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May 9, 2021

Lights & Cameras (18+)
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Lights & Cameras (18+)

Written by Bass Ige

Eva was tired of it all but there was just no way out. This was all she had ever dreamed about and craved for. Right now she was at the pinnacle of the world as a renowned actress. Her latest movie had just swept all the awards it was nominated for at the recent AMAA awards. She had it all so they would tell you especially if you consider the fact that she was on her back from signing a multi-million naira endorsement deal with a giant telecommunications company.
She heaved and sighed as the car approached the building. She sat back and closed her eyes as the driver made his way to her private parking spot. This morning, she had woke up extremely wet between the thighs, her dildo had gone to work but then again she was tired of pleasing herself. She needed a big thick cock to do that for her…and yet since her last relationship over a year ago, she had not been able to get one.

Considering she was a ‘Superstar’ as they would tell you, she couldn’t afford to flirt around so as to prevent scandals…she hissed in her thoughts as she thought of the so-called scandals.
“Madam,we don reach o” Her driver’s voice jerked her back to reality. She thanked him as she picked up her bag and got out of the car. Greeted the doorman with a smile as he held open the door for her. The cold interior of her office building hit her skin and she shivered. Stepped into the elevator and hit the button for the 18th floor where her office was housed.

Looking up to the Elevator ceiling, her fingers itched to touch between her thighs. But you can never tell who’s watching the cameras. Made it to her floor in a state of horny ecstacy and headed to her secretary’s office and stopped by the door watching her so-called secretary form busy on the laptop on her desk. She knew her secretary had obviously just started working when she heard the elevator pull up.
“Good afternoon Yemi, has Dominic gone to get my parcel for me?”she broke the fake working atmosphere hanging around.
Her secretary feigned shock at seeing her standing by the door. She’d make a pretty lousy actress.
“Ha, good afternoon ma” she adjusted “No,he hasn’t. He said he would go later in the day”
“What has he been doing?!”.. Eva was pissed.
“I don’t know,ma”..
“Where is he?!”..
“Errm I think he’s down in the store, ma”..
Eva turned on her heels and headed back to the elevator. She had always been looking for a reason to fire the stupid Dominic. He was the only Dominic she knew that was stupid and ugly at the same time. She just couldn’t relate. She hit the 17th floor button furiously and bit her lips as she felt that urge between her thighs once again. God knew once she got back to her office,her fingers were going to work.

The elevator doors came open and she marched out heading to the store which was at the far corner of the floor which was usually deserted. She wonder why she had listened to her agent’s advise and rented two floors when one was more than enough. She was going to take out all the anger now on Dominic. She slowed down as she approached the store because she was so sure he too was going to be like her secretary and form busy on hearing her footsteps.

She didn’t want him to hear her coming. She was surprised though as there was no sign of anyone been around. She got to the door which was slightly ajar and the sight before her made her knees wobble.
Dominic was holding a huge rod, her brain took a few seconds to accept was his cock and stroking it with one hand. His other hand was holding to a magazine, his eyes were fully focused on the magazine and he was stroking his cock furiously.

Eva closed her eyes and tried to think but her head couldn’t get out of the maze that had a long thick cock filling her up. Dominic closed his eyes and dropped the magazine and he started groaning eagerly anticipating his release. Eva opened her eyes and fixed them on his cock as he started jerking about spilling his sperm over his hands. He fell back on a a pile of boxes as he attempted to get himself in other.

His breathing was laboured and his eyes still closed as Eva kept staring at his cock. Even after it had emptied his load,his cock was still massive. She didn’t know much about measuring a cock but she sure could tell this was a cock that could make a nun have a rethink about celibacy.

God,how did such a fragile ugly guy like this get this sort of womb destroyer? She thought to herself. Her fingers finally broke free of her control and found her panties which was now a water bed. She licked her lower lips as she rubbed her clits through the lace panties which was now a shadow of its former self. She was going to fire him!
She opened the door with a loud bang against the wall and walked fast towards Dominic. He couldn’t react fast enough as she had her leg pinned him down to the spot he was seated. He opened his mouth to say something but looking up at her face,something told him to shut up. She stood over him and stared for a while before her hands reached down beneath her dress,gripped her panties by the sides n tore it off. She dropped to her knees and before Dominic could know what hit him,his cock was inside his boss’ mouth. She was working him like a porn star, she was overtly sex starved and wanted a taste of his monster dick before allowing her pussy.

Slowly licking around his dick cap and the taking him halfway in and furiously gagging on his cock. Was she trying to commit suicide, he thought to himself, women always ran at the sight of his cock the main reason his hands had becomes his best companion but here was his boss letting her mouth do all the talking, his boss’s whore spirit overflowed in her system.

He leaned back and started enjoying her warm mouth as blood started running down his shaft once again. He grew bold and had a hand up in her hair as she was still trying to see how much her mouth could take in. He slowly unzipped her dress n unhooked her bra, stuck a finger out and started running it down her spine.

He felt her shiver and knew he was having the desired effect. Reached down to her ass and grabbed a handful. She moaned on his cock and he knew he was wasting time. He yanked her head off his cock and stood up.

He pulled her to her feet, turned her around before she could think of what was going on. He pushed her to the wall and she felt a sharp pain as her face made contact with it. But the pain was nothing when he let her dress fall to the floor and slammed his cock deep inside her. She screamed out as an orgasm washed over her. She nearly fell down but he caught her hands and pinned them both up on the wall as he started fucking her like she was a whore he just picked up.

He was digging into her deep and his cock was tearing through her pussy like knife through hot bread. His thrusts were met with loud moans. She gathered enough strength and backed up her ass as she lowered her head. She was no longer moaning but screaming as a second orgasm was building. He seem to take that as a sign as he reached forward and grabbed one of her boobs and pulled her nipples.

She came with a whimper as she wasn’t sure her voice could scream loud enough to express her feelings right now. Her pussy kept betraying her with each thrusts,it rained. Dominic was angry she had stopped screaming. Was she insane? She was meant to be crying out blood. He took this as a sign of weakness on his part so he started going harder! He knew he couldn’t last long but he didn’t care. She was to bow to his cock. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she wondered again where such a human being had gotten such a cock and strength, and to imagine he was working for her the whole time. She felt his hand behind her neck as he pushed her upper body lower.

She thought nothing of it till she felt a huge slap on her ass,she moaned out loud. He moved further,sliding a finger up and down her ass crack. Rubbing his thumb on her anus,he was finally winning. He had to.
He hit her ass again this time with anger and she finally screamed out for the last time and she shuddered and fell to the floor. He wasn’t done with her just yet as he stood over her stroking his cock with increased energy. His sperm shot out and splashed all over her..she didn’t care..all she wanted to do now was sleep. She turned around and her face came in contact with the magazine Dominic had been masturbating to.

It was a lifestyle magazine and on the cover was her!

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