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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily’s explosive Sexcation in Lagos with Val (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily’s explosive Sexcation in Lagos with Val (18+)

“OMG, Lily! Let’s get to the room,” Val said in between as I reached for his crotch as we waited for the elevator

I grumble as I reached for him again, he gripped my wrist and pull me to him then put his hands around me so I don’t molest him on the ground floor of our hotel. The elevator pinged open and I grumbled loudly as a bunch of people walked out and people I didn’t realize were also waiting joined us in walking into the elevator. 

Tonight had been amazing, I and the Val went to Fela’s shrine to go drink and smoke, in the midst of our drinking, l found out the weed drinks were a strong aphrodisiac for me. It was surprising that all we did was make out on the ride back to the hotel and now that we were here all I want is to be tossed around like a ragdoll. 

The elevator closed with us in the middle of at least four other people, he still had his hands around me as we rode up. He would kiss my head every time I start to get antsy and start tapping my feet. After enduring the doors opening as we hot every floor we were finally on our floor. 

I was already dragging to the door as it slid open slowly, the moment we were outside the elevator I pulled him by his jacket and smashed our lips together moaning into his mouth in relief. You can practically feel the stares when he deepened the kiss with his hands on either side of my face as the doors closed. 

The thoughts of what is about to happen lit my body on fire, the excitement and drinks made my head spin. My hands crept from his jacket and link around his neck pushing our lips closer, he took slow steps towards our room. 

Not parting from each other we turned the corner into the hallway that leads to our room, his tongue dated into my mouth making my legs weak. He put his hands on my hips and I lifted off the ground, I wrapped my legs around him as he kissed my neck deeply. He kept sucking in my neck making my head swirl with both alcohol and pleasure. 

We finally made it to our door and he pressed my back against it slowly letting my legs down till they touched the floor. His lips still clamped down on my neck his hands start to slide down till he was pulling one of my legs up to his hip. 

He trails a finger up the inside of my thigh up till he reached the band of the thigh high stockings I was wearing under my short gown. He grunted as he twirled with the lace of the stocking before his fingers continue their journey up. My breathing hitches in the excitement of what he was about to find; my dripping cunt.

“Hm mmm” he groaned as he felt the moisture before his finger found home

“Jackpot” he mumbled and I giggled

His fingers ran up the length of my opening before stopping on my clit

“I love it when you get so wet,” he said against my ear before pulling the lobe into his mouth making me moan softly. At the same time, he pushed in two fingers into me making me moan deeper.

He pulled out two dripping fingers then used them to rub my clit in circles making me mewl and squirm against him, his lips caught my lips as he pushed his fingers into me. 

He swallowed my moans as he pushed his fingers deep inside of me. 

My fingers clenched around him and he growled something sexy. He bent his fingers inside of me making me moan softly before he twisted his fingers clockwise. His fingers grazed my G-spot making me throw my head back, he started to move his fingers up and down grazing my G-spot with each thrust. He would go fast then slow down to play with my G-spot before picking up the pace again. 

I was dripping all over his fingers as they fucked me faster, my body felt feverish as every pore was set on fire. I threw my head to the side to see someone standing right there, we were not blocking the way to the next rooms as he finger fucked me against our door so if this guy wants to watch me cum then he better not blink.

“Faster baby” I whined as I felt myself near

“Oh yeah” he teased before nibbling behind my ear

He started moving in and out faster then screw his hand to graze my G-spot.

“Yes yes yes baby right there oh fuckkk” I cried as his thumb pressed against my clit tickling it as he moved faster turning my moans into incoherent mumblings, my walls clenched around his fingers as my orgasm exploded leaving me breathless

“Fuckkkkk” I cried as my juices poured out around his finger

“Let’s go in, I need to be inside you right now,” he said lifting my other leg off the ground

I wrapped my legs around him and looked towards our audience as Val fumbled with the key, with the show he just got you’ll think he would look at least amused.

“Lils the keys not working, oh shit this is not our room,” he said giggling

He propped me up better and walked to the next door that happens to be our room. Immediately we left the door the guy standing quickly inserted his key, opened the door and slipped inside.

Val said I burst out laughing as he opened our door

“Finally we got a room,” Val said closing the door

“Yesss, now give me that dick” 

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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