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Federal Republic of Lily: The Hot Delivery Guy


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Federal Republic of Lily: The Hot Delivery Guy

Lost! Yeah, that was what I was; lost in a world that was my art and I loved it. Since the day I blacked out after a series of bomb orgasms, I have been up here in my studio. 

It still feels ridiculous talking about it but it was one of the best things to have happened to me in a while. Since then I have been channeling all that excitement into my work painting like crazy. My studio looks like a cave with canvases propped on every available corner and space. 

Some were covered with a thin tarp others were just safely propped against another, I felt great about how much I had gotten done when I wasn’t being stressed out by how much work I had to cover; I guess orgasms are like what coffee is like to some creatives. 

The piece I was working on was finally taking shape and Thad only increased the smile on my face as I dipped my paintbrush in paint, I drawled on the canvas with slow lazy strokes. As I reached my brush to dip in paint I saw a fraction of my phone screen beeping under some rough papers besides the canvas I was bent over. I quickly wiped my hand with my rag and reached for it. I swiped to answer quickly before it stops ringing.

“Hello” I answered feeling suddenly tired

“Good afternoon ma, I am at the address with the supplies” I heard a smooth voice with a slight rasp pour from my phone speaker

Supplies? I mused to myself, what supply what was he talking about.

“Ohh yeah” I answered remember my order for a bunch of art supplies were to be delivered today but they are sure early. They were supposed to deliver them by4 pm.

I pulled the screen away from my face to look at the time when I squealed; it was already past four.

“Hmm, is everything okay ma?” he asked

“Oh it’s nothing, the gate will be opened so you can bring it up to the house,” I said before hanging up.

I called my gateman and asked him to open the gate for the delivery man and also help him with the supplies. I stood up and stretched as much as I could feeling stiff in most of my joints, it was crazy how much I am used to being in one position whenever I paint for long hours. 

I walked downstairs and went to open the door, I stood by the door watching as a very minuscule truck drove in. Looking at myself I almost started chuckling at how dirty I looked, if you replaced all the paint smears and droplets I could totally pass for a mechanic; a very sexy mechanic. 

My excitement started when the driver stepped out and nodded a greeting my way before rounding to the back to open the truck. He was wearing a simple polo work t-shirt tucked in a brown trouser when he bent down to open a latch, you would have yelled out “hubba hubba” if I didn’t have home training. 

I don’t know what’s in the air that’s influencing the men’s form but I love it, his butt was nicely compact and every time he moves his arms which he did a lot as he moved things out a ridge somewhere moves and flexes. I didn’t realize I had been openly checking him out till he stopped in front of me

“Good day ma, where would you like this,” He said moving slightly to gesture the canvases neatly stacked under his arm.

Damn, that rasp in his voice sounded so damn sexy in person, made think of how sexy it would sound if he whispered some dirty things in my ears. I saw him lift an eyebrow slightly which just added to make him look like he was hiding a dominating streak underneath all that politeness

“um ma’am” He started

“oh yeah, this way,” I said spinning around fast and headed straight for the stairs leading up to my studio.

Why was I running sef; I am the big bad sexy Lily I should be smoothly seducing him and not acting like a shy virgin nerd. I looked down at what I was wearing and rolled my eyes who was I kidding, pretty sure my hair was hanging out in all directions not to mention all the different patches of paint that decorated my face. 

As I stood at the doorway with him standing closely behind I realized I had no space in my studio.

“Hmm, just put them by the door,” I said

He dropped them gently then propped them against the wall before he swiftly moved past me into the studio

“I’ll help you create some space,” he said as he stepped in 

“Wow,” he said stopping as soon as he realized they were barely any space to put his big feet

“that’s a lot of paintings,” he said looking around

“Yeah! I have an exhibition coming up soon” I answered

“Ohh I see, but don’t you have anyone to help you out at least with arranging your workspace,” He said as he started gently moving things

“I used to have an assistant but she quit and I am yet to find a replacement” I answered

Soon he already arranged most of the paintings nicely against a wall and successfully created some space, he already had sweat stains around his armpits and beads of sweat on his forehead as he kept on lifting and dropping things around.

“Maybe you should take off your shirt so you know you don’t drench it or something,” I asked

“oh that’s true o I sweat so easily,” he said as he carefully dropped some cans of paint at one corner.

He stood up and in one swift move pulled off his shirt and I suddenly regretted the decision because I am pretty sure I was drooling, brother was ripped like ripped-ripped, his stomach looked chiseled. Everywhere on his chest was lean muscles and best of all he was glistening with sweat. 

“Eyes up here” I heard him say before he chuckled 

“Don’t worry you can tip me handsomely?” he said smirking

He was smirking, shirtless and sweaty, he was aware of what he was doing and for whatever reason, I was being a slow fuck

“and what if I don’t have any money,” I said before biting my lower lip

“I am sure we can think up all kinds of way you can tip me,” he said drawing on the word kind with that look that screams 

“Imma fuck the shit out of you”. 

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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