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May 8, 2021

The Dark Series: Chapter 3 [Reunion]
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The Dark Series: Chapter 3 [Reunion]

Written by Bass Ige

Stephanie did not really know how to explain it all but she did the best she could do and told it all including letting Lanre finger fuck her and been caught.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”. Karen’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as Steph reeled off the gist.

“Omo perhaps make I come submit resume for una office o” …Joe said laughing, everyone else joined in.

“It is alright; we forgive you for arriving late. You haven’t missed much though just dinner”. He continued as he stood up from the couch where they are all perched on as Steph had begun her story. He made his way to the kitchen to get her a plate. Steph thanked him in her mind,Joe was the responsible one amongst the clique.

“So when are you gonna fuck the Lanre guy?” Aisha the quiet one in the group spoke up and as usual had a wrap of weed she was smoking on in her hands. She was equally the most beautiful one if one were to judge by the number of guys that kept falling over her each day. She just did not seem interested in relationship, give her a good dick and she was good. Work as a journalist gave her every other thing she might have wanted. No emotions, no strings, needed no one. Yes, she guarded her heart that much.

“Who said I was going to fuck him?”. Steph turned to face her with a raised eyebrow. Truth be told she had not given it a thought but now it did not seem such a bad idea to actually have Lanre fuck her soon.

“Well you did just say that he is packing so why not have a ride”. Aisha continued with a long drag on her joint. Steph stared long and hard at her before giving up once again on understanding how Aisha lived her life but come to think of it,it would not be such a bad idea if she did fuck Lanre sometime. Joe came back with a plate of rice and shrimp sauce and handed her a bottle of water to go. She mouthed ‘Thank you’ at him as he also took a seat.

“So guys, what have I missed?”. Steph asked as she took her first spoon.

The rest of the group was made up of Niyi and Karen. Niyi was the quiet one amongst them, often too quiet that made the rest of them wonder how he had maintained a relationship of almost four years with the same lady. Aisha often joked that he and his girlfriend were in a deaf and dumb relationship where they only spoke when words were needed. Niyi was doing quite fine often referred to as the perfect guy, earning a six figure salary at a prestigious advertising firm, nice apartment and two cars to his name. All everyone was actually expecting from him now was a wedding and happily ever after.

If Niyi was the perfect guy then Karen was the imperfect Lady. Daughter of a Senator father and a highly respected doctor mother, she had everything any girl could dream of. Beauty, Money and everything it could buy but character! If Aisha stayed off men due to been overprotective of her heart, men stayed off Karen to avoid having their heart along with their ego crushed. She looked down on anyone and everyone. After school, her father had put her in charge of a group of malls owned by the family just a front to show she had a job which she did not need.

More often than not the rest of the group wondered how they had all managed to stay friends with her for such a long time and the answer wasn’t so farfetched, she was a very good friend who always watched out for her own no matter what so her vices could be overlooked. And there was Joe,the carefree one.

If there was ever a guy to marry Becky someday, it had to be Joe. Nothing ever got to him, it was often difficult to explain. He was emotionless yet full of emotions, it was more of a paradox. No one could quite explain it; it was just the best of both worlds that came with a smile. You had him and then you didn’t, he was the nucleus of the group if you wanted to call him that. Little wonder they had chosen his house for their get together, work and other commitments meant they all had not been able to catch up in months.

“Don’t think you have missed anything at all. Just been talking about work”. Niyi said while rubbing his eyes, they all knew he would fall asleep soon. Something he always did right after a good dinner.

“Hold up Niyi, when you going to tie the knot with Tara?” …Aisha came up again, the inquisitor. Joe looked at her and wondered if her job had not completely taken over her personal life. She was about lighting up yet another wrap of weed.

“Wo, we never ready jare. With what the economy is saying presently,I would go bankrupt if we dare have a wedding now”..Niyi Yawned.

“Oh shut up,how much are you going to spend on a wedding? 10,20million tops and you are complaining”. Karen cut in with a frowning face. Steph almost busted out laughing with a mouth full of food.

“Karen fimile,you can give me 20mil o. I wouldn’t mind”..

Now they had Joe laughing as he motioned to Aisha to pass him the joint.

“E dey your body. Don’t do and settle down, be doing boyfriend and girlfriend up and down”. Karen sneered as she turned to face Steph.

“Would you hurry and finish up eating?”.

“Huh,why the hurry? I am here already. It is not like we are going anywhere tonight”. Steph raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh after the gist about your boss, you think I don’t want to have a cock in me right now. Hurry up,we are going to Leviathan”. Was the answer as Karen stood up and headed to the restroom.

“If she wants a dick that bad, I’d prefer we stay home and Joe just fuck her”. Aisha again.

Niyi chuckled and said something incoherent. Joe just shook his head and said..

“Nah, think I agree with her. Let’s go to Leviathan”.

“Omo then you guys would chill ni. Can’t rush up eating and digestion just coz of your horny hormones”. Steph said as she continued with her meal.

“Anyhow una sha wan do am,I am going home to crash. Thought we were going to have an all-nighter here, that was the supposed plan”..Niyi groaned.

No one replied him, deep down they knew what Karen said was true. They all needed some form of sexual release after Steph’s tale and Niyi never cheated on his girlfriend so his excuse to go home was perfectly understood.

They all waited in silence as Steph carried on eating.


In calculated haste.

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