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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily finally meets Blessing’s new man


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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily finally meets Blessing’s new man

“lily.. Lily, LILY!!”

“What?” I snapped

“Smile!” Blessing said gesturing with her fingers inches away from her face

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath before allowing a small smile to crack on my face. 

We walked closer to the door before the door opened allowing the slight thumping music from inside out. 

The guy walked towards us smiling towards Blessing, I let myself smile more because God forbid I am not nice to Blessing’s new boyfriend I was finally meeting for the first time. Since they started going out it was all I’ve been hearing Jay this Jay that and all the countries he been traveling for work.

Blessing was completely infatuated with him and I had to pay for it. After they were done doting on each other he turned to me his smile stretching into an annoying smirk.

“The talented lily excited to finally make the acquaintance,” he said pulling Blessing closer to his side

“Yeah, nice to meet you too” I tried and failed to keep the sarcasm out of my voice

Blessing glared at me and I tried not to roll my eyes

“I have heard so much about you” I added sweetly

“All good things I hope,” he said looking down and smiling at Blessing

“Has to be if we are here,” I said 

“I am glad you are here, how about we go inside, the party is in full swing,” He said already pulling blessing away. 

Wanted to walk behind them but reached out and held unto her

“We’ll catch up,” I said when they turned to look at me

They slowly separated and I dragged Blessing away from where we were standing while he walked to the door but didn’t enter. When I was sure we were far enough not to be heard I swung around to face her

“Bee! You know I won’t fit in here, let me just go home n watch a movie with some wine” I said 

“C’mon, is it the half-caste thing again,” she asked 

“Hmm… yeah but not just that I mean it’s kinda classist of them to just hang out with each other hell we won’t even be here if your new boyfriend wasn’t one of them,” I said trying to keep my voice down 

When she gave me a look, I sighed 

“What?  I was nice to him, I liked him” I said

“So, why won’t you give this party a chance,” she asked

“We both know it will be boring, they’ll probably serve drinks that won’t get you buzzed and snacks we can’t pronounce,” 

“Speak for yourself” she muttered under her breath 

I frowned and looked towards the building that sat silently 

“The music is not even loud enough” I snapped 

“All I’m hearing are excuses, excuses” she started

“fine let’s go to your man’s boring party,” I said before walking towards the building ahead of her. 

When we got to the door he opened the door and I went through with them behind me, looking around I wanted to snort and when the party will swinging begin but I have a feeling blessing will tit punch me. The party did not look so bad if I wanted to attend a business meet and greet. 

Everyone was either talking while they drank or dancing awkwardly to the music. Blessing was already getting shown around and I really wasn’t in the mood to feel like a third wheel so I headed towards where the drinks were being poured and took a glass, I drank it all but it tasted so weak

“Hey, do you guys have anything stronger,” I asked 

The stupid guy was looking at me like I just grew two horns, I was about to show him the side of me I thought I left in Lagos when I got interrupted by a really tall man 

“give me a bottle of vodka” he commanded to the idiot that quickly went to get it. 

I stared at him, for the obvious reason that he was gorgeously tall and because he looked vaguely familiar. 

“I would say take a picture but how about you come share my drink with me, then you can drink me in all you want,” he said 

I rolled my eyes

“Well, you got me at share my drink” I answered dryly 

I saw him smile slightly before he turned and took a bottle of flavored vodka and a bottle of coke, he gestured to me and I collected the bottles and followed him. 

We walked through the sparse crowd of people till we were walking towards a hallway but took a door before we walked into the hallway, I followed him through the door till we were outside were a pool sat undisturbed. He walked to some lounge chairs and I followed. 

“Hope you don’t mind being away from the party,” he said setting the drinks down and opening up the vodka 

“Nah, I was over that party the moment I stepped into it” I answered and he smiled 

 “shots?” I quickly asked as He opened the coke

He smiled again, then nodded before pouring out two shots 

“So you were staring” he stated passing me a shot 

“Not a crime, and it’s not because you’re so good looking,” I said before gesturing with my drink 

He smiled and we both drank, the shot burnt my throat and made me cringe before leaving a flavored aftertaste. 

“that a first, so why,” he asked 

“because you look sorta familiar but I am not sure we have met,” I said passing my empty glass

He refilled them and I watched him, he was really good looking with curly short hair that has been nicely faded into a buzzcut and stubble that looked like he hasn’t shaved for days that somehow gave him a polished rough sexy look, the button-up shirt he was wearing fit him like a second skin which outlined his fit body, I trailed back to his face trying to remember where I saw him, online? Maybe in a movie. 

He passed me my second shot and I picked it up still studying his face. Which movie I kept pondering when it hit me. I remember him but not from any movie but from porn

“holy shit! You’re Valentino, one of my favorite porn stars” I stated with wide eyes. 

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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