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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 3](18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 3](18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

That began a new chapter in Franca’s life. She was always with Nike and Nike showed her all the pleasures of the woman body. She was explored in all ways possible and she also explored Nike in like manner. Pleasures she did not know existed was shown to her and she so so loved the various experiences.

She became a connoisseur of pussy eating to the extent that Nike boasted about her prowess to the other girls in her group. Franca was in a whole new world and how she loved that world. She was the submissive partner since Nike was a butch but she didn’t mind, in fact, she loved it just fine as it meant her pussy would get as much attention as possible. Nike had an assortment of dildos in all shapes and sizes and in no time had acquired several for Franca too.

She could work her pussy in the night when everyone else in her hostel was fast asleep. She wasn’t the only one though as she was often woken up by the sounds of moans and groans coming from various areas of the hostel though it was difficult to identify who exactly as the hostel was in darkness.

One day, Nike told Franca it was time to broaden her horizons and truly enjoy the pleasure of girl-girl sex. Franca was game as she had become amenable to whatever Nike had to show her. All along, all their escapades had been between the two of them alone. It was mid-term and Nike invited all her girls to her parent’s house. Franca noticed from the reaction of the other three girls that it was not a new phenomenon and that it was going to be an interesting experience.

But she wondered how Nike was going to explain their presence to her parents and how they were going to have fun right under their nose. She shrugged it off and phoned home to tell her parents that she had decided to stay back in school for the mid-terms. Her parents weren’t surprised or worried as it wasn’t the first time she would be staying back.

The girls left for Nike’s house on Friday afternoon and arrived about two hours later for a journey that should not have taken more than forty-five minutes because of the usual traffic situation in Lagos. The house was big, in fact, sprawling, it was a mansion.  Franca was dazzled but the other girls did not show any sign of surprise or wonder. They were welcomed by the security man who greeted Nike respectively and effusively showing the love and respect she had for the girl.

Nike ushered them into the palatial house and showed them into her living area.

‘’feel at home girls, you know where everything is and how to get to the convenience. Girls, please show Franca around as she is new here’’ Nike instructed, going into a big room and closing the door behind her. Franca looked at the other girls who were behaving very free without a care in the world. “Where are her parents?” Franca asked when she could no longer hold back the question.

‘’hahahahahaha.. ‘’ laughed Sandra, one of the girls. Big boned, big breasted and wide swaying hips each time she took a step. She knew her assets and she flaunted it. She big boobs and wide hips were offset by a tiny waist and a beautiful heart shaped face.

“No wonder you have been looking so scared like a rat confronted by a cat” she continued

“Nike’s parents and two older siblings virtually live abroad. They only come home like thrice a year. So we usually have the place to ourselves’’.

‘’Oh, okay’’ Franca said, finally relaxing and getting ready to have fun as much fun as possible.

The girls then went to the kitchen cooked and ate and generally lazed around in the sitting room watching tv when Nike joined them, nude except for a gigantic strap-on dildo. She walked up to where Franca was sprawled on the lush carpet and started fondling her boobs through her blouse. Franca quickly became aroused and responded by moving closer to get more of Nike’s touch.

In no time she was nude as Nike stripped her of the blouse she was wearing and another girl took off her skirt and panties. She didn’t know who as she was lost in the pleasure. Nike didn’t let up as her lips replaced her hands and she sucked, grazed and pulled on Franca’s taut nipples making them tauter and bigger. Franca started moaning, pushing her boobs further and further into Nike’s mouth as if she wanted her to swallow it all.

She jerked as a felt her touch on her super sensitive pussy that was already flooded with pussy juice. She felt hands on her body and fingers exploring her pussy that was by now gaping open. Her entire body was one motherboard of sensations as she was touched, kissed and fondled in all places that she never knew could be so sensitive.

Then she felt a hot tongue slide into her pussy and she gurgled as she could not release any sound because her mouth was captured in a fierce kiss. She shook and gasped, panting for breath as her body was wracked with sensations of pleasure. Eyes tightly closed, she pushed her pussy forward wanting more of that hot tongue in her.

The tongue obliged her as it prodded every nook and cranny of first her Mons, moving from the outer lip to the clit, licking the juices that were flowing copiously from her drenched pussy and then sliding deep inside her to tongue fuck her. Franca thought she would die from the excruciating pleasure flooding her body. She moaned, groaned, begged for what she didn’t know and generally because lost in the pleasure as she crested the hill and was devastated by orgasms after orgasms as the mouth and hands on her body did not stop the assault on her senses. 

Suddenly, she was free and alone as the hands and mouth left her body. But she was still in pleasure land and it took her close to a minute to realize that she was the owner of her body again, but by then, she had been flipped over onto her hands and knees and her face pushed down into the rug. She felt hands on her waist gripping her tightly as she was roughly jerked backward and felt a big invasion of her body. She screamed in pain as she realized that the massive dildo Nike was wearing was buried deep in her pussy.

She tried to scramble forward, to escape the invasion but it was already too late as the monster was buried in her to the hilt. She started crying as Nike started moving back and forth, bringing out the dildo until it was almost all out and then shoving it back into the hilt again. Franca’s cries increased to screams as the pain increased but the other girls just laughed and one brought out a paddle and started hitting her butts with it.

Each time Nike shoved the dildo in Franca’s pussy, the paddle would descend on her butt until it became rhythmical. 

Franca became out of breath and noticed that her screams had changed to moans and she was even pushing back at the dildo inside her! She began begging for more and asked to be spanked harder. The other girls laughed uproaringly and Franca faintly heard one say “I told you so”.

Franca was in a heaven she didn’t know existed. The dildo being used on her was much bigger than any Nike had ever used on her or she had ever used on herself. She loved the full feeling and pushed back, approaching orgasm. Her butts ache but it was also pleasurable. As she was lost in the pleasure, she felt someone grab her head and say “suck” only to open her eyes to see a bald pussy spread inches from her mouth like a picnic table.

She didn’t hesitate as she licked and sucked the pussy as if her life depended on it. She was lost in cum as her body exploded in cum after cum and she kept groaning into the pussy she was milking. Soon she felt pussy juices flood her mouth and she gobbled it up, licking and sucking, and trying not to let any escape. Soon there was nothing to lick and the owner of the pussy stood up.

Nike stopped the assault on Franca’s pussy and withdrew the cum soaked dildo but Franca was still shaking, still cumming. It was as if it would never end. It was a sight to behold. Franca faces down her ass in the air, pussy gaping wide open spewing cum that was dripping down her thigh. One of the girls quickly got behind Franca and started lapping up the cum that was flowing from her pussy throwing Franca into another orgasm. Finally, she subsided and just lay there on the rug, tired but well satisfied.

“one more thing Franca, then you will finally truly become one of us,” Nike said.

“Wh,wha aat?’’ stammered Franca

“’You’ll see” Nike answered mysteriously, removing the strap-on dildo and replacing it with a smaller one. She got up and walked behind Franca, raising her waist again and pushing her head down. Franca was once more on her knees with pussy gaping open and head on the carpet.

She felt the cold air on her pussy and her body tingled in anticipation as she thought she was once again going to get attention on her pussy. However, she felt something warm and slippery on her butts as if oil was being rubbed on her body.

“Relax and you’ll enjoy it’’ she heard Nike say as she shoved first a finger in her anus and rubbed it back and forth. She suddenly suspected what was coming as she felt the head of the dildo on her butt hole.

‘’No please, no not there’’ Franca protested, trying to wriggle free but she was held firmly down by the other girls as Nike started pushing the dildo head into her ass little by little until it got to the sphincter muscle.

‘’Relax.. you will enjoy it after the initial discomfort’’ Franca heard someone say. She knew she had no choice and could not escape even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. so she did as instructed as tried to relax her butt muscles. It wasn’t easy as it was painful but a few minutes later, she felt Nike push forward and breach her sphincter muscle.

She screamed out from the pain of the intrusion. Nike stopped for a few seconds and then started pushing back and forth, back and forth. Then Franca felt hands roaming her body and lips on her nipples. The pleasure started building again and she felt warm sweetness envelop her ass as the pain in there had changed to pleasure.

Suddenly, she felt another dildo in her body and she became totally lost in the pleasure enveloping her body. It felt like there were two sausages in her body as the dildo in her pussy and ass started moving counterclockwise, as one moved out, the other moved in and it was the most pleasurable feeling she had ever experienced coupled with the hands and lips on her body.

Franca totally surrendered her body to the pleasure ravaging it. There was nothing she could do against it. In fact, she didn’t want to do anything about it, didn’t want it to stop, it was just too sweet. She moaned, groaned, screamed pushed back, begged for more and more and the girls obliged her as they kept changing position until her body could no longer bear the pleasure and she fainted.

That mid-term break marked a turning point in Franca’s indoctrination into the lesbian world and her experiences. The house was all theirs to play in and they could be as noisy and as rowdy as they wanted as the nearest house to Nike’s was quite some distance away. In fact, at a point, Franca had the nagging thought at the back of her mind that if she should die of pleasure, no one outside the house would be any wiser.

Anyways, she shrugged off the thought and immersed herself in the pleasure and the sexual satisfaction she was experiencing.

Franca was the Bella Dona of the occasion as the other girls made sure she was pleasured in all ways imaginable. She was either enjoying a tongue on her pussy, boobs or mouth or having a dildo shoved deep in her pussy and ass, sometimes both at the same time.

One highlight of the weekend was on Sunday morning when she woke among a tangle of bodies from the previous nights raunchy sex session. She was groggy as the night before had been spiced up with weed and alcohol and an aphrodisiac Franca did not know the name of. She only knew that it make her much more sexually alive and responsive.

Nike had spiked their drinks with just a tiny drop but that was enough to make the girls lose all inhibitions (as if they had any in the first place). All the nerve endings in her body tingled as if someone or something was flowing through her veins. she didnt know how it happenend but the next thing she knew was that she had Sandras mammoth boobs in her mouth, sucking away for all she was worth an a hand in her pussy fingering herself, trying to remove the itch that was unrelentingly invading her body.

Suddenly, she felt someone jerk her hand away from her pussy and a hot tongue replaced it. She moaned in pleasure as that was exactly what she wanted. The tongue licked and lapped off the copious amount of pussy juice that was gushing out of her supper hot pussy with abandon. Franca pushed back at the tongue wanting it to explore all the hidden crevices of her pussy.

The tongue obliged and started tongue fucking her, alternating between licking and sucking her clit which had by now stood stiff and was protruding like a miniature penis. The feeling was exquisite and she didnt want it to stop as she continued sucking on Sandras boobs.

Each time she moaned from the pleasure in her pussy and made to remove her mouth, Sandra would push her mouth back onto her boobs and also purr like a kitten. Unknown to Franca, Sandra was being fucked by a two prong dildo strap-on.

Her ass and pussy were being pounded by Nike who wore the strap on. The feeling from Franca sucking her boobs coupled with the ass and pussy fucking was making Sandra to buck and shake uncontrollably as her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm.

Meanwhile, the tongue in Franca’s pussy was still doing havoc to her body, taking her very close to orgasm as her body kept perspiring and producing pussy juice which was hungrily lapped up. Franca was so close to climaxing when the tongue abruptly pulled away and her pussy was bereft of the feelings coursing through her.

She moaned in protest but was answered with a laugh as she felt a rabbit tease her clit with mechanical energy. it was a new feeling as she had never been pleasured by a vibrator before. She screamed from the excitement abandoning herself to the new pleasure. In no time she started shaking again as she was hit by one massive climax, much bigger than any she had ever experienced. The vib didn’t stop and she continued coming until she could no longer bear the pleasure and fainted.

She has awakened moments afterward in what could not have been more than 15 seconds after her faint by an invasion in her pussy. She opened her eyes and there was Nike leaning over her with one big naughty grin, her legs spread wide and two dildos being pushed into her pussy and ass.

The dildo invading her pussy was huge, thick and not very long but quite thick and with spikes all over the surface. She struggled to get loose though she was weak from the climax she had just experienced the girls holding her legs just laughed at her and told her to let go.

She felt the spikes would hurt her insides but surprisingly they didn’t and only added to the pleasure as Nike shoved the monster into her young tight pussy. The spikes tickled her pussy lining, retracting and then extending as Nike pushed the thing in and out of her body. In no time at all, Franca started shouting, moaning and groaning as lust took over her body.

Sensations she never knew existed took over and her body became jelly. it felt like she was floating outside her body and watching it quiver and strain from the pleasure. Franca had orgasm after orgasm, begging Nike not to stop, then begging her to stop and in another breathe again begging her not to stop.

The hands holding her legs wide open had by now released her and she was surprised to note that she was the one holding it open herself, wanting the dildo as deep inside her as possible while the other girls were involved with each other in different sexual positions.

After that, Franca could not remember any concrete thing only the pleasure and the girls doing all sorts of sexual act in different positions imaginable. Pussies and asses were fucked with different objects and Franca positively remembered one of the girls being dared to fuck a 35cl coke bottle which she gladly did by sitting on it to the hilt. The drug was really at work. They were at it for hours on end and finally fell asleep in a tangled heap.

Franca looked at the other girls sprawled about in abandon and smiled at herself, rubbing her still itching pussy and was glad they still had two days of debauchery left to spend before going back to school. she loved her new life

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