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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 6] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 6] (18+)

Aunt Steph rose from the couch, where she laid like a queen, in her open dress. Her huge pair of marmalade jiggled, each one pushing away from the other, like twin oval-shaped pawpaw. I stood where I was, playing with my erect phallus, the veins imprinted on the stem of the anxious membrane.

“Crawl here, if you want it,” I ordered.

She smiled at me and went down on her knees. Her buttocks were jutted in the air as she crawled over, with them undulating crazily and I gasped at the beauty of this woman before me. I was crazy for her, even though she was my mother’s younger sister. I wanted her badly and I wouldn’t mind doing anything to have her.

But I had been trained by this same woman and her friends, not to have feelings for anyone but to fuck without remorse or attachments. That I should see every woman as a potential fuck doll and they have done a good job at making me what I was now.

I could stand my ground and woo any woman until she came begging for it. I saw my prick not as a sexual instrument to satisfy my own needs anymore but to make women my playthings. I was quite endowed with a big genitalia and I knew I was also good-looking, I was going to utilize these qualities to my advantage.

Aunt Steph crawled over to me and I took hold of her head and introduced my cock into her mouth. She obediently accepted it between her lush, pouted lips and I loved how she sucked. She was good at it and I fed her everything without mercy. She deep-throated me and I was surprised at how effortlessly she did it.

I remembered Linda Lovelace in the classic movie Deep-Throat and smiled. My aunt could measure up to whatever that legendary-born actress had done. She took me in without eating an eyelid and I gasped as she began to play with my balls, like I had had them played with before.

I fucked my huge prick in and out of her mouth passionately and she moaned her pleasure and encouragement. I felt her fingers find their way into the crack between my scrotum and my butt and her index finger began to poke my asshole.

I gasped, as her finger penetrated me, my cock jumped and she worked her finger round and round in me, I pushed down her throat and she accepted the lunge without complaints. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her like a maniac, she kept playing with my anal hole and her other hand cupped my balls, as I pumped myself in and out of her mouth, spittle dripping down the sides of her lips.

I felt the approaching release but I wanted to fuck this woman’s cunt, I didn’t want the release until I enjoyed the puffy pussy I had licked one time before. She held me tight and continued to urge me to come but I held back and pushed her away.

Aunt Steph sat on her butt and spread her legs for me to see. Her pubis was covered ever so carelessly with pink panties and I felt like jumping on her and tearing it off. But I was no longer the immature lad of months ago, I was a man now, a man who knew how to handle his ladies.

“Get back on your knees and turn around,” I ordered.
Aunt Steph smiled at me and lowered her eyelashes in a sexy confrontation. She refused to budge and dared me. I smiled back and stepped closer to her, pushing my right foot into her spread pubis. I expertly used my toes to shift her flimsy lace panties aside and used my big toe to find her clit. She gasped and jumped but I refused to stop. My toes played with her wet orifice and I concentrated on her erect sensitive pole.

She bit her lower lip and tried to twist herself away from my incursion but I was insistent. Lowering my toe, I found her opening and pushed in, she gasped aloud and tried to push my left away.

“Baby! Please stop,” she begged.
“Kneel and turn around.” I insisted.

She reluctantly obeyed and did as ordered. I lifted her dress and salivated at the sight of the glorious sight before me. Her twin buttocks looked like a pair of mountains, with a valley between them. I stepped toward her and crouched over her. Her head was still raised and she looked back at me.

“Lay your head on the floor,” I commanded.
“Baby! It’s me! Your aunt Steph. Please!” She said.

I chuckled.

“I know. And I’m going to fuck you in every one of your holes until you’re dripping off my cum.”

She whimpered and laid her head on the floor as I ordered.

Using my straining pole to push her ill-fitting panties aside, I found her soaking hole and entered. Aunt Steph moaned and I felt like a king as I slid into the forbidden hole. Her flared and bared buttocks were a beauty to behold, and I smiled as I watched myself disappear into her inner folds, which accommodated me snugly.

I watched as half my phallus buried itself into the dark interior of her genitalia and she moaned deeply into the floor. I slapped at the excess flesh of her derriere and she groaned, as I continued my gentle descent into her inner caverns. Her walls clenched around me and I moaned in the pleasure.

“Baby! Treat me gently. I promise to be yours.”

I felt the fire pump into my head as she spoke so submissively. She seemed to know I was the kind of man who wanted so much subservience in my woman. I clenched at each half of her bottom and spread them apart to allow me unhindered access to her deepermost regions.

Without a word, I began to pump myself into her freely offered puffy pussy, which was so brazenly exposed behind her. I watched my prick spread her so obscenely and her labia was covered with her cream, seeping out of her carefully fucked orifice. I hovered over her and sat on the buttocks, finding a good position to continue with my job.

She held my legs for support and moaned against my left foot as I fucked her deeply, bringing the musical wet sounds of our consistent collision to our hearing. I doubt if I had ever fucked a woman like

I fucked my sweet aunt that day.
“A penny for your thoughts.”

I heard Sasa’s sweet sleepy voice and I blinked my eyes, coming out of my deep thoughts. I turned to look at her and she was curled up in a fetal position. She was naked, except for the torn pieces of the dress around her waist – a reminder of the thorough sessions of sexual bouts we had been through.

I smiled at her and leaned to kiss her. She responded tiredly and moaned into my mouth. My phone vibrated again and I looked at it. It was Sharon, my university chick. She had been reaching out to me for a few days now and I had been giving excuses but I knew I had to see her soon or come clean to her we can’t continue again.

I didn’t want the latter, as I still had feelings for the girl. She was the only sane part of this whole crazy drama unfolding around me.

“Won’t you take your call?” Sasa looked at the phone.
“It can wait. I still have some things I want to discover about you.” I answered.

She giggled as I climbed over her using my knees to spread her thighs and began to search for her battered cunt, with my already inflamed prick. Loud music sounded outside on the deck of the yacht but I was more concerned about the pleasure hole underneath my strained cock.

She winced a deep moan as I found the orifice I was prodding around for and with my thighs, I held her legs apart and pierced through her vulva lips and she raised her buttocks from the bed to allow me easier access. I groaned from the pleasure but I could see that she was tender there, she made faces as I grinded my way in and searched within her wet caverns.

“Are you hurt?” I whispered huskily.
She opened her eyes and blinked at me.
“How many times have you fucked me now?” She replied in a sexy whisper.

I smiled.
“I’m not counting.”

I pulled out a bit and felt that sweet pleasure that comes from a prick held tightly by a pussy and sliding within its creamy walls. She moaned as I rolled my waist to find easier access.
“This is the third time, you know.” She said and moaned as I drove down into her.
“We’re just starting.” I returned.

“You will destroy my pussy before the weekend is over.” She moaned and I chuckled.
“That’s the idea. It has to know that I’ve been there one time.” I replied in a shaky voice.
“I intend to leave a lasting mark.”

She giggled and kissed my neck.

“Mark, who leaves a mark.”

I chuckled again and bent over her body to find one of her breasts. I knew I had to put her in the mood totally to be able to enjoy this copulation myself and I intended to fully enjoy it.

She had been a good lay; innocent, willing, sexy and so attractive. I had fucked her a couple of times now and both times had been explosive and fun-filled. She was a tease and I loved her knack for seeking fun.

But when it came down to the real thing, fucking a woman, drilling my prick into her aunt, she was good at keeping still and allowing me drill my way into her unreservedly.

No other words were exchanged as I took her nipples in my mouth and began to fuck her steadily. She moaned and sweated into the bed underneath. I licked at the nipple, a bit on it and held the entire areola between my teeth as I continued to bang my inflamed rod into her expanding vulva.

When I was sure the genitalia was accommodating enough now, I found her open and gasping lips with mine and we locked mouths together. She moaned into my mouth and I held her tongue captive between my lips. She wrapped her arms under my armpits and I groaned my approval, it was my favourite posture.

I was like a crazed animal now, I wanted the release that would be truly mine. I wanted a fuck that wasn’t about games and control and pretence and for ten minutes, I kept driving myself into the young pussy under me, which by now had flayed open, emitting gallons of vaginal cream that coated both our hips and entire pubic regions.

I heard her whimper and she wept gently into my neck as I sought for freedom from the deep-seated fire buried within my loins. All of my training seemed to have evaporated, I wanted to enjoy a pussy without the whole restraint.

About two minutes before my climax came rushing like a hydrant, I heard her pussy give a popping sound under the consistent, deep drilling of my prick, and the entire face of her vulva covered with her cream.

I chuckled like a wrestler who had just won a contest and felt my stiff club begin a loud squelching seesaw motion.

Sasa mumbled jargon in my ears and moaned deeply as my phallus continued to ravage her young and innocent genitalia. I jerked and felt the climax approaching, drew out my pulsating hose and climbed over her sweaty body, aiming the tip for her mouth.

“Open up!” I ordered and she obeyed without hesitation, blinking lovely sexy eyes at me.

The prick spat its cum into her open mouth like spittle from a lethal reptile. She moaned and swallowed everything, as I pushed the top of the veiny and cream-coated member between her lovely lips.

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