August 8, 2022

Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 5](18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Unraveling of Franca [Part 5](18+)

Sammy did not respond to his friend. His eyes were transfixed by the exciting sight of the Franca’s furry cunt. She was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about it. She was well developed — very well developed. Her tits were very big, soft and firm, big areolas covering a large part and topped with ripe, taut nipples that were always hard.

“Hey, Sammy!” Eddie exclaimed as he sat down in the bed. “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” he asked jokingly as he pointed at his friends’ cock.

“I want to fuck her now, Eddie, can’t wait till later, its got to be now,” he said matter-of-factly. His eyes were glazed over with lust and anxious anticipation.
“Noooo!” Franca cried. “Nooo! You can’t fuck me! ” she stammered, in a voice filled with fear and horror. She wanted to stand up and firm, but her body would not move. Her muscles seemed to be frozen. She was in a state of semi-shock.

Turning to Eddie, she pleaded, “Please, don’t let him fuck me.”
“Why not?” he asked.
”I’-I-I-I ve never beeeen fucked by a guy before” She stammered
“we know, and that’s why we are going to fuck you but first”
“Don’t fuck the little bitch,” Eddie said casually. “Suck her cunt, instead.”
“Wh-what?” Franca asked with disbelief.
Had she heard correctly?

“Yeah, go ahead, Sammy. Suck her cunt. Give the bitch a thrill.” Eddie reached down and plucked a pack of cigarettes out of the bedside drawer. He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.
Franca stared in bewilderment at the brash man. He must be sick — a real pervert, she thought as she watched him take a long pull on his cigarette.

Sammy leaned forward and, gripping Franca’s chocolate thighs tightly in his hands, began to kiss her pussy-mound. Franca jerked backward to get away from his lewd caresses, but he held on to her thighs and kept his lips pressed against her cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Eddie murmured. “Nice lunch, huh, Sammy?”
Sammy was not about to answer. He began to work his way around Franca’s pink outer cunt-lips, swirling his long tongue around the luscious folds of her moistening cunt. As he flicked quickly across her hidden clit, she flinched and hunched her hips uncontrollably. A wave of passion she never knew she could get from a guy and lust welled up in her pussy.

“Hey, the bitch is getting hot,” Eddie said enthusiastically. “Yeah, she digs getting her cunt sucked, She likes girls sucking her but today she will enjoy the pleasures of a male tongue and cock! Go for it, Sammy! Suck the slut’s pussy! Ha! Ha! Almost forty and never been sucked by man!”

“Fuck off,” Franca blurted out. “I-I… not getting hot!”

She gasped and stared down at Sammy, whose face was literally buried between her smooth young thighs. The guy was lapping and licking her cunt with obvious enjoyment. His tongue slithered between the juicy folds of her cunt and licked inside her pussy channel.

Franca began to perspire freely, and she thrashed about on the carpet whenever his tongue snaked over her sensitive clit. She realized that Sammy knew exactly what he was doing. She wondered how a guy could be so adept at cunt-sucking and she realized she loved it better than being sucked by a girl, it felt different.

To Franca, having her pussy sucked by a man seemed like a bizarre and wicked sexual act. But, she had to admit that his long tongue felt terrific as it snaked into her cunt and across her clit. No matter what, though, she decided that she would not let on that it felt good to have her pussy sucked.

“She likes it, Sammy. Dive into that cunt, my man,” Eddie said as he goaded his friend on. “Yeah, look at the bitch. She’s hot as a fucking hornet. Damn!”

“Shut up, you filthy bastard,” she snapped. The look on Eddie’s face changed from one of delight to one of anger. “You’ll be sorry, you Goddamned cunt,” he rasped as he got to his feet and sprinted for the bedside drawer.

Franca heard Sammy making noises as he continued to suck pussy. He garbled something incoherent and gasped, then returned to the task of eating her cunt. She knew that he was really enjoying sucking her pussy. And, Franca took perverse pleasure in the fact. She had always thought that sucking a girl’s pussy was better done by another girl, but perhaps she was wrong. She hunched her hips, slowly hugging his face between her chocolate thighs.

Her body began to tremble and quake as, once again, his tongue flicked across her erect clit-nubbin, causing her face to flush with sexual excitement.

“Oh God,” she moaned, no longer able to contain her emotions.
As her thighs pressed against his ears, he gripped her cunt-lips between his teeth and deftly pulled her clit out of its cunt-sheath. His wet tongue slipped along the folds of her outstretched pussy-lips and came to rest on the tip of her clit.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped, overwhelmed by the incredible, electrifying sensations that coursed through her cunt. The cunt-sucking man stretched her clit to the maximum, then released his oral grip, and her clit fell back into place inside her juicy pussy.

She jerked about violently, but Sammy’s mouth somehow stayed glued to her cunt. He covered her cunt-lips and her clit with wet, sucking kisses. She pressed her ass into the carpet and looked into his eyes. They were bulging and streaked with red lines. He looked as though he were going mad!

For a brief instant, she wondered how she had managed to get involved in such a lurid situation. But, at this moment, she really did not care. She was caught in a crazy quilt of strange yearnings, and she could do nothing but submit to the man’s sucking mouth.

His tongue poked out and slithered back into her cunt — deep into her cunt. Again, her pussy throbbed and a delicious feeling overtook her as his tongue slipped into her cunt and flicked quickly, but deftly, across her sensitive clit.

Franca was lost — lost in a mirage of erotic excitement, riding high upon a wave of ceaseless passion, more lost than she had ever been in her almost two decades of being sucked. It felt strange and more exciting than she had ever experienced. Her long braids flew about her beautiful, sweat-dampened face as she writhed about on the carpet, thrilling to the sensuous wet kisses that Sammy so eagerly lavished on her clit.

She closed her eyes tightly and listened carefully to the lewd sucking and slurping noises that he made as he lapped her cunt and sucked her erect clit. She swooned in ecstatic rapture, gasping for air. Her cunt felt like it was on fire.

All of a sudden a delicious, though perverse thrill swept through her cunt and sent a tremendous rushing sensation to her brain. She became delirious as her orgasm blossomed, chilling her to the very core, and sending her on a quick journey of lust and passion.

“Aaiiieee!” she wailed, jerking her hips forward to meet his sucking lips. She ground her cunt into his mouth in an effort to prolong the erotic sensations which filled her cunt. The climax she experienced was more intense than she had ever experienced. It was wonderful!

Eddie had returned. In his fist, he carried a long piece a whip. He stood over her, watching her as she climaxed. Observing her intently he waited for her to open her eyes.

Franca purred and sighed happily as her orgasm ran its course. Stretching out her lovely arms, she licked her lips and slowly opened her eyes.

“Take this, you stupid cunt!” Eddie whined the slick brown whip above his head and brought it down hard on her exposed tits.

The whip flailed her tender mounds.
“Don’t, please! Stop!” she shrieked.
But Eddie was in a fierce mood. He had a sinister look on his face. His glazed eyes and clenched, teeth made him look almost possessed.

He kept thrashing her with the whip. Every time the tong piece of seaweed struck her, she felt a surge of unbelievable pain rush through her pain-wracked body.

Through tear-blurred eyes, she looked up at him and pleaded with him to stop. “Please, Eddie, I didn’t do anything. Let me go!”
But, Eddie kept beating her relentlessly.

Franca summoned up all of her strength and rose to her knees, and when Eddie drew the whip back to strike her again, she tried to evade the blows. She screamed in agony as the whip thrashed her again and again.
Eddie smiled lasciviously and laughed callously at her agonized screams of pain as she dragged her naked tortured body through the carpet. Finally, he threw down the whip. Grabbing her by her hair, he maneuvered her body until she lay spread-eagled beneath him.

“You shut up, bitch!” he snarled. “I’m gonna fuck you now, whether you like it or not.” He let go of her hair and stared menacingly at her as she lay, sprawled out and helpless, hands tied behind her back, crying and shaking her head in fright and despair.

“No, please… don’t you care that I’ve never been with a man?” she shrieked.
“This is how much I care, at least you are not a virgin. I know you bitches stuff artificial cocks in your ass and pussy so now I’m gonna stuff the real thing in you” he said coldly as he thrust his hard cock into her cunt.

“Unngghh!” she gasped as Eddie’s raging hard-on wormed past her pussy-lips and burrowed into her hot wet cunt.  Her cunt was so full that Eddie’s prick felt like it was tearing her in two. “It hurts! You’re killing me!” she wailed.

“That’s too fucking bad,” he hissed crudely, “because I’m not gonna stop screwing you until I shoot my rocks off, bitch. And I don’t give a shit what the hell happens to you.”
He bucked and jerked in an effort to fill her cunt to the brim with his rock-hard prick.
Franca felt his cock-knob throbbing against her cervix

“It hurts!” she shouted.

But he paid her no mind. He rammed his cock hard and fast into her hot, wet slurpy cunt and she felt him touching her womb. The pain was so intense that she could not even scream. Her muscles tensed and she shuddered, but Eddie did not stop fucking her for a second.

“Yeah, you prick-teaser,” he taunted.
“I just rook your fucking cherry, bitch, even if you had already lost it to an artificial cock!” Grasping her asscheeks, he lurched forward, impaling her on his cock.

She could feel his prick ramming and pounding into her cunt, reaming her pussy walls, and forcing her cunt-lips inward. He pulled her asscheeks up to meet his hard cock-thrusts.
Franca gulped hard and steeled her nerves. Moreover, she was filled with self-loathing at being raped by such a crude, disgusting man. How could this be happening to her? How would she be able to live with herself after being raped by a man?

His cock pulsed inside of her cunt, and, since her pussy-muscles were tensed, it fits tightly in her pussy. Eddie pounded away, driving his cock deep into her gripping, juicy hot cunt. It felt like her cunt was sucking his prick into its damp depths.

She looked into Eddie’s face. He was sweating profusely. He panted loudly each time he ground his hips forward, pumping his lengthy prick into her seething cunt. She was too frightened to complain, and she knew that it wouldn’t do any good anyway. She bit her lip and tried to endure the searing pain that came from her pussy.

Eddie began to speed up the pace of his fucking. He thrashed about on top of the helpless woman, ramming and pounding his hard cock deep into her cunt. Then, he swallowed hard and every muscle in his firm body tightened.

He gurgled, made a hissing sound and thrust forward a final time.
“Unngghh!” he groaned. His glazed eyes rolled about in their sockets as he stiffened and shot a heavy load of cum intoFranca’s cunt.
she whimpered as she felt the hot cum splashed deep inside her and her subconscious thought “so that’s sperm inside me” and prayed that the ordeal was over. But, he lunged forward again, and another wad of cum spurted out of his cock-slit and washed her dripping pussy.
He sighed and relaxed, letting his weight rest on her body. Franca was disgusted and angry. She wept and lay still, waiting for Eddie to get up.

“Well, now. How was that for a first fuck?” he whispered as he rolled off of the raped woman. “What did you think of your first real fuck, bitch?”
She kept the truth to herself. It had been horrible and disgusting. But she feared that he might hurt her again, so she kept quiet.

“Well, I guess you’re just too happy for words,” Eddie quipped as he rose and put on his trousers. He laughed long and hard as he stared down at her. “That should teach you, slut! You don’t go around thinking you are better than other girls or that your pussy is not made to be fucked by a real COCK getting all of the guys hot and horny for your cunt!

With that, Eddie and Sammy strolled towards the door, chuckling and joking and shooting nasty glances at her as they made to depart.
”wait, please untie me, let me go” Franca pleaded

”for where” Eddie chuckled ”we are just starting. This is the prelude. more still to come. My guy, abeg make we go” so saying the left the room and Franca could hear the distinct sound of the key turning in the lock.

She lay there and cried hysterically and cursed herself for having been foolish enough to be a victim. She was still naked and cum leaked from her exposed pussy to the carpet.

She wondered what she should do next, how she would escape from the ordeal to come.


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