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Auntie Tope’s itchy distress (18+)

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Auntie Tope’s itchy distress (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

Daniel would happily help mum’s best friend scratch her thigh since her hands are undeniably oily. But how would he do that without getting her naked…and with mom home?



I asked Aunty Tope again, to be sure about what I heard her say at first; and yes, she repeated it. She meant what I heard. She was even motioning with her protruded meat-filled mouth for me to go ahead fast! The itching seemed to be unusually severe and discomforting. She tried saying something but the meat in her mouth stifled her voice. She could only mutter some inaudible meaningless sounds to which I paid little attention.

“Get closer ma,” I managed to require, doing my best to keep my composure. If someone had told me a minute ago, that I would soon be in such an awkward position, I would have flatly argued the possibility!

“Uhhmmmm….uhm…uhmmmm” she growled again. It was hard to get a word from her but I seemed to understand her to mean I should hurry. So I began dipping my hand into her denim trousers.

Initially, it kept proving too tight to maneuver but when I remembered that the hook was still intact, I was quick to go for it. As I did, the same scary question that had being in my head all along popped up one more time “what if mom comes into the kitchen?”. That was a big question I wasn’t sure what answer it could get. Mum should be tremendously happy to link this rather curious situation of ours to all her long existing suspicions. The earlier I went about this, the better, it seemed.


Aunty Tope as we called her was (in simple explanation) mum’s closest friend. She attended the Teacher’s Training College with mom back in the days and both graduated to become basic school teachers. Although mom progressed further and have grown to become a lecturer in the University. Tope didn’t have exactly the same story. She joined the business society and soon became far richer than mum. She was never married though and thus always had all the time in the world to make long visits to our home.

She usually stayed several weeks before leaving and we all grew up knowing her to be some kind of inexplicably ‘unrelated’ relative. Unfortunately, as I got older I began to notice her a bit more. And this time, not just as Aunty Tope but as a very pretty woman who I was going to be more than glad to fuck.

She was in her early forties and more than 18years older than me but I never cared! I always had long-lasting erections thinking about her. Many times I had poured my cum just at the thought of holding her breasts which were actually the most beautiful things in her body! Even though I have caught her starring at me a lot of times, I still haven’t really felt she was interested in going in with me. Probably because of the age difference but I was dying within me to see her change her mind.

Mum noticed the crush and had to call me on a certain occasion for explanations during which I starkly denied ever having any interest. Needless to say, her monitoring increased and she rarely ever allowed the two of us in the same rooms for too long. Her constant reference to Aunty Tope as a loose woman was enough to drive home why she would think Aunty Tope could fuck me. I wasn’t seeing the likelihood myself. At least until this moment!


“Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie Tope griped again into my hearing. She could talk a little bit more now and her desperation was much more obvious!

I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees and carefully unzipped her fly a bit – revealing part of her yellow cotton panty. My dick twitched that instant! It was just incomprehensible how I had auntie Tope’s panty right under my nose.

I also kept wondering how she could be feeling such itching in her left thigh all of a sudden, as it were! We had been seating and chatting right inside the kitchen while downing a bowl of fried meat mom had prepared, when she suddenly jumped down from the countertop and frantically began to gesture that she needed me to scratch her thigh so bad.

Her hands were oily and had meat in them while I had been eating with a fork – meaning she was likely not going to be able to do it herself. But even when I attempted to scratch her thigh through the denim she was putting on, she refused and instead insisted that I must have to deep my hand into her jean trousers to get it done. Anyways, I went ahead as instructed, but after dropping the denim’s zipper a bit and attempted dipping my hand again, it got stuck just mid-way.

Incidentally, it was also curiously cramped into the area above her crotch! I froze! She was really not smooth shaven and the back of my palm was pleasantly basking in the cushion created by the stubs on her pubics!

“Come on Danny…!! “, she suddenly burst out saying, spraying chewed meat all over the place! “this is hurting me! It appears to be an ant biting me! Please stop this thing!” she had deposited her mouth-full right on the counter, the floor and of course my head and was now only able to talk audibly now.

Considering that I had earlier thought she was suddenly yelling because of where my hand was, I was quickly relieved to see that she was only requiring me to intensify my efforts. So I only just cleared my head of the many crumbs of chewed meat and continued.

I tried forcing my hand further down still even without opening up the zipper really much but kept pushing and grazing my rear palm against her covered pubic hair instead! She remained calm while I did so although she did stamp her left foot now and again on the floor – probably because of the agony from her itchy thigh. When it appeared I wouldn’t be able to reach as deep as her thigh, I brought my other hand forward and simply unzipped her fly all the way down! Her panty covered pussy and crotch where now right before my eyes! I could tell out the many short turfs of pubic hair concealed by the cotton material as they imprinted visible stubs on the fabric. The manner with which the bands of the panty strapped onto the flesh of her uppermost thighs as well as her wide hips, were an erotic beauty to behold! Not to talk of the visible outline of her pussy lips as they gradually disappeared into the foot of the denim’s fly! My dick wasn’t bearing it like the rest of my body anymore – it was already up and had stretched across the length of my thigh, seeking to pop out of the leg of my shorts as soon as it could!

“Just move your hands towards the right…”, she suddenly broke in, bringing me out of my unexpected reverie!

I instantly looked up to her face, meeting her desperate yet embarrassed eyes in the course. But then found my way back down; although I didn’t fail to observe how both her taut nipples wickedly poked through the material of her top! Her boobs were just alluringly heavy and they sat on her chest like oversized citruses!

Anyways, I returned to her trousers again, and began to gently shove my right palm across her panty and towards the left side of her pelvis – all in a bid to ascertain if the whole drama is really been caused by an ant as she suspects. As I did, my palm caressed her naked lower belly and even went as far as amply massaging the area I felt was the start of her pussy! She fidgeted just about then, lifting her left knee slightly! I paused, but after a few moments of non-motion, I resumed. It was rather paradoxical how my rather slow approach was now suddenly looking to be the abrupt cure to the burning itch. Auntie Tope had become a little less restless and she appeared patient now as I eventually had my palm completely dipped, and rested onto her lift thigh. The tightness of the denim, meant I would barely have the room to clench the palm for a scratch as it remained buried inside the trouser.

“You are almost there, she started abruptly…”motioning her oily left hand towards her groin as though to signal that I was still expected to come up a little more. I went on to do as she expected. “Yes…just there baby! Wait…wait…wait..come right a little again”

I came right and was feeling the leg-band of her panty as it strapped into the skin of her thigh! I could also feel several strands of stubby hair there as they loosely brushed against my stretched palm just as I finally squared into the itching spot. It was more than clear now that it wasn’t an ant or anything of that nature since I was barely feeling any insect.

“Yea baby…” she instantly reaffirmed “scratch that spot please! It hurts really bad”

I then began to gradually scratch the spot as she requested, even though her taut denim wouldn’t let me curl my palm comfortably. However, while still doing so, my thumb incidentally kept pressing into the left fold of her peculiarly puffy pussy lips! On the 8th or so scratch, the thumb went even further accidently and grabbed an outer pussy lip through the fabric of the panty! Chilling halt followed! I waited to hear her shout or rebuke my seeming naughtiness but she didn’t do a thing. She didn’t even speak, to my utter surprise though.

It was totally a mistake and I was looking to be careful to avoid it repeating itself. However though, my dick wasn’t thinking so too as I was epically having a hard time containing the huge phallus which was almost now popping out from the underside of my shorts! It had grown so big and was eager for attention! It was more than apparent that a popular side of me was having immense fun and gladness from the scratch-task I had in hand! Quite fortunately or unfortunately, just about when I thought I was through with the scratching, auntie Tope immediately requested that I moved up again!!

“Please Danny…just a little towards my hip”, she said. “It is a mild one” she was signaling with her hand again, directing me to her groin.

“Okay ma”, was my reply. There was joy in my heart…and probably on my dick too!

Anyways, I began to lift my palm from within her denim but then, for a second time, I had my finger push into her pussy again! This time around, it wasn’t exactly my thumb, but my little finger which had taken a reflex bend as I slid my hand out. And then in the course got itself exactly on the underside of auntie Tope’s vulva. It was going to probably slide in if not for the panty! She instantly jumped on contact! But never spoke. She only appeared to bend herself to the back a bit, as though she was running away from a further probe.


As she did, my finger did graze the crotch of her panty, where it covered her vulva and I effortlessly identified the many folds that formed her womanliness as they maneuvered their way to form what was definitely a meaty vagina! I could also swear to have noticed a tad of dampness about a certain spot on the panty’s crotch! I couldn’t really believe though, that I was making auntie Tope wet as she was making me hard! I still only wanted to leave it as mere suspicion anyways!


I eventually began scratching the new spot I was referred to as soon as I got there, and was looking with it before feeling it was courteously time to pull my hand away.

“Are  you alright now ma?”, I finally asked her, with my hand half-way out. I completely avoided her eyes, even though I was earnestly wishing she would request me to continue with the scratching anywhere else!

“Uhmmmm…..no!” she did exactly as I prayed! She was dragging her speech though. A sign that she was equally caught in the same web as myself!

I looked up towards her face finally and subsequently met a face that had this strike of lustful desire and yet evident embarrassment! She was wishing in her heart but couldn’t know how to pass along these wishes to me. I could also sense and even see that there was really no itching anymore but she wasn’t sure she wanted me stop soon!

“Can you come down a little please? I mean to your left.” she suddenly managed to say while barely maintaining eye contact.

I dropped my eyes and began looking to move my palm to the point she referred to. My palm openly rubbed her crotch now and again as it glided across to the other side of her thigh. She was subtly trembling and I could feel her lower half quivering so slightly. My dick on its part was now in a state of near-burst. As it endlessly throbbed, it’s bubbly head kept grazing the fabric of my short, thus causing spasms of electric sensation to travel up my spine.

In fact, I had to occasionally get hold of it to give it a grab so as to douse the overwhelming sensation from it. Anyways, I eventually went ahead and got to the part of auntie Tope’s left thigh just under her love-triangle when she suddenly asked me to stop! Merely rubbing my palm on that area of her leg got the back of my fingers heavily grazing the mouth of her concealed pussy! With little doubt, I could now feel the suspected moisture a lot more now! She had gotten a damp patch under her panty. Auntie Tope was seeping cunt juice for me

To be continued

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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