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February 26, 2021

DS Series : Impromptu Parole
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DS Series : Impromptu Parole

I have been working on this damn project all morning, going on well but i just thought i would have gotten to my desired milestone by now because the way i work is like to rush work and then farf around the internet before closing. I am sorry but i cant work from 9 to 5 without farfing around the internet, either playing angry birds not with my full concentration or reading different interesting articles online about my job or how to be an alpha male, what can i say, its my favorite past time

My day was going on naturally,living my small life, then I get a bb message from this chic that we’ve been talking on bbm and definitely not that kinda talk about work, the thing with this girl is that we just talk dirty all the time, I can’t believe it, all the freaking time and we also exchange dirty pictures too.

Initially, she already told me she was coming to lag the next day, but then the IM said otherwise, she is in town already and she wants to stay with me overnight before heading home. After reading the IM for the third time, she follows it up with a call, and she brushes through pleasantries into the matter at hand.

Hey, am already at the lagos airport, text me your office address, lemme come and meet you so we can head back home together in the evening, i just thought to surprise and come early, so we can practice all the dirty things we’ve been chatting about ” She said

“Okay but you would av to wait a bit because am in the middle of some gigantic work, need to deliver it today or get it to like 80%, so we cool ?” and she goes “Yes, no wahala, just send the gawd-damn-address!!”. Still dont know why I gave out all that information, I could have just summarized it.

So, I sent her the address and everything about me just wakes up like I have been hibernating.

I work for  a creative agency but my boss isn’t around, so I start strategizing on how to handle the situation. First of all, I aint that kinda guy that brings chics to the office and introduce to people. I love to separate work from play, it has always succeeded but today, i have to make an exception.

I sent her my office address, she informed me that she’s on her way, thinking far and wide, I still have like 5-6 hours of work and she can’t be here with me, it isn’t possible. With her here I couldn’t possibly work so, i hatched up a plan, it wasn’t foolproof anyway.

Once she’s here, I will put her luggage in my car, take her for lunch and then drop her at the cinemas in the Palms, then pick her up from work and take her home.. simple and cool, isn’t it ?

The cab drops her at the front of my office and then she calls me “am outside the address you sent me”.

I stepped outside to see her, OMG!!!!

She was stunning, we hug lightly, I led her into my office, and the guys were all asking who she is which is why I always prefer not to do office parole in the first place. She was putting on this gown, grey colored gown, she looked slim, light in complexion, she isn’t quite endowed in terms of big boobs and huge ass, just how i like it. She looked kinda like Rihanna in terms of shape and also without the bald forehead, anyways, she was a student but she was looking hawt in the corporate attire.

Even my own John Thomas was nodding hi and hello at the same time.

She was even more beautiful than her pictures, we spoke a bit in the office and then I took her out to lunch at Cactus, we talked and eat and had a cool 1hour before I narrated the rest of the plan to her, she agreed ( I also didn’t give her much of a choice), she saw 2 movies and still I wasn’t done with work, I closed my laptop when I realized my head was filled the images of her naked boobs in my head.

Picked her up at the palms, we headed to my place, went into the room directly, took our baths, relaxed in bed and watched a bit of television and then that was when the show started, we started kissing and then it got more intense.

We were both naked and then she went down to the little guy, she introduced herself like she was talking to someone (In my mind, I was saying whatever floats your boat), she started by kissing the tips, licking the whole shift.

For a moment, I thought maybe there was honey sprinkled on it and then she blew me professionally, worked on the balls individually. I shamelessly  exploded in her mouth and then she relaxed, she kept rubbing my dick and balls to come back to life and they did.

Immediately she put the condom on and started riding me, she was so good that I had to open my eyes and stare at this daughter of eve and wondering where she learnt this from, ofcourse not from her mom and dad, she was doing it like she was auditioning for a porn movie, went on for a bit and for a moment.

I thought she was gonna break my balls with her bouncing off back and forth heavily, then we proceeded to doggy style, she was a maniac, she was still jacking back in doggy style, I was there thinking this girl is possessed…WTF…..

We left the bed and proceeded to the little couch by the bed where she lay her belly on the couch, bent on her knee on the rug and open widely, she was so wet, we kept going in and had to block her mouth so she doesn’t wake the neighbors, we’ve bin at this for like 45 mins now.

I was tired but I needed to save my face, this is a chic am meeting for the first time, I cant let my sexual prowess be under scrutiny with her. My waist was aching terribly but as Katt Williams said you gotta f*#k through the pain, I listened to that nigga and she said she was tired and i replied

“Are you serious, am all set for ya, babe!”

She laid down beside me, with her legs ajar, we spoke abt her bf and my gf. I put my dick in and she moaned a bit, went on a for a while, still I hadn’t cum and for me, i muttered to myself incoherently “Dick, you did a good job, you’ve proven yourself beyond reasonable doubt, its time you cum, i gotta sleep, I gat work in the morning“.

She goes back to blowjob and then she blows me, at this stage, I start concentrating, then I start getting that rush in my private, and OMG, i whisper “am about to cum!”.

She crawled up and started sucking me, she sucks in all my juice and swallows, mind blown!

I finally dosed off at 2:30 in the morning, slept like a baby and eventually woke up late , dropped her at the cab station and got to work late, lucky for me, my boss was still not at work yet and ironically I was able to finish the project in remarkably earlier time thanks to the good night, I wish there more days like this, now back to my angry birds,

You should play that game.

Keep Reppin’

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