December 6, 2023
Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Episode 1) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Episode 1) [18+]

Infidelity did not carry that much weight with me the way people of other tribes feel it does with Northerners. I grew up to be reserved yet wild.

My father, Alhaji married four wives, my mother is an Ondo woman and I am her only child. He was rich enough to keep his family in a mansion and each wife was consigned to their flat so, there were no avenues for in-fighting between the wives.

All the other wives are beautiful and of Hausa descent but my mum was not married from the tribe.

It did not take me long to know why he married my mum. She was a proper Ondo woman with magnanimous boobs, ass, and an insatiable appetite for sex.

Every time Alhaji comes to our flat, he spends long hours in the bedroom with her and if you stay close enough, you could hear the clear slapping sounds of fucking flesh.

That probably was one of the reasons why they put me in a boarding school so they could have more privacy around the room. I was already bad from home but I dared not show it.

My father would be mad at me. I just do my best as a student in school and act like a novice when I see my friends sneak off to the boys’ hostel or when they lock themselves up in the toilets. Maybe I was a novice because I had not had sex yet but then, I already knew everything there was to know about sex.

My mum was quite careless when she discussed such matters with her friend. She would describe how big Alhaji’s bura is and how long he fucks her even though she would end up fucking him till he tires out.

The friend also would narrate her sexcapades and they would start their back and forth about which of them fucked the most. I used to eavesdrop on these conversations and I used to enjoy them. There is some kind of sweetness I feel when I do this.

My body gets excited, my nipples harden and pussy gets wet, especially one day when my mom’s friend asked if she would allow Alhaji to marry me off to a Hausa guy at a young age. She exclaimed and said no.

Her reason was that I would be fucked mercilessly by Hausa guys because they are always blessed with long and fat bura and I am still a novice. She claimed that I just have a big stature and did not know how to use it yet but when she shows me how to handle dicks, she would let me enjoy myself well and then my father can marry me to whoever.

That talk sparked something new in me. I became more self-conscious. In my room, I took off my long hijab followed by my shirt. What was left? Fresh solid boobs. They were still fresh and untouched by anybody.

They stood on my chest with no support and my nipples were still hard as my brain continued to process the discussion between my mom and her friend. All of a sudden, I started to crave a Hausa guy just to feel the long bura that my mother had just described.

I wanted to be touched and groped hard. I cupped the undersides of my boobs and squeezed them all of a sudden. Gosh, it felt so sweet that I kept doing that only to realize that my panties are more wet than before. It looked like a mess and I took it off. I walked towards my mirror stark naked to check my pussy out.

When I put my palm on my pussy to wipe it clean of cum, I found out that that was sweet too. I fell in love with masturbation on the first try. I realized I could not stop rubbing on my pussy and squeezing my boobs.

My pussy felt different like it needed something to penetrate it.

The moment I discovered that my fingers could play that role, I fell more in love with playing with myself. Now and then, once Alhaji came around, I would eavesdrop on him fucking my mum. Their grunts and moans are what I would record in my memory and take to my room to fuck myself silly with and I would cum hard.

When Alhaji did not come around, my mom’s friend does and she brings her Infidelity stories which were always just so satisfying enough for me to wank to.

There was one of those days she told my mum of her fantasy of fucking Alhaji’s bura. She could not get it off her mind with the way my mum describes how big Alhaji’s Bura is and how well he can use it. I was expecting my mum to be furious but they just laughed over it. I left there to go and satisfy myself.

After many days of using one finger to fuck myself, it felt like it was no longer enough, or maybe my pussy expanded and once I started to finger myself, I would subconsciously add my second finger into my pussy. It always felt fuller and a bit more painful but it was equally always so sweet. The way I would pant and grunt to force two fingers into my pussy.

Sometimes, I would subconsciously raise my hips to follow my fingers as I pulled them out of my pussy. My other hand would always clutch my boobs tight, squeeze it or pinch my nipples. When I start to orgasm, I hold my boobs harder or try to grab the bedsheets.

In school, I just move around like a novice, like I do not know what these girls are up to but “my own dey my body”. I was addicted to fucking myself silly alone in my room so all I wanted was for my roomies to leave the room for wherever they were getting themselves fucked and I would be fucking myself in my room.

When they discussed sex, they did it openly in the room but in their Yoruba dialect thinking I could not comprehend the language. Their mistake. My mother spoke Yoruba to me a lot at home, unwilling to lose her only daughter to the Hausa tradition.

I was bi-lingual and I could speak both languages. Their stories did not make me miss the gists my mum and her friend shared between themselves and I used them to wank.

One of those days I almost got caught. My roommates saw me as the holy one amongst them. But as they were not in the room, I was stark naked fucking myself with two fingers which I had now become a master of. I was in the middle of my affairs when they started to bang the door. It was a shock. I did not expect them to come back till the next day. It seemed like they were eager to come in from the way they banged on the door. I panicked. There was no way I would be able to quickly dress up and meet them at the door. I found a long hijab of mine and put it on hoping my hard nipples would not be too obvious to them. They rushed in, almost pushing me out of the way, holding one of our roomies in their middle and quickly taking her to her bed. I followed out of sympathy to make sure our roomie was okay.

Getting to where she was laid, I was surprised, they quickly took her skirt off and started blowing air on her pussy. On their nightly fún routines, our roommate hooked up with some guy that was high on sex boosters and he fucked her pussy with no mercy that she ran out of the room and called for help as the guy ran after her with a still hard dick.

They all laughed at the matter and I just stared at how gaped her pussy was and how it was oozing cum. I got turned on more and went back to my bed. With the lights off, the three of them continued to discuss how they got fucked.

The girl that was brought in explained that she was sure that guy got his sex booster from a Hausa guy because they made the best boosters. She and the guy had fucked for 6 rounds before she could not take any more. However when asked if she would ever fuck him again she said she would.

With glee in her tone, she explained how thick the bura is and how deep it was going into her pussy.

These girls did not understand that they were hurting me with their conversations. I was turned on beyond limits and I was unable to finger myself in their presence. I did not know what to do. My pussy was wet and scalding. It needed something.

I hugged my pillow tight but that did not help. I do not know why but I stuffed my pillow between my thighs. It would not be visible to the naked eye since my long hijab covered the activities between my thighs. I started to rock the pillow gently on the bed. I bucked harder and harder as the pleasure got more intense.

Before I knew what was happening, I came all over my pillow and I also moaned out loud during the course.

Written by Reezy Sama

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