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Federal Republic of Lily: The Hot Delivery Guy II (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: The Hot Delivery Guy II (18+)

“I am sure we can think up all kinds of way you can tip me,” He said drawing on the word kind with that look that screams “imma fuck the shit out of you”. 

Like something out of the movie, we rushed towards each other and smashed our lips together with his hands wrapped around me, pressing me against him. He kissed me hard sucking all the air out of my lungs, his lips felt slightly chapped and rough against mine. 

With a moan, my lips parted and his tongue immediately darted inside exploring every part of my mouth. My lungs desperately needed air but I couldn’t get myself to stop kissing him not when he was kissing me like he owned me. 

We parted slightly and I took a deep breath filling up my lungs with much-needed oxygen before he suddenly lifted me up making a gasp escape my lips, soon his lips were on mine and I wrapped my legs around him kissing him back with equal urgency. It’s been such a long time since I kissed anyone with so much passion that it was making me feel intoxicated. 

My hands were snaked around his head and neck pulling him deeper into the kiss, he squeezed my ass and I moaned into his mouth. He squeezed again harder and I moaned deeply into his mouth, he pulled away from my lips and kissed the side of lips before he started moving down to my chin, licking and sucking.

It felt so great the cool wet feel of his tongue combined with his rough lips till I remembered how much of a mess I was with paint smeared all over my face

“Shit, I am messy” I muttered 

“Ummm yes, you are” he drawled the rasp in his voice sending signals directly to my already wet cunt.

He released his grip on me, letting me slowly slide off him to the ground with his hand firmly placed on my ass. 

“Hmm, when I saw standing at the door all tousled up and dirty” he purred into my ear making me slightly shiver. 

“Do you know what that did to me” he drawled 

I nodded no not being able to form words as he whispered so sexily into my ears. He gripped my hand and placed it in his crotch where his hard dick was straining against his trousers. I squeezed it gently and he groaned. Next thing he was pulling off my jumpsuit off of my shoulder roughly down my chest, when he got to my waist I desperately stepped out of the suit leaving me standing in only my white crop top

“Hmmm no panties huh” he grunted

“Umhm it helps get the creative juices flowing” I purred

“Speaking of juices,” he said 

In a flash, he was on his knee pulling one of my legs and draping it over his shoulder before attacking my pussy. His mouth covered my pussy hole before he sucked hard making me Pant hard, his tongue expertly entered me before he pulled out and sucked. 

Like a snake his tongue slider everywhere; into the fold that housed my clit down to my dripping hole. I was moaning loudly and it suddenly felt like I was floating, I opened my eyes I didn’t realize was closed to see the ground moving away from me; he lifted me off the ground his hands firmly holding unto my ass, this man oozed power and it was driving me crazy. 

My other leg draped over his shoulder he devoured my pussy making me moan all sorts of gibberish. My juices were not just flowing they were pouring out like a tap had been opened. He moved us slowly till my back was against the wall, I held onto his head as his tongue went in and out of me fast. His hands left my ass to fumble with his zipper, soon after I heard the familiar tear of foil which made my pussy quiver in anticipation. 

The fact that he could roll on a condom while having me up on his shoulder made my pussy crave him like mad. I felt his hand on my ass again and soon I was sliding down till I was suspended in mid-air around his waist. 

“Are you ready for this dick” he groaned against me making the hair on my neck stand

I was too delirious to form any coherent words or look down to see the wood that was about to impale me

“Hmhm” I cried nodding like a kid offered candy

Before I could brace myself he slammed into me and I cried out, the sweet combination of slight pain and pleasure that shot through my spine was delicious. I felt him pushing into me wondering how really big he was, he stretched my pussy as he pushed himself into me till he was completely inside me; I felt so full and tight if this feeling could last forever. 

“Damn you took it all” he panted against me 

“huumpt! Shut up and move” I cried 

He chuckled something sexy before he started to move slamming my back against the wall 

“fuck fuck fuck oh my f-fuckk” I cried out as I felt him move inside of me, fast and hard. 

I was bouncing like a rag doll as he pumped hard into me, reaching deeper than I thought possible with every hard thrust. 

“Hmmm tell-me-how-much-you-like-it” he demanded with every thrust

“Ah fuckk… I-I fucking love it” I screamed out squeezing around his neck and shoulders 

He pinned me into the wall and pounded away, fucking me harder and harder making me gasp with every stroke. I felt myself clench around him again and again as my orgasm started to build, he groaned and fucked me even harder. 

My toes curled and my nails dug into him as I tensed before exploding around him. I screamed my back arching as I came hard, he groaned sweetly before thrusting hard into me, he slammed me down on his dick before he stilled and I felt his long dick twitching inside of me as he filled the rubber with warm cum. My body went languid against him as we both panted heavily. 

“I-hope you -were-satisfied with our services,” he said breathing hard against me

“Five fucking stars” I managed to say 

I am definitely ordering some more art supplies. 

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