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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily & Val Tag-team the Room-Service Boy in Lagos (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily & Val Tag-team the Room-Service Boy in Lagos (18+)

The weekend is finally over and we were getting ready to leave Lagos, Val mini-vacation is almost over and I need to get back to work, I do have an exhibition to prepare for as Blessing has always reminded me.

“I think that is everything’ I said sighing after throwing in my shorts into my traveling bag

“You asked me to remind you to grab your panties in the bathroom, Val said not looking away from his tab

“Ah yes! it’s not me somebody will use to buy Benz’ I said

I dashed into the bathroom and took off my panties from the rack and started heading out when my eyes peeped the mini shampoos and soap; they smell too damn good and with the amount we paid for the room they should be grateful I didn’t take their towels too.

“Lils! Our food is here” Val called

I dashed out of the bathroom and went to the open a door, a big smile plastered on my face; I’m so hungry. I opened the door but it wasn’t my tummy that grumbled. There holding a tray of really delicious looking Efo and Semo was a thin handsome boy. He looked so young and boyishly beautiful I knew I was staring but I couldn’t stop. 

“Can I come in?” he asked 

Even his voice sounded beautiful, he looked strong but also sweet it was almost delicate. He perked up at me and I blinked then moved away from the door to let him pass. He walked in and dropped the food on the table in the middle of the room. 

I followed his every movement with my eyes not realizing how close I was till I bumped into him as he stood up after dropping the tray

“Oh sorry” he apologized 

He smiled nervously at me before asking 

“Uhm anything else” 

Val dropped his tab on his lap then did this thing with his eyebrows where he slightly lifts them up giving him stare an intense but aloof look which looked incredibly sexy on him and its a look I have seen him use so many times in his films.

He could tell I want to fuck the cute minx and from the glint in his eyes, he approved.

‘Erm we have different type of salad and rice, pounded yam um I can go get a menu’ He said gesturing to the door

“Are you on it?’ i asked looking him in dead in the eyes with my lips curved into a one-sided smile

“Am I?’ he asked searching my eyes

“On the menu” I deadpanned

I could see the shock that froze his face that then contorted into thoughtful consideration

“I er I umm’ He stuttered

“You can nod,” I said giggling

He looked from Val to me then to Val again liking asking if he really was okay with this, when Val didn’t make any move to stop him he smiled shyly and nodded his head.

‘Good” I said before covering the small space between us

I pulled him to me and covered his lips

“Umm” I muttered

His lips were so goddamn soft, he could be the softest lips I have kissed and I have been with some very soft women. 

He tentatively put his hands on my waist like he was scared to grab it. so I turned us around so he was back the bed before pulling away from him. 

I pushed him so he fell on the bed loving how big his eyes got. Val was watching my every moment which turned me so on making me want to give him a show. my eyes locked on my handsome little meal.

I bent down looking at how my tits jiggled with the movement. I spread his legs apart enjoying how he looked like he was about to explode. I unbuckled his belt my eyes not leaving his, then I unzipped his trousers. 

I could see him hold his breath as I reached for him, I dipped into his trouser and pull out his dick

“Not bad ” I mused which made him smile

His dick just like him was beautiful, I pressed a kiss to the smooth head of his dick earning a sound close to a whimper from him. I wrap my lips around the bulbous head and sucked hearing him moan, I ran my tongue over his slit and he immediately grabbed my hair. I took his entire length in my mouth then hollowed my mouth

“Oh boy” he moaned

I wanted to make him cum like this but I’ve soaked up my panties so I sucked up then let his dick pop out of my mouth. I pushed him further up on the bed, he scooted up so he was lying completely on the bed. I stretched my hands out and Val handed me a condom that I expertly rolled down his dick. I immediately straddled him before shifting my Pant and sat on him slowly. 

The look on his face was priceless; his mouth was open, his eyes rolled back and I haven’t even started moving yet. I place my hands on his chest and started to move slow and steady 

“oh fuck! Fuckkk th-that so g-good” he moaned

I started to pick up pace enjoying his mewling and moaning; I didn’t know I’ll enjoy hearing a guy moan like that so much. I wanted him to lose his shit so I rotated my waist

“Fuckkk” he moaned

He bounced on him then rotated my waist, he contorted his face nodding his head sideways before crying out, I felt his dick pulsate in me as he shots loads and loads of cum into the rubber. I sat up letting his dick flop out. 

“Damn that’s a lot of cum, do you always cum plenty like that ” I asked

“I-don’t – kno- o it’s my first time,” he said between catching his breath. 

“Virgin?” Val asked to which he nodded

“Watch and learn then” Val said before reaching for me. 

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