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Crazy Lenny: The Eventful Bridal Shower (Episode 5) [18+]


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Crazy Lenny: The Eventful Bridal Shower (Episode 5) [18+]

At that point, while things had certainly gone sideways and significantly beyond what Nkechi and I had contemplated, we were at least within the same universe as what we had planned. The plan had always been for me to get naked and for Nkechi to “push the envelope” a little by touching me and breaking the stated ground rules.

Beyond a little unanticipated touching from her friends, that was essentially all that had happened up to that point; she had just pushed the envelope a bit further than we had planned.

But what happened next was a true escalation. Tired of just being a spectator, Fola said,

“Okay, now it’s my turn” and plopped herself down on her knees just to my right. With her hands, she gently pushed Nkechi away and then immediately grasped my wet cock in her right hand and used her other hand to pivot me toward her. It all happened so fast that it caught me off guard, and before I had time to even think about doing anything, my cock was in Fola’s mouth.

In my state of shock, I looked over to Nkechi. She had leaned back on the couch and was watching intently, her expression inscrutable. After a few seconds of mounting uncertainty on my part, she finally made eye contact with me. It was very quick and very subtle; she simply smiled and winked, which I took to mean that she was not expecting me to pull away or put a stop to what Fola was doing. At least that’s what I hoped it meant.

Fola also seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and she seemed intent on getting as much of my cock into her mouth as possible, perhaps on some level trying to one-up Nkechi. With one of her hands, she stroked the shaft of my cock and with the other, she gently caressed my balls. It was intensely pleasurable.

I don’t know how long it went on, but it was long enough, and intense enough, that I started to feel myself really building toward climax and for the first time wondered what to do if it got to that point. Thankfully, I was able to put off that question a little while longer because we were interrupted by a tap from behind. I felt someone’s finger poking me on my right butt cheek.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Iyabo was standing right behind me. She put her hands on my hips and gently spun me around, causing my cock to pop out of Fola’s mouth. When she had spun me all the way around, she leaned in and began kissing my chest while grasping my cock in her hand and beginning to stroke it. Slowly, her trail of kisses moved down my body until she too was on her knees in front of me. Within seconds, my cock was in her mouth.

I heard Fola hoot and laugh. Then I heard her say, “You’re next, Amara!”

I looked up at Amara. She was still sitting in the chair, just a couple of feet behind where Iyabo was kneeling, staring slack-jawed at what was happening in front of her. When she heard her name, she looked over at Fola and Nkechi and said, while shaking her head and slurring her words a bit,

“No way. You guys are all crazy. I…I can’t believe this….” She trailed off a bit at the end. She didn’t seem angry or even upset; she just seemed like someone who genuinely couldn’t believe what she was seeing. As soon as she was done speaking, she went back to staring intently at Iyabo.

Iyabo, meanwhile, seemed to be just as transfixed. Unlike Fola, she didn’t seem to be trying to give the world’s best blowjob. It was more like she was studying my cock, trying to appreciate it.

She would put it in her mouth one second, and then take it out and lick it up and down or just stare at it while she used her hands to stroke it and move it around. It was as if she wasn’t doing it for my pleasure but for her own curiosity. And I was thankful because her slower pace and many pauses helped me pull back from the brink of orgasm.

At some point, I looked back over at Nkechi. I wanted to be reassured that she was okay with what was happening. She was leaning back on the couch, watching intently. It was then that I noticed her hand. Her skirt, which was short to begin with, had ridden up her thighs, and I could see that her hand was between her legs.

I remembered that she had told me, days ago, that she wasn’t planning to wear any underwear tonight; she thought it would make her feel naughty and daring. I squinted to get a better look in the dim lighting and could see no evidence of any underwear. She was no doubt fingering her bare pussy.

I could see that Fola had noticed this as well. She smiled to herself stood up, somewhat unsteadily, and walked back toward the bedroom. I didn’t know what she was doing and figured maybe she just had to pee or something.

By the time she returned, probably no more than a minute later, my attention had long since returned to Iyabo. But I turned again when I sensed Fola approaching. She had something small in her hand — I couldn’t tell what — and she leaned over to whisper in Nkechi’s ear. Nkechi looked startled for a second and quickly withdrew her hand from between her legs.

Fola said something to her, too quietly for me to hear, and Nkechi turned to look at her, wide-eyed. She shook her head. Fola put her hand firmly on Nkechi’s shoulder and said something else, like she was trying to convince her of something. She said it very softly, but I was pretty sure she said, “You know you want to.”

Nkechi’s eyes were still wide, and she had a reluctant look on her face, but she didn’t shake her head this time. Fola broke into a really wicked grin. A few seconds later, I felt Fola’s warm hands on my shoulders. She gently pulled me backwards until I had separated from Iyabo, who looked up at me a little confused.

Fola spun me to my right, so I was facing Nkechi. Then she held up in front of me the thing she had been holding in her hand. It was a blue Trojan condom. She pointed at Nkechi, and then looked back at me and said, “you understand, big guy?”

I was glad I had the mask on to hide the look of shock on my face. I looked right at Nkechi, and this time she immediately made eye contact. She gave me a very small but unmistakable nod. She was giving permission; there was no question. At that moment, I heard the rip of the condom wrapper as Fola tore it open.

She took it out and placed it on the tip of my cock. Using both hands, she carefully unrolled it, sheathing my cock in latex. I heard Amara gasp as the reality of what was about to happen finally registered with her.

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