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Federal Republic of Lily: A break from Adulting World II(18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: A break from Adulting World II(18+)

I felt tall, not as big as my body almost completely engulfed the smaller lady’s body.

“Cute” I murmured against her small soft lips that melted with my own in a slow and steady dance

She was the cutest little thing even though she isn’t really little, sure she was smaller than me but her body was built for a face that wasn’t meant to be so damn cute. Her boobs were a pair of creamy C cups that looked delicious in her tank top, her waist was small which made the flare of her hips much curvier. 

The kiss ended with both of us out of breath,

“Damn baby, that was hot as hell,” her boyfriend said making her giggle and blush shyly

I look towards his direction and holy fucking shit I am sure my vagina growled loudly at the shirtless piece of sexy man I desperately wanted to climb, she giggled and I tore my gaze away from her man and back to her blushing face; was she doing it on purpose because it was adorable as fuck.

“I know right! He’s hot” She said with a shy smile

“Good thing I don’t mind sharing” She added but this time she was smirking something devilish.

“let’s sit,” She said dragging me down on the long sofa facing the tv

Music started playing and after a minute of fiddling with the iPad, her boyfriend dropped it and came over to where we were.

“Please forgive my manners, can I offer you something, anything,” he asked looking from me to Blessing that was seated on Mr. Fitness on the adjacent sofa

“How about your big ol’ dick” I thought to myself as I nodded no to his question.

Like reading my mind she reached for him and directed him to sit on the right of me as she sat on the left. My excitement grew and I felt myself getting wet, I looked from her and then slowly to him. He leaned in and kissed me hard, he deepened the kiss and I struggled to catch up but soon I was returning the kiss with equal fervor. 

He ran his tongue along my lips and I instinctively parted my lips granting him access that he took fast. He explored my mouth with his tongue then did something that took me by surprise, he rolled his tongue around my tongue. 

I couldn’t help the sound that escaped my mouth that was part gasp part moan. I heard cutie giggle softly as we parted. I turned to look at her and damn she looked so turned on it was sexy as fuck. They leaned in together and kissed with my face inches away from their intertwined lips. 

Their kiss was heated and desperate; lips moving in synergy. As they kissed I felt her hand slide up slowly, the thin silky fabric making it feel so damn sexy. His hand palmer her face and kissed her deeper and her hands travel higher till they were resting on my boobs. 

She squeezed and I heard her moan sweetly into his mouth. She squeezed harder then pulled away and reached up to her face and covered his hand with hers. She pulled his hand away from her face not breaking the kiss and placed it on my boobs. He squeezed and also made a sound into her mouth which made me smile. 

They slowed down then parted before turning to me, they both looked so turned on which was just a delight to watch. I think I caught a small smile from her before they were both on me, hands roaming all over me as they both kissed and locked at each side of me. 

He kissed my chin down to my ear then my neck while squeezing my left boob. She focused more on kissing and licking the sensitive spot behind my ear when she took the love in her ear while she squeezed around my nipple making me moan. They were both turning me on so much and I loved it but I needed more. 

Like on cue, I heard Blessing moaning followed by the sound of skin faintly slapping against skin. I turned to see Mr fitness already naked and pounding away at Blessing, she was half sitting half laying down on the sofa with her legs on either side of Mr. Fitness’s broad and nice toned shoulders.

“Fuck!” I moaned out as my pussy quivered uncontrollably

I looked from the boyfriend to the girl and they both got the message but just to be clear I said to the boyfriend 

“I want you to fuck me while I eat her out”

At the sound of that, she moved deeply and I moved in to make what I said a reality. 

I leaned towards her and smashed our lips together while pushing myself into her making her lean down into the arm of the sofa. 

I mounted her and deepened the kiss, I started to move from her lips down her neck as she fiddled inside the top of my dress. I stopped and pulled away a little, so I could bring down the straps of my dress, my double ds came bursting out the moment the straps were down. The gasp I got from her made me want to giggle like a high school girl or something. 

She quicking leaned in and tentatively took one hard nipple into her mouth like she was scared I would change my mind, I felt rougher hands grab my other boob but it was his gaze that was making my pussy clench in anticipation.

She sucked and nibbled gently as my hands explored her body, I grabbed her boobs then ran my thumbs over her nipples making her moan around my boobs. I looked to her boyfriend and he was naked besides us stroking his dick. Just like I was hoping for homeboy had a good looking penis; it wasn’t the biggest I’ve had but its length and girth was nicely proportional. 

I wanted to take his dick in my mouth so badly I must have been drooling, he stroked slowly then moved towards us, I was about to open my mouth as he got closer but he pushed it towards her small cute lips. She opened up for him and he pushed into her mouth. Her pretty mouth wrapped around his dick had to be the hottest thing I have seen in a while. 

Her hand left my breast to stroke him as she sucked and I continued down. I took off her shorts and paused a moment to admire the clean-shaven pussy that was glistening in front of me. I scoot lower on the sofa before covering her pussy in my mouth, she moaned around his dick edging me on. I sucked in her pussy lips and she moaned louder letting him push more of his dick into her mouth. 

I pushed my tongue into her Dripping pussy and she moaned out, I looked up to see her boyfriend wasn’t beside her face anymore before I could turn my head to find him I felt hands on my waist. I arched my back so my ass was higher in the air making my dress fall back on my ass, he pushed the dress completely off my ass before grunting loudly at the sight presented to him. 

He kneaded my ass and I wiggled the thonged cheeks at him making sure not to stop pushing my tongue in and out of his girlfriend’s quivering hole; I have always thought I was great at multitasking to guess its time to test that theory. He shifted the thong a little before he pressed the head of his dick at my opening, he held one ass cheek tight he pushed into me. 

If I didn’t have my mouth full of pussy I would have sighed “finally”. He pushed till he was fully lodged inside of me then he started to move slowly, I moaned into her lips before sucking hard making her moan out louder. He started to pick up the pace and so did I, he started moving in and out faster while I sucked and licked her clit like it was my source of sustenance. 

She started to mumble incoherently and I sucked harder letting my tongue slip in and out of her.

“Oh my oh umm babe I’m gonna ohhhh fuckkkkk” she cried out as she came her juices pouring all over my face, she tasted so sweet I kept on kicking till she was clean.

“Goddamn” I heard Mr. Fitness say from beside us

He moved to touch her and she nodded no looking to her boyfriend that was now slamming in and out of me making my pussy make loud slushing sound

“tag team?” I heard Mr fitness say and soon I felt him pull out of me and soon I was being pulled off from the bed to the floor. Her boyfriend laid down on the center rug and gestured I come sit on him, as I positioned myself I felt his tip on my asshole, his rubber covered dick was still sleek from my juices but it’s been a while I had a dick in my asshole. 

I relax and let him push the head inside my puckered hole, he pushed till it entered with a plop sending pain up my spine. I sat slowly as he pushed till I took him in completely before I could catch my breath Mr. Fitness was squatting in front of me with his dick in his hands. 

“Holy shit! What does he do exercise his dick too” I thought to myself as he positioned his giant dick to my entrance? He pushed in and I screamed both from pleasure and being stretched so far. They both waited till I was ready before they both started to move

“fuck fuckkkkk ahhh ompff” I moaned out so loudly

I could feel them both as they both moved to fill me out and overwhelming my body with ecstatic pleasure, we were all panting skin hitting ski and I could see stars dancing around my eyes as I moaned louder and louder. 

The combined the feel of pain and pleasure raking through my body threatened to split me in two, my fingers sank into muscled hips like one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had racked through me, I was screaming words that didn’t exist as my orgasm seemed to go on forever; 

Shit! I was having multiple orgasms. I didn’t know how long it took for them to both cum and pull out of me, leaving me a languid mess on the floor. I looked to my side and blessing and little miss cute had their fingers in each other both getting each other off; I guess I was the main event. 

I felt so sated my entire body buzzing with pleasure a giant smile plastered on my face. I stood up to get water to drink and that’s when everything went black. I fucking blacked out. 


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