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Federal Republic of Lily: The adventure with Swingers (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: The adventure with Swingers (18+)

The air conditioner on full blast made my nipples harden, I blinked my eyes feeling heavy. The blanket I was lying on was soft against my skin making me want to roll around on it

“You having fun sweetie?”

I heard the voice before I saw the face, I smiled at her pretty face; I remembered that was what drew me to her. The events leading to this moment were a blur but being in bed with this really pretty chick that I suspected was a model was somehow exactly how I wanted my night to end. I felt so languid like that moment when you are too high and feel too tired to use your limbs.

“Her boobs are so pretty”

I remembered him, they were together at the bar, I caught him smirking as he watched me ogle her.

“Yeah, so pretty,” she said

They sat on each side of me, they exchanged looks before they both grabbed a boob and sucked on the nipple, I closed my eyes and moaned as they both sucked. They sucked differently but somehow were in perfect unison. He sucked with his teeth and soothed with tongue while she sucked and occasionally nibbled.

I arched my back pushing my boobs further into their mouth. They stopped sucking and smiled at each other before they locked lips, he placed his hand behind her neck and pulled her into him deepening the kiss. Watching them kiss with so much synergy turned me on more, I wanted to reach out and touch them.

He pushed off the flimsy lingerie off her exposing her perky round boobs, her skin looked smooth and flawless. I forced my hand to reach out and touch her, her skin felt perfect to the touch I was almost tempted to ask about her skincare routine, I caressed her skin up stopping under her boobs, I cupped her boobs moaning at how soft they were.

She leaned down and kissed me, expertly she sucked my tongue into her mouth making me moan into her mouth. My hand found her boob and I squeezed, grazing my thumb over her hard nipple. Her kiss became demanding and I felt his hand traveling the length of my body warming me up slightly, he ran his hand up and down my thigh making me part my legs slightly. She pulled away and I caught my breath throwing my head back a bit, she immediately pounced on my exposed neck kissing and biting gently.

I felt his fingers creep up to my opening and excitement shot through me. Her hand wandered to my boobs and she circled my nipples teasingly in time with him circling my clit. The combination drove me crazy. They exchanged looks and pinched at the same time forcing a cry out of me.

He took his hand away making me want to protest but when his hand covered her hand and squeezed before pulling her hand to my pussy, with his fingers on hers they circled my clit before her fingers slipped into my wet pussy

“Ummm so wet” she whispered

They pushed their fingers deeper and scissored hitting my G-spot perfectly, I held their hands in place and bucked against their hands moaning out louder

“That’s it” He breathed out

“Yes baby, let go,” She said sucking on my neck

I could feel my orgasm, it was a big one. I bite my bottom lip and closed on eyes as my orgasm hit sending me into a frenzy, I cried out as my muscles contracted around their fingers, my body quaked uncontrollably and I grabbed the sheets under me.

My body started to slow down and they slowly pulled their fingers out of me, I watched them with heavy lids as they both put their fingers in their mouth and licked my juices off.

“You taste so delicious darling,” she said kissing my neck and cheek

I felt so sated and relaxed

“Get some rest, we are just getting started,” She said

They got off the bed and covered me with the blanket before they both kissed my cheeks

They left me wondering who they really were, with a smile on my face my eyes started to close. Before sleep and exhaustion took over my eyes focused on a framed picture, it was their wedding picture.

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