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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily finally meets Blessing’s new man II (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: Lily finally meets Blessing’s new man II (18+)

“Holy shit! You’re Valentino, one of my favorite porn stars” I stated with wide eyes. 

My head quickly connected the dots as excitement burst inside me, I mentally undressed him knowing where every pec angled on his body and his gorgeous lean but strong body that always move so graciously whenever his fucking some hot actress with his near-perfect dick. 

Even his chest tattoo that climbed up all the way to the side of his neck

“You look like you’re not breathing” He stated

“Your tattoo” I pointed out feeling like a silly fangirl

His chuckled like an actual chuckle with the short intakes of breath in between cute short laugh 

“Most people that um watch my videos hardly pay attention to my tattoo,” He said looking amused

“I am all about the details,” I said smiling

” I can see that,” he said smiling back at me

“Sooo, I have so many questions” I started

He nodded his head and took the empty glass from me before quickly pouring some more vodka and passed one to me

“I can imagine, ask anything,” he said

He took his shot, grunted and looked straight at me

“How are you here?” I asked

“You mean in Nigeria?” he asked

“Yeah and at this lame-ass party,” I said with an eyebrow raise

He chuckled again

“Well, I was supposed to be shooting a promotional video for these new adult stores that are opening in New York” he started before slowly pouring more vodka into his cup.

I was feeling the effects of the previous shots I did not that I can’t hold my liquor but I just met Valentino Marshall; an actual porn star in the flesh at a random party and trying to play it all cool even though my heart has been beating all over the place.

“but.. For whatever reason it got moved up so I got a free week and a couple of hours before I was chatting with my cousin that was in the city for a business meeting so one thing led to another and I ended up following.

“Wow! That’s madd o, you could go anywhere and yet here you are. What exactly were you looking to find” I asked

He took a small sip

“I don’t know, something exciting I suppose” he answered

“likee? Fucking a fan by a poolside” I blurted hands gripping tightly around my drink

I could blame the alcohol but I knew I wasn’t that buzzed but I was bored and for whatever fuckstatic luck an incredibly hot porn star was standing, talking and doing shots with me; of course I would want to be fucked by him. 

Since I remembered exactly how he looked naked all the times I’ve rubbed one out watching some of his videos, my pussy has been screaming at me to jump him. 

His eyes narrowed before he bites his lower lip; before I could think about how much I’ll like to pry that lip and suck it into my mouth he was gripping my waist and pulling me swiftly against his chest. 

I could feel the muscles under his shirt flex making me take a deep breath, my senses were immediately invaded by a delicious scent; a sweet mix between something musky and expensive with what must have been either shampoo or shower gel. 

 Our proximity felt unbelievable and it needed to feel real, I lifted up slightly and pressed my lips against his that still had the bottom lip in between his teeth. 

I pulled back slightly watching as he unravels his lips before leaning forward to place them on mine, they felt so smooth and soft yet firm as our lips melded together. We both pushed our tongues out at the same time, the tips touching between our lips. His lips pressed against mine before he pulled away leaving me wanting to taste his mouth badly.

“Exactly” he said his voice sounding smooth and erotic

His lips were back on mine a moment later with more vigor, his tongue swept along my lips and they parted. He expertly swirled around my tongue before pulling it into his mouth, his mouth was so warm and tasted so nice with a hint of flavored vodka.

I moaned as he sucked on my tongue making me drop my drink on the table with a small thud. My hands wrapped around his head pulling him closer, his hand on my waist slid down till he was grabbing my ass before he juggled the cheek like testing the firmness. 

He held onto my ass steady before his other hand started roaming around the side of my chest; I didn’t even realize when he dropped his drink. He began to kiss down the side of my mouth till my chin before he started to leave hard kisses down my neck, he was practically sucking on my skin. 

Both of his hands were now on my ass, jiggling and squeezing the cheeks as he marked down my neck, his hands scrunch up the tight miniskirt I was suddenly grateful blessing picked out. I felt him grip the base of my ass before he lifted me off the ground making me moan as his muscles flexed against me. He carried me to the lounge chair not far away from us and tried to lay us down as gracefully as he could. 

His eyes were locked on my ass, one of his hands glided on the silk material of my top, he placed his hand on my boobs gripping slightly before letting his hands slide all the way down to where my top was tucked into my skirt, down to the edge of my mini skirt.

“So do you have any limits?” he asked as his hands crept up my skirt. 

Limits? I thought, what really was my limit? I mean they are things I would never do like coprophilia; curse whoever put two girls and a cup on the internet. 

I have done quite a lot of crazy sexual things so thinking about what my limits were was quite the perplexity. He chuckled which brought me back to his question

“if you have to think that far I can safely say you don’t limit yourself often,” he said smirking

“Damn right I don’t,” I said feeling like I should pump my fist in the air for emphasis 

“Okay then” he started

“how about we start with something a bit generic and vanilla” he drawled as he slowly pulled down my thong. 

I didn’t like the sound of vanilla but what the hell a super hot porn star was pulling down my panties; that alone was enough to get me off. 

When he completely took off my thong he brought it to his nose and took a deep breathe making my pussy tingle with excitement. I bunched up my miniskirt and shimmied down so I was angled better. he pushed my knees up swiftly and roughly making me almost moan with anticipation. 

He made a sound in his throat as he looked at me before bending to meet my pussy lips with his lips. I moaned when I felt his mouth, he sucked in and pulled before releasing my lips with a plop

“Uhmmmm ” he moaned before covering my pussy with his lips

His tongue darted back and forth my slit before he pushed his tongue in and out of my hole; I knew he was good with his but damn it felt better than it looked on video. He ran his tongue from my opening up to my clit then he swirled it against the sensitive knob making me moan and squirm; legs clamping against his head. 

I could feel my juices pouring and he lapped at it like a thirsty wanderer in the middle of a desert. I threw my head back moaning loudly as my hands grabbed at his head and shoulders. He sucked harder occasionally pulling my lips inside his mouth before releasing and clamping down again, I was incredibly wet and it was driving me crazy as I bucked against him with so much zestfulness. 

He pushed in a finger with his lips clamped on my clit then pushed another finger before slowly rotating them inside me, he found my G-spot in record time and rubbed it at the same time he sucked on my clit making stars explode behind my eyes

“fuckkk” I cried out feeling a jolt of pleasure shoot through me

He started thrusting his fingers in and out of me, grazing my G-spot with each thrust while he gently sucked on my clit. He thrust in faster and my legs squeezed hard against him as my body stilled then exploded with my orgasm, my back arched as my juices gushed out, my legs trembled as he licked me clean. I look down at him to see my cum glistening around his smiling lips

“Damnnn, you taste like Cherry Cola,” he said smiling 

I wanted to sit up and pull at his belt so I can know what he tastes like but my legs felt dead. I weakly reach for him and he smiled

“don’t worry about me, I want to know what you feel like” he said before unbuckling his belt. 

I reached out and started to unbutton his shirt as he pulled his trousers down to his ankles; I needed to see all of him. He pushed his briefs down and I gasped; he looked even bigger and nicer in real life how is that even possible. He stepped one leg out of his trouser before positioning himself between my legs

“I gotta ask” he starts

“Yes,” I said feeling breathless, I needed his big dick inside of me already 

“I get checked every three months” I added 

“Great, we’re mandated to always use a rubber but I want to feel all of you,” he said 

He pulled out my top tucked into my skirt and as soon as my tits were exposed he covered my nipples with his mouth sucking and swirling his tongue over the hard knob while making small mewling noises. He rubbed himself against my opening up and down before he plunged in, pushing till he was completely hilted inside me

“Ohh fuckkk” I moaned feeling my walls grip him tightly 

I felt so full and stretched and I loved it he leaned down and kissed me; I tasted myself and it was heady. 

“Move” I murmured against his lips

He smiled then took both my hands in one hand and pinned them above my head before he started to move; missionary never felt better I thought as my legs wrapped around him. His hand left mine and both grabbed onto my boobs his strokes picking up pace. 

His hands run down my body till he was pushing my legs higher plunging deeper into me then he began to pound. 

“fuck fuck fuck” I moan with each hard thrust

Soon my legs were on his shoulders as he pounded into me harder and harder making me moan so loudly, his moans were almost as loud and it turned me on even more. 

His hand slid up and grabbed my nipple. He pinched it hard which sent a direct signal to my pussy that clenched hard against him

“mhff baby that ngh felt so good ahhh” he moaned

He did it again and moaned before he grabbed and pushed my legs away from his shoulder closer to my ears before slamming in and out fast and hard. I was moaning incoherent words as he pounded my pussy like he owned it. 

I threw my head back as I felt my orgasm build, as he trusted making my head bob up and down I noticed some movement towards the door we came from. 

That’s when I realized they were people watching us fuck like wild animals, the audience fueled my pleasure and soon my pussy was clenching him, I looked up to see his face twisted beautifully and that sent me over the edge. 

I exploded just as he did too, shooting load after load of warm cum into my quivering pussy; it was the best feeling ever. 

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