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Federal Republic of Lily: A break from Adulting World (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: A break from Adulting World (18+)

“Lily! Lily wake up” I heard a muffled voice

Llils, open your eyes please Lily!” she sounded more urgent

I recognized the voice, it was Blessing. Why was she trying to disturb my sleep and why does she sound like that. 

Cold droplets shook me, I wanted to open my eyes and yell all type of obscenities at her but for some reason, I couldn’t really open my eyes, it felt like my lids were not attached to my brain; I felt so languid. 

Another spray of Coldwater finally shook my eyelids awake, they opened slowly and were assaulted by super bright light forcing them close again.

“No, Lily open your eyes please sweetie keep them open” I heard her say urgently

With every strength, I could muster I opened my eyes cracking my lips slightly open to focus on Blessing but she was not alone and where were we I thought as I looked around at an unfamiliar bathroom. 

How the fuck did I get here I thought to myself as I slowly scanned the faces beside and behind Blessing. As I finally focused and came to a big smile grew on my face as I remembered the events that led me to my current situation. 

Most normal people won’t be smiling after they just realize they had fainted but as you know I am not exactly your normal girl. 

The day started out bust as most of my days lately have been. It’s been an intense couple of months since I decided to have an art exhibition, my days now are filled with making arts for the events and the semantics involved in hosting an exhibition with barely any time left for some good fucking. 

After spending the better part of the morning and afternoon looking at halls and possible locations I was exhausted, on getting home I took a quick shower and grabbed a sweet-tasting energy drink that has been my replacement for water and headed to my studio to work on some incomplete pieces. 

Hours passed before I started hearing shouting over the music I was blasting as I painted. I lowered the music and heard Blessing’s voice complaining as she ascended the stairs. 

“well-done o workaholic witch,” she said standing by the door in her work clothes that were missing its jacket leaving her in loose-fitting trousers and a pretty sheer blouse. 

“That’s rich coming from a real-life workaholic,” I said before rolling my eyes 

“Exactly,” she said before tiptoeing around the canvases that seemed to be splayed everywhere 

“There’s so much work to do, it’s not my fault,” I said defensive as she eyed my scattered studio

“Wow, Lily you should do an exhibition they said it’ll be fun they said,” I said in a high pitch voice before groaning loudly.

“Eeya Pele,” she said

“That’s why we need to get you out of this studio and help relieve all this stress,” she said gesturing everywhere

“As much as I agree with you I don’t have the mental strength for any club or party or any social activity,” I said before sighing deeply 

I was really tired and won’t really mind a massage and uninterrupted sleep, I haven’t even had anything tangible to eat all day. 

“That’s the thing, you don’t have to,” She said 

She had a knowing smirk plastered on her face, a smile she always has when she is thinking about sex

“Hmhm” I replied with a raised eyebrow

“Remember that my crush’s friend I told you I saw naked and I suddenly stopped crushing on his friend,” she asked 

“Yeah, Mr sexy Wannabe I. G fitness model,” I said smirking 

She rolled her eyes and took a deep dramatic breath before she continued 

“Anyways! His friend my former crush and his girlfriend wanted to have a threesome but she didn’t exactly specify that she wanted an extra girl, so he suggested me and now it’s gon be like some foursome or whatever” she said smiling 

“How do you always know all these people sef” I said pouting 

Blessing is like a freaky sex magnet which makes her such a blessing to my life

“Ehn you don’t have to be jealous I’m here to take you with me, I already told him I would. We both know your pipes need more cleaning out” she said smirking

I threw one of my rags at her and she bursts out laughing

“Poor girl wanted a threesome and now she’s got an orgy,” I said shaking my head

“Abeg the more the merrier, let go get you dressed and fuck able biko” She said before standing

We didn’t waste any time getting ready and we were standing at the front door of an apartment, take one long at me and you’ll know I’m ready for sex in my little black dress with red petals and spegetti straps so thin thay looked like it would snap at any point, it was silky so it hugged my curves to perfection. 

The door opened and Mr fitness model stood wearing a thin white t-shirt that hugged so tightly you could see all his pecs. I cleared my throat as they both were locked in an annoying staring contest. 

We followed him all the way to the room where a tall sexy piece of man was setting up at the TV and speakers while a fair skinny was swiping through an iPad. On hearing our voices as Mr. Fitness introduced us she lifted her head and caught me by surprise; she was so fucking cute. 

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her and apparently neither could she.

“I’ll say get a room but you’re already in one” we heard her boyfriend say

She giggled and looked away looking like she was blushing, she looked so smooth and innocent I just wanted to taste her lips

“Baby, since you can’t stop staring maybe you should take a bite,” her boyfriend said

“yeah let’s get this party started,” Mr fitness said

With how fine he is there’s no surprise he doesn’t have sense I thought to myself but my train of thought stopped dead as she stood up looking awkward

“Can-can I kiss you” she squeaked looking adorable as fuck

Fuck yes! let’s really get this mini orgy started I thought as I covered the distance between us. 

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