeded to take off her panties. Now her backside was in Niyi’s full view. Damn that ass, he had always feel irritated by guys who often bragged about fucking their maids back at home but staring at Ada’s ass, mehn he couldn’t care less.

He thought of all the porn he watched and his acceptance that doggy was the best position for this kind of ass. His dick nodded against his jeans in agreement. He just didn’t know what to do still being a virgin at 21.

Yes,21… he just had not found the courage to ask a girl for sex and now he was thinking about how over again.

“God,ur tongue na something” Ada’s friend’s voice brought his thoughts back to the scene. Ada was back laying on the bed and her friend was climbing over her again. Setting her ass over Ada’s mouth,she also buried her face between Ada’s thighs.

He heard a moan-like sound from Ada before her mouth also got busy. He couldn’t really imagine the pleasure they were getting from eating each other’s pussy out but he knew it must be heaven. Ada’s friend’s head was going up and down between Ada’s thighs and just when he tried to strain his neck to see properly what she was doing,a rat ran across his legs and he jumped in shock.

His body hitting the door and throwing it wide open. The girls were startled and each dived for the nearest piece of clothing they could find. Niyi fell on his knees and hands too ashamed to even look up.
“Haa, Brother Niyi..w-w–When did you get back?” Ada managed to stammer out after covering herself up with a blanket. Her friend on the other hand just hid behind the curtains. He didn’t bother to reply because he simply didn’t know what to say.
“So, you have been peeping since. Brother Niyi,you are not ashamed?” Ada gained courage and went on the offensive. Niyi could feel tears building up in his eyes as he continued to stare at the floor. This couldn’t be happening.
“You are an agbaya” Ada’s friend pipped in.

That was the last straw, Niyi couldn’t take it anymore. Wasn’t this his parents’ house and wasn’t Ada just an employee. He should be the one attacking her not the other way round.
“Ehen?? I was peeping, what were the both of you doing?!” Niyi shouted at them. He couldn’t understand where the anger came from but it worked as they both seem to cool down. They couldn’t find a good reply and he took his offensive further.
“When Mum gets back,I am going to report you to her” With that he stood up and dusted his clothes.
“No o! Noo,please!!!” The girls shouted in unison as they rushed towards him forgetting about their nudity. He stood in awe first as they knelt before him pleading, gradually coming to terms with the fact that he was now in a position of power.

This couldn’t be happening, he smiled to himself. He could finally tell a girl he wanted to fuck her, staring down at both of them,it was going to be worth it. Ada’s friend had huge boobs and an average ass when compared to what Ada was carrying.

She looked really sweet too with a mole by the side of her nose. Darn,she was the kind of girl he saw in school everyday but couldn’t approach and now he could fuck her. Ada on the other hand was there with her man-like face and body of a goddess.

Her hips and ass were well complimented by the monster of an ass right behind her. This was too good to be true.
“Ok o but that means me too,I will join in the action” Both girls exchanged glances and bursted out laughing. Niyi didn’t know what to think.
“Brother Niyi,wetin make you think say you fit handle us?” Ada inquired.
“When I can fuck three girls,why can’t I fuck the both of you?” Niyi hissed lying. He didn’t want the girls thinking he was some sort of novice.

The girls exchanged glances once again and were unsure of how to reply. Ada’s friend grabbed Niyi’s belt and pulled him closer till his zipper was right infront of her face. Niyi started having problems with breathing,he closed his legs as he prepared to lose his virginity.

Her hand undid his belt buckle and went into his boxers to grab his dick.
“Hmm Bros,you sef carry small oo” Ada’s friend commented as she pulled his dick out. She and Ada stared at it and smiled. He grinned at the knowledge that he too possessed a big dick. But his joy was short-lived as Ada kissed his dick sending a shockwave right up his spine.

Her friend preoccupied herself with pulling down his jeans down to his ankle as Ada started sucking his dick-cap. She kissed and sucked around his cap while her friend was playing with his balls. The excitement was too much for him to handle that he had to fall back on the door as Ada started to suck his whole dick, she spat on it and slopped all over it.

Her friend’s hand were somewhere between his asshole and his balls as her finger was doing a number there. This was more that he could have ever imagined. No one had ever said it was this good,he was in cloud nine till Ada deep throated him,gagging all over his dick at the same time he felt her friend’s finger right up his anus. His legs couldn’t hold him as he filled Ada’s mouth with his cum.

He had to hold to the wall for his dear life, he cried out loud. He closed his eyes,he didn’t want anything now. He could hear Ada and her friend laughing,he didn’t know how to feel. Had he performed well? He didn’t know,all he knew that it had been amazing.

He felt drowsy and all he wanted right now was his bed. He opened his eyes to see what was going on since Ada and her friend has stopped laughing and he was shocked to the marrow with what he saw. Ada and her friend were kissing interchanging his cum between their mouth.

He could a little dripping down the side of Ada’s mouth down her neck and between her full breasts. His legs finally gave way and he fell to the floor watching the live porn before his eyes. Ada’s friend put a hand out on Ada’s breast and started rubbing his sperm all over it.

They still didn’t break their kiss as she went further pulling on one of Ada’s nipples twisting and turning it slowly. They broke off the kiss as Ada went for her friend’s earlobe,biting on it gently. She licked right up behind her ear as her friend squeezed her breast in full retaliation. Ada turned it up a notch kissing and nibbling on her neck letting a hand go down finding her friend’s clits. They were to work on them rubbing them hard and fast as she could getting louds moans in reply.

Her friend’s voice went full throttle when Ada stuck two fingers deep into her pussy. She let herself go and threw her head back with her hands on the floor for support. With her breasts free of any bondage now,Ada assumed full control of her friend’s body,fingering her pussy hard which covering one of her nipples with her mouth. Niyi was lost,he hadn’t envisaged all these.

All he had wanted to to put his dick in and fuck as they say. But the scene before him was insane. He could feel his dick finally coming back to life just as Ada’s friend started screaming. Ada had taken her fingers out and replaced them with her mouth eating up between her friend’s firm thighs.
Niyi got up and made away with the rest of his clothing and took up position right behind Ada. She noticed him and bent over her friend’s pussy properly giving him a full view of the ass that had tormented him. He held her ass with one hand and held his dick with the other. He had a bit of trouble finding her pussy beneath that ass and just as he slid his dick into her,Ada’s friend screamed out her release and started thrashing around the place. Niyi forgot about his dick inside Ada and was staring at her friend who now had her eyes closed and was holding onto Ada’s hair for support.
“Fuck me hard and fast”..Ada breathed out. Niyi needed no second invitation and his dick went to work inside Ada’s pussy hitting her hard with all the strength he could muster. He increased his pace when he saw that each time he pounded her,her ass vibrated out. He was fascinated by this and started groaning out as the fuck was too much.
“Don’t cum yet oo!” Ada shouted as she pushed him out with her ass and jumped up. Niyi didn’t know what was going on till she pushed him back on the floor and gently lowered her pussy on his dick in a reverse cowgirl style giving him all access to her ass as she started bouncing on him.

He didn’t know how she did it but it seem only ass was moving on his dick. Her upper body were being supported by her hands on his legs. He grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed,he could feel the excitement growing in his dick and was trying hard to hold himself from groaning out. He looked around to see Ada’s friend sitting up at the other end of the room,her back against the wall.

She looked lost as she was touching herself. He couldn’t help it..his thighs went frigid as he gripped Ada’s ass and shouted out “God!!!”

As he emptied his load into her,she tried to move up quickly but his hands had a tight hold on her ass. They weakened as his dick starting shrinking his side her. She jumped away and looked at him in disgust.
“Brother Niyi,ha..if I get pregnant nko” She asked in anger.
“I would marry you” he replied as he closed his eyes n dreamt of angels.

Its was his dick talking not him.

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