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Short Story: The Sales Pitch by Offworld Tales (Episode 1)[18+]


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Short Story: The Sales Pitch by Offworld Tales (Episode 1)[18+]

Catherine has always been fascinated by lesbian sex, ever since she stumbled upon it when her best friend showed her a porn clip from her phone in high school. The way the ladies licked each other’s pussy and sucked on each other’s breasts- the best part was when it heavily involved strap-on, especially those scenes that the actresses used the tool very well. 

Sometimes, she’s even dreamt of herself in such a position, at the receiving end as her favourite female crush and superstar banged her with it, without mercy. She was no lesbian, but she also wanted to have a taste of it as well. Sides, nothing like the real dick, she always told herself, when she engaged in some hot illicit sex with her boyfriend, who now, left her for overseas for work. 

This absence has left her so high and dry, even to the point she had to resort to porn and dildos to keep her urges in check… she wasn’t the type to have a side-cock, since she believed her relationship is headed towards marriage. But then, a little fantasy here and there wouldn’t hurt if it presented itself, even if it were just for a brief moment. But then, she was no lesbian and didn’t look for it… 

At 28, she had a lot to do, balancing both work and fun, and with the increasing expenses in the country, it’s really hard to get by even though her boyfriend helps when needed. 

But for the moment, it wasn’t enough as what she needed to use money for seemed unattainable, and thinking of how low her funds were in that regard, she had to tearfully chuck it up as a fantasy. If only she had up to 8 million, it would’ve made a difference, as she picked up her phone to check her messages. 

As a realtor, she took her job seriously, and sometimes for the most part, it pays really well, especially when she closes huge deals, and sometimes, it can be so bad she has to struggle to close one… and this time around, it was the latter of days. 

The provision store and food project she was working on needed finances and she was on the verge of completing it, if not for the remaining 8 million she needed. But then, she also believed in small miracles as she wasn’t one to sell her body for favours like some of her friends did for their lifestyle… sometimes, she even wondered if she would indulge in such past time, seeing as she was overqualified for it with her voluptuous body, what man would resist fucking her. 

An email came from her superior, it was about an elusive client, a wealthy businesswoman who didn’t seem like she was interested from what they told her, until now. The best part was that she was assigned to meet with her for a sales pitch. 

She had met with wealthy clients, but not of this calibre, she like the cream of the crop, when it came to the elites and she was shaking when the message ended with the woman specifically asking for her and would contact her to set up the meeting. 

As if on cue, her phone rings, startling her so much that she drops it, quickly reaching for it, she finds an unknown number, which she slowly answers. 

“Hello, this is Catherine from West Brooke Realtors, how can I be of service today?” she said in a slow tone. 

“Hi, Catherine, this is Ms. Emilia… I wanted to know if you’re free to meet today. I have a 10 o’clock at the George Hotel in Ikoyi, so I will be there until noon. So you can meet me then, how does that sound?” she briskly asked as she awaited her reply. 

Catherine, still dazed, found herself stuttering as she answered;” midnight.. sounds.. Uh.. Sounds just fine, Ma.”

“Alright, it’s a date then. See you.” She answered, but not before lightly laughing at her response. 

Catherine looked at her phone for a while, wondering if she was dreaming…  this was a huge client and she wasn’t sure if she was even fit to go mingle with her, let alone be seen with her kind of person.  

Not sure of what to wear, but she had to look her best, and from that time, she didn’t have long, seeing that she had just two-three hours left to noon. Selecting a classy black corporate gown that had a collar to go and a black pump to match the attire, she also found herself putting on a matching sheer black lingerie underneath. 

The gown gave her a sense of confidence, but mixed with sexiness as her killer curves were highlighted, she was a sight to die for. Funny enough, the ride to the hotel was smooth, seeing as there was no usual traffic on the Lagos 3rd mainland bridge… and it was not until she got to the luxurious hotel that she felt her heart skip a beat. 

The place was huge and pretty pricey too, a night there was waaay more than her salary, and she wouldn’t have believed she’d set foot in this place, but here she was, standing in front of the hotel as her Uber ride drove away. . 

“I better not mess this up.” She thought as she walked in… politely asking the front desk afterwards about her mission, who directed her to the executive suite. 

She checked her watch, it was 11:45 am, she was on time and glad, sipping the juice that was ordered for her by her client. Catherine felt herself on top, as her demeanour caused a few heads to turn in her direction, she knew she was gorgeous. 

It didn’t take long before she saw a small crowd heading out that slowly dispersed, leaving a woman who looked in her direction briefly, before signalling her to come meet her. 

Seeing this, she slowly collects herself, straightening both sides of her gown before taking her bag to meet her, and by word… the woman exhumed “ELEGANCE”. At her age, one could argue she wasn’t in her 40s as her skin looked radiant, from head to toe; she sported a grey corporate suit, that had a knee-length skirt with a slight slit at the right side to match with black stockings that rode up underneath it… one could tell what she had on were highly expensive, not to talk of the heels she had on her—something that she would die to own, that’s if she had the funds to afford it. 

A small hold pendant hung on her neck, and the bracelet she had on… looked exotic as well. Not to appear as lustful, but this woman had a banging body on her, and she could tell as her outfit wrapped around her luscious curves as well, if she were a guy, she’d lust after her badly. 

“Catherine, yes?” she said, rather softly as she jostled her from her thoughts. 

“Yeah, Yes, Ma.” She replied, almost feeling embarrassed with the way she responded. 

“Please, call me Emilia…” she continued in a more casual tone… “Follow me to my suite, let’s discuss our business in a more… comfortable… atmosphere. Don’t you agree?” she kept on, and in a slight sensual tone, to which Catherine nodded in agreement and followed her to a private elevator. 

It was a silent way up for Catherine as Emilia talked about various things, from business to her hobbies, for the first time, she discovered she was a good tennis player, everything seemed to go over her head until she asked her a personal question. 

“So, how is your boyfriend keeping up with this fine piece of ass you carrying everywhere with you?” which threw her off for a moment, before she replied;

“He’s trying his best.” In a tone that seemed more confused than sincere. 

Pausing to look at her closely, which caused her to look away, Emilia replied letting her know they were on her floor as the elevator dinged to a stop. 

“Now, follow me.” She said leading the way into the suite she had bought the entire floor, as it wasn’t just like an apartment, but more of a lounge, richly furnished, with a slow music waiting in the background. Catherine stood mesmerized by the glam of the place as she looked at the décor, never had she seen such, only on TV and in magazines. 

“Wow” were the only words that tumbled out of her mouth, as she went to meet Emilia who just laughed lightly at the sight. 

“Make yourself comfortable.” She said, pointing to a stylish emperor sofa set. 

Setting herself down, she didn’t waste time rummaging through her bag to get the files for the property. 

“So, Ma.. Sorry, Emilia… this property you see here is one of great value and perfect for a vacation home if you want it that way.” She began, talking quickly as if she was debating. 

“Now, now… we can’t have that,” Emilia said, stopping her in her tracks… “When I said make yourself comfortable, I meant you make yourself comfortable. We’ll talk business, no doubt.. Just let your hair down and relax.” She continued as she made her way to the bar to bring two glasses and a bottle of an expensive-looking wine. 

“Now, come sit with me.” She said, tapping the space beside her after setting down the bottle and pouring its contents into both glasses. 

Nervously, Catherine complied, fidgeting as she did it wasn’t until she felt Emilia’s palm on her thigh that she felt herself relax. 

“It’s okay, I won’t bite.. Now, if you don’t behave yourself, I might have to cancel this meeting and all.” She continued as she laughed lightly. 

Those words must’ve worked as Catherine suddenly found herself full of courage and attentive as Emilia edged close, coming into contact with her. 

“Now, tell me, are those real?” Emilia asked inquisitively. 

“Are what real, M… Ma?” she answered, not sure of what she was being asked. 

“THIS?!” she continued, grabbing both her boobs and squeezing it. 

Caught off guard, Emilia felt a moan escape her lips as her hands groped her big boobs, quickly recovering, she gently takes her hands off her chest, replying; “Yes, they are.”

“Oh, sorry… I just get so carried away seeing beautiful natural ladies and just as you are, my friends ask me the same question, even after having two kids.” She began, laughing lightly as she said it. 

“Really? Wow… I mean, two kids, and you don’t even look it.” Catherine said, surprised at this information. 

“And I must say, you’re even more sexy than your pictures on your Instagram.” She continued, as she slowly sipped her wine. 

“Wow, thank you…” Catherine said, blushing as she heard the compliment. 

“If I were a man, I would want to fuck you right now,” Emilia said, eyes intensely focused on her. 

“Uh… what…? Catherine said, surprised at the reply. 

“Yes, I would fuck you like never before. Do you know how delicious your ass is looking like right now? Honestly, I’m even tempted myself to have a taste of your… pussy.”

Those words caught her off guard again and this time, she stood up, attempting to leave. But inside, her head was spinning, Ms. Emilia was hitting on her, and this could spell… lesbian sex, which was one of her fantasies. 

But then, reason took the better of her, apologizing as she picked up her things. 

Laughing, and this time, out loud, Emilia reeled back at the sight of Catherine picking up her bag, stealthily stealing a thirsty glance at her heavy backside. 

“My, my… you’re a feisty one. Can’t even take a simple joke. I told you, to relax. I’d like to get to know you, who would be handling my property. Or am I not allowed that right, as a prospective buyer?” she said soothingly, reaching for a hand and pulling her down gently, sitting beside her.

Written by Offworld Tales

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