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Short Story: Calming the would-be-bride (18+) by Offworld Tales


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Short Story: Calming the would-be-bride (18+) by Offworld Tales

Ever since my older brother introduced his girlfriend to the family, I was thoroughly smitten. She was drop-dead gorgeous, like seriously… she was 5” 7, thick and curvy in the right places, like damn, she was HOT!!! Compared to me, who was 5”10, slim with C breast size and a sizeable bouncy ass? 

I could spend hours just watching those sexy cakes of hers jiggle as she moved, I think she might have noticed, but she never said anything… so I can assume, she didn’t overthink about it. 

My name is Tolani and yes, I am a lesbian, which is why I’m sounding this way about her. I have fantasized about her so much that each time she came visiting, I immediately got wet, even a mere hug from her was enough to get me all turned on, the moment her huge knockers pressed against my C cups. But then, this is a secret I kept to myself for I wouldn’t know how she would take it if I told her I was into her. 

For a year and a half, they dated and she was a keeper from her character, my folks loved her dearly and treated her like family, so it was no surprise they were ecstatic when my brother announced his engagement to her… which sadly, just got me feeling down, since that would mean I won’t be able to tell her how I felt and maybe, have a taste of her, if it got to that point. 

Weeks before the wedding, plans were enacted and everything went well, until the night of the bachelorette party, which went well until he came to pick her up. Couldn’t recall what it was, but I could tell tensions were about to fly as an argument occurred that caused voices to be raised from both sides… 

I on my part didn’t want to partake in it and also didn’t want it to escalate any further as that might cause problems for the wedding which was the next day. But, I gotta say, Tina was looking darn right sexy in that gown, and even with the argument flying back and forth, I couldn’t help myself from ogling at those breasts as they bounced each time she was making gestures with her hands. 

If not for morality and self-control, I would’ve grabbed them from behind and squeezed them- watching her as she moaned and begged me to suck on them immediately, which I did, switching between kissing her and sucking her boobs. 

But not before rubbing my face between them and shaking them vigorously as I watched them jiggle, in time, she was so wet that they were dripping down her thighs that I had to lap up every single drop, trailing them back to their source… her tight, juicy pussy… which I ate and lapped up every juice it oozed out like an open tap. 

But all that are fantasies, something I have to learn to control around her as I, was already wet from thinking it, every time I started to check her out, I was just lucky I wasn’t touching myself as I thought of this one now as we all drove home. 

They both looked mad at each other as the car neared the gate and I couldn’t help but pray nothing was ruined, but then… I don’t want to let this wedding be delayed cause of a lousy argument. Since they were both silent, I had to break the ice from the already icy atmosphere they both created from their silence. 

“Why are you two, behaving like children?!” I began, not minding the fact they were both older than I. “Why are you two escalating something that could just be chucked up as nothing? Nawa for you two.” I continued. 

“Bayo, you know it was sister Tina’s bachelorette party, you should allow her to have fun, you made it look like she went to a strip club with men, or are you forgetting I was there as well? 

She didn’t call you in time, and it wasn’t intentional, so please don’t hold this as a grudge. I wan chop rice and cake tomorrow ooo…” I said, whilst facing my brother. 

“Sister Tina, you should know better than push his buttons na, haba… or you not happy for tomorrow? If you no wan apologize, make I do am on your behalf. Big Bro, I de sorry for sister Tina, make you forgive am, you hear. Remember, she na my sister too oh.” I jokingly said, facing Tina, before facing Bayo, who laughed alongside Tina. 

“I’m sorry Sweetie, can you ever forgive me?” Tina said to him as they both kissed, which made me jealous and as well turned me on, when I looked at her boobs. 

“Gosh, they were magnificent.” 

Later that night, as I was alone in my room, lights off, with nothing underneath my nightie, I had my fingers busy; with my right hand moving up and down as I pleasured my pussy with my dildo, only to bring it out and suck it to taste my juices as my left squeezed and caressed my boobs. 

Tina was in my head again and I had to fuck her there until, all of a sudden a slight knock on my door dragged me out of ecstasy. 

“Yes…” I said, quickly hiding the dildo underneath the pillow beside me, before my visitor came in, Tina. 

“Oh, sister Tina… what… what are you doing here?” I said as I stuttered.

“Oh, nothing…” she said as she got to sit on the bed. “I just wanted to say thank you for mitigating the tension from earlier… but then, I’m still de vex for am small, sha.” she continued, smiling a bit, before quickly making a sad face as she moved closer to me. 

Her perfume hit me hard, so much I wanted to jump on her, but then, I had to control myself, and listen to what she said… as my eye darted to those breasts of hers that jiggled under her shirt. 

There was no bra underneath, and they looked inviting as they bounced with each motion she made… her watermelons were really big and full… And distractingly sexy to look away from… 

“Hello!!!” I heard a voice say twice loudly, followed by finger-snapping sounds; Tina was snapping her right fingers in front of me severally before I realized I wasn’t paying attention..

“What.. What..?” I said, quickly snapping myself out of my head. “Oh, I agree with you.” I continued as I could see Tina make a face of slight sadness. “Sister Tina, what is it, you know you can always confide in me,” I asked in a concerned tone. 

“I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow. I don’t know if I can be able to do it.” she began, slowly looking at me, then at her hands which she placed on her thighs, which just made my blood hot as I stared at dem thickness. 

I had to concentrate and fast, so quickly looking away, I had to urge myself to touch her, placing my hand on those thighs as I thought of words to comfort her. 

“I get what you mean. Look at you, everyone in the family loves you, including…me.” I said, blushing as I looked at her. “You’ll be fine, trust me. I had a cousin who went through this phase as you are right now and got over those jitters when she talked about it, like we’re doing now. You both love each other and I’m truly certain you two will make the best of it.” I continued, watching as she began to smile again. 

“And do you know what I always recommend for anyone feeling the jitters?” I jokingly said as Tina’s hand moved to the pillow. 

“What?” she asked inquisitively as she suddenly squinted her eyes, before turning to face the pillow. 

“A massage?!” I said, quickly making for the dildo, snatching it from her grasp as she drew it from under the pillow… and quickly hiding it behind me, embarrassed. 

“Wow… Tolaaani… you didn’t tell me that you were into sex toys. Is that how you… “massage” yourself?” Tina said, chuckling to herself as I embarrassingly looked away. 

“Let me see it,” she said, asking politely as she stretched out her hand. 

Begrudgingly, I complied, slowly showing her the big blue coloured dildo, which she took off my hand. 

“So, what man were you thinking of, that you’re mercilessly assaulting your vagina with this huge thing?” she asked as she looked at it, turning it around, admiring it. “Oh, that reminds me…  I wanted to ask you… are you, into me?” she continued, and this time, with a straight face. 

Those words now shocked me and for the first time, I felt ashamed, not knowing if she’ll report me or embarrass me publicly in front of my family. 

“Wha… what do you mean?” I said, trying to play it off with a bluff. 

“Come on, Tola, I have noticed you for a long time now. The way you stare at me lustfully, every time I’m around, there was even a time I caught you riding this in the bathroom and calling my name. Come on… don’t lie to me, Tola.” she said in a serious tone, forcing me to nod in agreement slowly. 

“Please, don’t tell my brother or my parents, they’d kill me if they found out I was a lesbian…”  I immediately said, only to find her shocked at the last word I gave. 

“Wow… And here I thought you were maybe, just being bi-curious.” Tina said as though she was now embarrassed to reply.  “But, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, I mean, it can happen to anyone. Even I have tried it once before, during my wild days.” she continued, laughing as she ended her words, which suddenly caused me to drop my jaws open. 

“Wild days?” I repeated, still shocked, I knew both she and my brother were older than I was; with my brother at 33, and Tina at 27, leaving me at 24. So, I can assume it must be during her time at school. But then, curiosity got me asking, as I leaned closer to her; “Did you like it?”

“Not really, it was okay though.. But, I still prefer a man’s dick… a very big one,” she replied, now staring at the dildo thoughtfully. 

Something inside urges me to make a move, and I scoot over to her end, hands on her shoulders, startling her… 

“Let me relax you with a massage,” I said as I slowly rubbed her shoulders, gently.. going up to her neck. 

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” Tina replied, tilting her neck as I continued. 

Now feeling brave, I slowly take my hands down her back, then around her, from underneath her shirt… gradually touching her boobs as they were already huge to begin with. “How do you carry this around with you?” I asked as I slowly squeezed her boobs together, causing her to moan. This prompted her to continue, massaging and squeezing her boobs, before circling her index finger around both nipples, which she did slowly and intentionally. Tina, in response, rocked her head back, and unexpectedly grabbed Tolani by the hair, pulling her in for a kiss. 

Shocked by this action, Tina slowly pulls away saying; “I’m so sorry… it just felt so good. Let’s just forget this ever happe…”

I dove in, not giving her a chance to let morality take over as I went in, kissing her passionately… her tongue sucked like a piece of fruit as I dipped my right hand down, into her loungewear to tease her pussy. 

I could feel Tina’s defences crumble as I used my left hand to squeeze her boobs, while I kissed her, let’s not forget I had already started finger-fucking her, whilst she moaned in my mouth. This was happening and I wasn’t going to pass it up, even if it were just for tonight… 

“Your lips, taste so good,” I said to Tina as she hyperventilated, trying to catch her breath. 

“Wow… that was… good. But, we need to stop.” Tina began, slowly pushing me away. 

Now riled up and not letting this chance pass me by, I quickly drag her down, immediately straddling her in a 69 position, my wet bare pussy in her face, whilst her lingerie-covered crotch faced me. 

“Wait, Tola… I told you to… oooh, aaah!!” Tina said, interrupted by pleasure as my lips found her pussy as I quickly shoved her pussy to the side to eat her up. She was already wet and her juices hit me rather nicely as I bit her clitoris and buried my tongue deep inside her tunnel of love. Tina started to moan softly, probably not to awaken anyone as I ate her up… 

“Sshhh… Relax and enjoy.” I said as I rubbed my wet pussy over her lips, smearing it. It didn’t take long for Tina to grab my ass, and begin licking my pussy in return. 

“That’s it, sweetie. Lick my pussy.” I told her as she flicked my cat with her tongue, a smile forming across my face as she did that, before I went back to eat hers. It wasn’t long before I sat on her face and let her eat me up, I couldn’t moan out loud as I had to cover my mouth to prevent that, but my word, Tina can eat pussy, she wasn’t lying when she said she tried it. 

I reached for the dildo and quickly disembarked, didn’t want to cum, when she was the meal and not I. Tina looked sexy as fuck, breathing heavily as I kissed her before jumping onto the very things I have always wanted to do, suck her big boobs. 

They were big and squeezing them caused Tina to moan, I’m guessing she was really sensitive there cause she shivered when my tongue touched her nipples, causing her to hold my head, caressing me as she ran her hand moving about them in passion. 

“Yeees…” suck me, suck my big boobs.” Tina asked, as I didn’t disappoint, flicking her nipples with my tongue, before sucking on them, as I squeezed them- this was a fantasy come true. Her boobs, her beautiful big boobs right in front of me, naked and juicy.. I wanted to make Tina my lover and giving her the best sex would guarantee that as I slowly ran my right hand across her body and into her loungewear, where her wet, gushing pussy awaited to be finger-fucked vigorously. 

Tina, couldn’t help moaning, but was careful not to be loud as she began gyrating to my strokes…she was loving it. Her pussy was tight and I felt it grip my fingers as she quivered under an orgasm, but I wasn’t going to stop now… she had been on my mind for a looong time and having her on my bed is just enough reason to savour every moment of this… delicious dish right in front of me. 

Using the dildo, I touched it around her wet pussy, chucking it in my mouth and pulling it out, before bringing it to Tina’s lips, which received it, sucking on it. Slowly taking it away, I proceeded to push it into her pussy, slowly… with the head of the dildo alone, then taking it out to insert it halfway, then everything all in. Tina’s eyes rolled back as my actions got her legs thrashing as she slowly gyrated to the thrusts I was giving with the dildo I held. 

“Ooooh, aaaaah… this is so good,” Tina said as I kept doing what I was doing.. 

Briefly, I stopped, pulling out the creamy-soaked dildo and licking her juices, it was divine as I passed it to her to have a taste as well… and she was sucking it like a baby. 

“Hold on a minute, the gun’s not over yet,” I said as I took the dildo to attach it to the strap I kept in my closet. Tina, on the other hand, was having fun, sucking her boobs and touching herself as she waited, she was turning me on and badly. After a few minutes of suiting up, I stood in all glory, with the dildo hanging out like a big dick between my thighs. 

“Well, what do you think?” I said as I stood before Tina from the side, who didn’t waste any time, coming over and sucking me off… Who could imagine me, face fucking my sexy sister-in-law to be, it was glorious, watching me thrust into her face as gobs of saliva dripped from her mouth and unto the floor. 

Even her ass jiggled as she serviced my “cock”, and her boobs, now covered by the shirt I had to take off, wobbled with each motion she took as the “cock” in and out of her mouth, before stopping her. 

Tina wanted to pump it, but I had other plans, as I tilted her head for a kiss, before pushing her to lay on the bed. Tina looked beautiful, looking at my “cock” she bit her lower lip, before spreading her legs invitingly… 

“Maybe… we need… to stop. I haven’t ever gone… the mile…like… this…” she said as I got on the bed, slowly climbing up her sexy frame, to suck and pull her nipples with my teeth, which caused her to moan. 

“Don’t worry… we’ll go there… together. As we’re supposed to be.” I replied, sensually as I held my “dick” in front of her already gushing pussy. 

“Supposed to be? What are you… Aaaah, Oh, shit…  oh, fuck, yeah.” Tina replied surprised at my words, but couldn’t continue as I immediately started pounding her, missionary style. 

Tina started to thrust back as I pounded her faster, and kissed her to stifle her moans- her pussy was tight, it was juicy as I gyrated my hips to fuck her deeper. Her boobs bounced crazily as she moaned, covering her mouth to reduce the sound, but then I was loving her moaning, & so, grabbing the remote by the dresser table beside the bed, I turned on some loud afro beat music.. 

“Now, you can moan as much as you want and no one will disturb us,” I told her, as I raised both her legs far apart to fuck her some more. Tina was a tigress, matching my thrusts and moaning like crazy as she creamed all over my “dick”… 

“More! More!!” Tina pleaded as my crotch hit hers in quick succession, I was giving it to her good… Grabbing her boobs, I had to suck them as they jiggled seductively before me, before I felt her lock her legs around me, since no one was no longer holding her legs, and she had her arms around me, holding me close as I thrust into her. 

I was deep inside her as Tina kept moaning, stopping to kiss me passionately, but not before I rose a bit, pinning both her hands over her head as I continued fucking her, until she gripped me tightly, cumming like never before. 

She was shaking, her moan stuttering as a powerful orgasm swept over her- but I wasn’t done yet… I intended to make her my lover and I was set on achieving that. 

“Turn around,” I commanded, grabbing her ass after spanking it. 

“Oooh, kinky, now are we?” she replied seductively as she turned on all fours, face down and back arched up, showing her well-rounded plumpy ass. The view was amazing, I had grab and spank those yams, just to see them wiggle, and I loved it… but something was missing, as I stared at Tina, who moaned with every spank I gave her. 

“My cock” I thought, as I thrust in quickly into her, as she let out a very loud moan. Her ass were soft when I grabbed them and when I tapped that sweet pussy, they jiggled and wobbled like they were balloons floating on water. Her sexy ass jiggled as I slammed deep into her several times, doggie style… 

Tina moaned like never before as I banged her hard and fast… Several minutes passed by before I stopped to catch my breath and strength as I got off and laid down on the bed to rest… but surprisingly, Tina wasn’t done. And I could see the slut in her takeover as started to suck my “cock”, lapping up her cream and juices that coated it, she was hungry for more and I was loving what I was seeing. 

“I’m gonna ride you all night.” Tina said as she straddled me, her juicy pussy sliding onto the “cock” so easily- she let out a moan as soon as the “cock” reached deep inside, causing both her boobs to bounce and her ass to wiggle. 

All I could do was hold onto her thick ass, spanking and grabbing when I can, as she rode me, cowgirl style, with her big tits bouncing all over the place that I had to stop them by sucking them. This continued, until we both collapsed in a heap, kissing and cuddling in each other’s arms before falling asleep. 

7:00 am, a vigorous knocking woke us both startling us, it was one of our younger cousins, reminding us about the wedding preparations. 

“Sister Tola! Sister Tina! Brother said I should remind you to start getting ready.” she said from outside the door loudly. 

“Okay, give us a few minutes, I want to do her makeup,” I said as I bent my head to tease Tina’s boobs. The girl leaves as Tina stops me from kissing her.. 

“I’m still marrying Bayo, I’m not leaving him for you, you know,” she said in a slightly serious tone. 

Chuckling, I pushed back, kissing her, before replying; “I know, but… there’s nothing bad about being lovers on the side, you know? Besides, you won’t deny this was the best sex of your life, eh?”

Tina smiled as she got up to leave… “Of course not, why wouldn’t I have you fucking my brains out again. Moreover, it beats having to have sex with another man.” winking as she left- but not before shaking her ass for me. 

“My, she sure is a firecracker” I thought as I went to shower for the wedding, but not before giving her another round in the bathroom, standing doggie style in her wedding dress. I guess my stay in my brother’s house will be very long. 

Written by Offworld Tales

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