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Federal Republic of Lily: Road to Erotic House Party [Part 2] (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: Road to Erotic House Party [Part 2] (18+)

“Is it too tight” The lady asked softly after she finished tying my hands

I tried to move my wrist before nodding no

“Okay good” She said

“Your safe word is change” she whispered

How appropriate

“Did you get it” she asked

“Yes change” I said. “Buhari has done quite a number on Nigerians.” They laughed

“Very good” She said before standing up.

I breathed heavily as I waited my mind conjuring all the things that could possibly happen, half of it scared me and the other half excited me. T

he guy who invited me let’s call him Mr X came to stand beside me,he ran one long finger from my neck down between my cleavage to my belly button. Suddenly, he grabbed my waist and flipped me over making me gasp. I was lying on my elbows with my ass in the air for everyone in the room to feast on. He unhooked my bra and I heard footsteps quickly walked towards him.

Mr X walked around the chair studying me and making me more nervous. I couldn’t see the other people in the room but I could feel their gaze on my ass. He walked over and stood behind me, I already knew what he was going to do but the anticipation turned me on greatly

“Why are you here” He asked in a commanding voice that boomed across the room

“I don’t know” I answered

A loud this landed on my ass pinching slightly, it wasn’t his palm but something covered in leather

“Have some respect girl, you refer to me as sir” his voice boomed

“Yes sir ” I said a little loudly

“Good girl” He said drawing his words

“What do you want me to do” He asked touching my ass with his leather paddle

“Spank me sir” I said

“Is that why you are so wet” He said touching my pussy through my panty with the paddle

When I didn’t answer he spanked me hard and again, each hit just made me crave more. The sensation the spanking left made me flood my panties even more which left me disappointed when he stopped spanking

“What do you say after you’ve been given a present” He said before spanking my ass hard

“Thanks you sir” I cried out

He spanked me hard again making me yelp

“I can’t hear you” He said

“Thank you sir” I cried out louder

He spanked me a couple more times before he stopped leaving me wanting more if the sweet pain. I could feel my juices dripping slowly down my thighs. Without warning he flipped me back to my back and took off my panty spreading my legs wide apart.

The audience could see how turned on I was and that just made me more wet. The lady came back and handed Mr X something it didn’t take long for me to know what it was. The familiar buzzing sound made me anxious with expectation, he brought the vibrator and placed it everywhere except my clit, I wiggled around till he threatened to get my legs tied up.

He placed the vibrator on my folds and played around with it close to my clit,the vibration getting to my clit was already pushing me to the edge. I closed my eyes as my orgasm climbed higher, I was about to explode when he took the vibrator away making me want to cry out.

He stood up and ran his fingers through my body I saw him smirk before he flipped me again making my restrains dig into my flesh. I heard him unzip his trouser and my pussy jumped with joy, he walked around to the head of the chair his dick in his hand.

I wanted him in my mouth and inside me and I could already feel my mouth salivating. He slapped my cheek with his dick before pressing it against my mouth, I opened my mouth and he pushed his dick inside till he hit the back of my throat,he pulled out all the way drawing a string of saliva before pushing back into my mouth.

I could feel how hard and thick his dick was as he fucked my mouth faster making saliva pour from the side my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw that some of the audience were standing beside him with their trouser off, he pushed in harder till I gagged before pulling out. He held my chin up and I knew what he wanted me to do.

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