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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 14] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 14] (18+)

Kunle slept peacefully in his room on his gigantic bed in his boxers, oblivious of what was happening around him. He needed much rest after the marathon genital slamming exercise he had done with Hannah the previous day. 

They used each other bareback but he did much of the work hence got more of the fatigue. Nike and Precious prepared lunch while their mum and her friend discussed in the sitting room. 

“How far, you don kill the boy abi?” Sharon asked in a hush and sarcastic tone giving her friend a knowing eye. 

Lol haha, why I go kill my nephew??? Hannah replied quietly but with enthusiasm. 

Mehn, that boy na man my sister, he just they hit me anyhow that yesterday, all my toto just dey hot anyhow, he just dey knack me like say he know say I miss him naming ceremony and he they vex am. He carry and he still come sabi use am he come get mad energy reserve. 

God! I no sure say I go let this boy marry in peace o. Hannah rattled on laughing. Wait, why are you here self? She asked Sharon. Me? I come collect my konji salvation from the dick messiah wey dey here ni o she said mockingly. 

Dick wey make person maternal aunty send her pikin comot for house for, dick wey make you a whole penis chester dey read news like this, penis wey make two blood sisters dey fight ha, meself must chop that cucumber o, nobody fit deny me that cucumber I swear, she said as she pulled her gown up and spread her legs a bit showing Hannah her clean-shaven and wet pussy so she knew she came prepared. 

Hannah shook her head laughing at her friend “Olosho” she called out quietly. 

If I be Olosho, wetin you be? Sharon replied laughing out loud, you dey chop your nephew penis o, you dey call me Olosho. 

I no get husband, no nephew to fuck shey no be anything wey they available I go fuck ni, abi you wan make this my thing rust like that? Make person come die, when dem come bury me make insect they give me head make I dey do ouuchh abi sheyge, God forbid. 

Wait o, Hannah called out, hope you never go corrupt my children sha? Sharon dilated her eyes, opened her mouth in amazement, and laughed,

Haaaa no be you and your children they corrupt me ni? 

Those girls resemble their mama no be small, dem fuck me tire, dem be upcoming Olosho na inside their blood he dey. 

That Precious wan kill me overnight. Precious? Hannah asked surprised, Precious wan kill you? How? If you talk say Nike I go understand that girl he get as her matter take be, na since 16 years I done catch am when she dey use my lotion bottle masturbate. 

Me self fear that girl o, S.S.S 2 wey she get 2/20 for test, she go teacher office go drop pant o, the man had no choice other than score my girl 20 marks for her bedmatics skills but Precious that one just get body she too dey fear how she come nearly kill you. 

As both women discussed Precious brought food in and started to set the table while Nike approached the older ladies to let them know lunch was set. 

“Mum, Auntie Sharon, food is ready” Nike called out as she closed in on them. Sharon looked up bight faced like she was up to some mischief and she truly was as she nearly choked air out of Nike when she said 

“Little Baddo, you mum said you fucked your teacher in SSS 2 when you got 2/20, coman gist me how it happened” Nike glued her face to the floor, totally out of sorts, Hannah threw a wicked look at Sharon who replied by saying

“Abegi them this pikin don grow jare, I tell you say people nearly kill me yesterday you dey do like say them be virgin Mary abeg coman gist me jare, Nike” 

Sharon said as she got up, smacked Nike’s ass, and grabbed a considerable chunk of it shaking it a bit vigorously, Baby, this small yansh you go use am scatter plenty boys head no mind your mama you done grow, come gist me for dining she said as she walked towards the dining. 

Nike looked up at her mom for some sort of permission and Hannah just smiled and threw her hands up in mock surrender, that bitch get what she wants, she said giving Nike all the permission she needed as they also moved towards the dining. 

“Where is Spartacus?” Sharon asked As they all sat down to eat, they all looked at each other confused not knowing what she meant, mtchew, where’s the messiah, the dick messiah? She said in reference to Kunle. 

They all laughed at her bluntness as Precious shot up and offered to go get Kunle from his room. Hannah looked surprised at Precious’s eagerness, I dey on that girl green light she dey fuck bastard now. Nike, I dey hear you, how that matter take go?

Hmmm… Nike started, well, he was a youth corper, he was very fine and intelligent, he teaches us mathematics, his name is Mathew but he asked that we call him Matt for short, I don’t know why maybe he just loves maths that much. 

We all crushed on him, but he only had eyes for our seniors in the SSS 3 classes and he wasn’t even teaching them o. We heard a lot of rumors of how most of them always sneaked to his place and how he screwed some of them in his office in school. 

I never for once believed that part of him screwing girls in his office until one Monday morning when I had some issues with my maths homework and I thought I’d get to school early and meet him for some assistance so I could do and submit before the deadline. 

What I met was more than I expected. The office area was deserted as not many of the teaching staff had arrived yet. I just went in but as I got closer to his office these slapping sounds and a woman’s cry that were very faint before started to come more pronounced. 

Coupled with the rumors we’ve heard about Matt, I knew something definitely fishy was going down in that office of his so I took lighter steps. He was surely fucking somebody’s Daughter was a sure thing when I got to his office door, but whose daughter would leave home so early to get fucked in school by a teacher? I thought to myself. 

I tried to open the door and burst in on both of them but the door was locked then I just decided to see things for myself through the keyhole. At first, I didn’t see whom it was neither did I see matt’s face, just braided hair but as I bent more I saw fresh yellow boobs, they sagged a bit letting me know this was no young girl plus the person was not in uniform, she wore a suit. 

Made me more curious, who could it be? A teacher? A Parent? Or did Math bring his girl over? 

Well, he soon ended my curiosity as he started pumping into his recipient harder and harder obviously getting towards his endgame, she squealed and screamed into his table as he whipped on and on and the closer he got the harder he went I felt so damp in my panties and wished I was in the person he was fucking position. 

He grabbed her hair and pulled it back revealing Mrs. Oni (our Principal’s) face, her make up was all over the place, her mascara was all messed up from tears she’d shed on her employee’s cock, her mouth was a bit opened and saliva drooled from one side of it. 

He came with one final push and from the looks on Mrs. Oni’s face, she did too. He finally let go of her hair and she crashed into the table underneath her, I thought it was all over not until Mrs principal turned around and grabbed Math’s semi-flaccid dick to suck whatever cum was left in it. 

I left as quietly as I had come. Few hours later, Mrs. Oni delivered a moral lecture on the assembly ground asking that we ladies keep ourselves from guys because our body is God’s temple and is meant for our husband alone. 

I was as amazed as I was annoyed at her hypocrisy. 

if I hadn’t seen her cry on a dick or try to swallow a semi flaccid dick earlier that day I would have had no issues with her sermons, the fact that she fucked my crush made it worse, I looked over to Matt and he was there smiling sheepishly as nothing had happened. 

My temper was rising and when he looked my way, still smiling and I juiced my panties again, reminding me of how horny I was, I lost it all. I couldn’t concentrate all through the day nor did I do my assignment. When I got home that day. 

I showered in mum’s bathroom and saw Her lotion bottle, it wasn’t very big and neither was it too small, I spread my legs, held the sink for balance as I carefully guided it into my pussy, I was fucking wet and turned on and the bottle was doing a good job till mum caught me in the act and started to rain hell on me.

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