August 12, 2022

Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 2](18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 2](18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

Franca gasped for breath as her blood pressure slowly returned to normal.  “Come with me,” Nike ordered while pulling a tired Franca to her feet.  Nike soaked a very fluffy towel in a bucket filled with water then squeezed out the water from the towel. She then used the wet towel to rub Franca down, starting from her sweat soaked face to her neck, full boobs, stomach, thigh and legs’ making sure to soak in water and squeeze off after each soak.

The whole process was sensual and by the time Nike got to Franca’s mound, she was quivering in excitement and increasing arousal. After drying off Franca, Nike led the aroused young girl back to the bed and had her lay down with her legs spread wide apart. Franca closed her eyes and softly twisted her hard nipples while waiting for her new lover to bring her to do what she pleased with her.

 “Now we’re ready,” Nike announced while towering over the bed. Franca slowly opened her eyes only to feel her heart
leap to her throat as she stared at a monstrous strap-on dildo hanging menacingly between Nike’s legs!!!

Even though she was terrified at the thought of such a huge organ penetrating her vagina, she could only whimper softly while Nike mounted her while pressing the giant head against her now straining opening!

“B-be gentle,” Franca gasped, “please, don’t hurt me, I’ve never done it before!” Nike smiled at the shaking girl and replied softly, “But the pain can be so gooooood!” And then without any warning at all, she slammed her hips forward, driving the rubber and latex spike nine inches deep into her unsuspecting pussy! To keep her from screaming out loud Nike put her arm over Franca’s mouth and paused for some seconds to allow the quivering girl settle down.

Then she began thrusting back and forth softly with gentle short strokes. Nike whimpered with tears in her eyes looking pleadingly at Nike, begging her with her eyes to stop the pain tearing through her body. Nike didn’t respond nor stop but planted soft kisses on the girls quivering lips and taut nipples, running her tongue over the nipples and giving it little nibbles.

Franca was surprised when the pain in her pussy subsided after a few minutes and was replaced with pleasure. She started panting and moaning, moving her hips forward to meet Nike’s thrust, wanting more and more of the monster dildo deeper and deeper inside her. Nike noticed the change in Franca and smiled in satisfaction then increased her tempo and began powering in and out of the helpless cunt like a battering ram! She fucked the little girl hard and fast, thrusting deeper and deeper into Franca’s little tight pussy.

Franca began speaking gibberish as she screamed and moaned, begging Nike not to stop, pushing back to meet each thrust and straining to have the dildo deeper in her.

Nike was amazed at the ferocity being exhibited by the new lesbian. Hmmmm she thought to herself, I was right about her all along. She is one cock loving bitch and I’m going to enjoy teaching her all the pleasures of the bedroom. Nike sucked harder on Franca’s taut nipples causing her to bump and grind unto Nikes thrusting hips. She was in heaven, a world of pleasure hitherto never explored. Franca was lost in a haze of pleasure as she thought it was unbelievable, true to Nike’s prediction the mixture of pleasure and pain soon became lost in a gigantic orgasmic cauldron that roiled hotter and hotter by the second! When it became apparent that she wouldn’t scream, Nike removed her arm only to have Franca beg, “Oh, please, h-harder, fuck me harder!!!”

A broad smile spread over Nike’s face and she whispered, “my little baby is going to have a big one, no!?!” Franca attempted to answer, but it was too late. At that very moment, her cunt collapsed around the invading monster while a climax of unreal dimensions slammed into her cunt like a guided missile!!! “I-I’mmmm fucking cummmmmmming,” she finally managed to moan, “so fucking hard!!!” her pussy gushed pussy juice in large quantity as she was sent to cloud nine and back, heaving on her back and almost throwing Nike off her back.

Then it was over. The two of them lay together for a long time with the huge dildo still buried deep in Franca’s overheated cunt! “I’m absolutely shell-shocked,” Franca sighed while caressing one of Nike’s small breasts, “that was just incredible!!!” Nike kissed the now satiated girl on the cheek and replied softly, “And remember, we still have time on our hands!” “Mmmmmm, yes,” Nike sighed.

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