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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Finale) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Finale) [18+]

The cab I boarded trailed the car that dropped Ebun until the driver parked by the side to receive a phone call. My driver passed him a few meters before I asked him to stop and I alighted. Then, I started walking towards the car hoping to reach it before he stopped making his phone call so I could strike up a conversation. 

Things almost did not go as planned because I was still many paces away from the car when I saw him end the call and put the car in the ignition again. Thank god for quick thinking, I cursed under my breath, stood still, and started to wave the car down like it was a school cab even when it was clear that that was not the case. 

All I was hoping for was that he would stop the car for a pretty, booby girl like me just like it happens in the movies.

The plan worked like magic. As soon as I started waving the car down, it started to slow down in my direction and stopped right in front of me. I suddenly became nervous not knowing what to say or ask the driver. The windows were rolling down and I had just limited time to think of something. 

I hit the jackpot with this one because before I could figure out what to say, he was already calling me a pretty angel and he also asked why an angel like me was standing in the sun instead of in an air-conditioned room. I pouted and cooked up one of the sweetest lies I had ever told seeing that the man was flirting with me already. 

I told him I was going out with my boyfriend but we had a misunderstanding and he dropped me off. He gave a cheeky smile and said girls like me cannot be maintained by small boys like my boyfriend with slim trousers. 

Instead, we should be with real men like himself that would give us all the luxury we could ever wish for and also gently fuck us unlike young boys that fuck like animals instead of making love to us.

I gave him a coy smile like I was innocent and did not understand what he was saying but, at the same time, I enjoyed his rizz and the fact that he was making my job easier for me. I was planning to find out who he was and snatch him from Ebun but he was already openly and unapologetically flirting with me. 

I figured he must be Ebun’s sugar daddy which made me laugh because that means she was cheating on her boyfriend the whole time. Well, if I snatched her sugar daddy right after I had snatched her boyfriend, she would know who the boss is. I must have been scheming too much in my head to miss the part where this man asked me to hop in so we could have lunch together outside school.


The interior of the car was lush and serene, the soft air-conditioned air freshener mixed with his sexy cologne. The setting was giving! 

This man knows his onions. I do not think there is any girl who would enter this car and not end up spreading her legs for him. He moved his car gently on the road asking me if I was comfortable and what I would like to have for lunch. 

I left the decision to him and our journey continued with him keeping on with his conversation about how to be fucked right. I was going to keep quiet but it did not seem like a bright idea so I teased and said maybe he was advocating for soft sex because he was old and his back could not handle hard sex. I also went ahead to say many of us young girls always prefer guys our age because they can fuck us as hard as we wanted.

So, even when we have rich sugar daddies that take care of our needs, we still have the young boys on the side to give us their hard dicks for as long and as hard as we wanted. He burst out laughing at me. I felt I had said something wrong. 

He looked into my face still laughing and asked if anyone had told me that old men too do not fuck hard. With that statement, one of his hands left the steering wheel and landed on my thigh. I looked at him and called his bluff telling him he would break his spinal cord if he tried to copy the younger guys. 

His eyes were on the road now but his hand was still on my bare thigh. He replied by asking if I would love to try it out.  If he wins, he gets to fuck me another time but if he losses, he gives me two hundred thousand in cash or transfer, whichever I prefer. 

His wager shut me up immediately but he took my silence as a yes. His palm gently started to rub on my thigh as his other hand did the driving. He drove for about ten more minutes and his hands never left my thigh still. It continued rubbing and went higher inside my skirt till it reached my panties. He rubbed my panties and then shifted it to the side to rub on my pussy. 

it was so intense that my legs forced themselves to open more. I moaned like the little naughty slut that my mother wanted me to be. She would have been proud to see my face and hear my moan right now as I could hear it and I could catch a glimpse of my facial expression in the rear mirror. Our shenanigans did not stop till we reached the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. 

I had to grip his hand when he wanted to stop fingering me. I was too wet to be left alone now. Too wet to do any other thing aside from a thorough fuck. He smiled and wiped his hands clean on a towel. We got into the restaurant and he picked a corner table for us.

It was a secluded part of the restaurant which I loved. I watched him order wine for us. While the waitress was taking our orders, I continued from where this man left off and started to rub my pussy.  I was gently biting on my lips to make sure I did not moan out for the waitress to hear. 

Once she left, I could do soft moans which this man paid rapt attention to. He started at me all through. At least, that is what people would think. Under the table, he was running his leg over mine, and the way he was content with watching me play with my pussy in public made me hornier. 

I got more wet, beyond my control. It was beyond me fingering myself or the lewd thoughts I was having about this man for later or the way he was watching me and secretly running his legs on mine. There was something that was making me hornier. 

Every time I took another sip of the wine, I got hornier like there was an aphrodisiac in the cup. I could not hold my drip anymore and my pussy juice was beginning to drip into my thighs. If left unchecked, it would become a bigger mess. 

I asked for directions to the toilet and zoomed off. Soon as I entered, I got some tissue to dab my pussy with but once I pulled my skirt off, I had to remove my panties because it was already too damp. 

Seeing my wet pussy changed my plans and instead of cleaning up, two of my fingers were in my pussy and I was there holding on the counter and furiously finger-fucking myself searching for one back-cracking orgasm. 

It seemed an impossible feat to achieve then the door to the restroom burst open. I could care less who it was but it was my sugar daddy.

This was like a déjà vu situation with Ebun’s boyfriend. He came behind me pulling his trouser down and his shirt up as he did. I was able to catch what his dick looked like when he got closer. It was a big thing and that was immediately confirmed as soon as his dick entered my pussy. 

My pussy was so wet and welcoming, he did not start off by going slow, he went straight to business and started to fuck me as hard as he could. I continued to ask him to fuck me harder and he did meaning when he started, that was not the hardest. Every time I asked him to fuck me harder, he increased his temp and the fact that I was holding the counter, he was pulling my hair back and grabbing on one of my boobs that I had set free from my top meant he was able to enter me deeper and I could feel all of his dick in my system. 

When I eventually cum, my legs were shaking. He wore my skirt for me while I concluded my dress up before we returned to the car. Instead of returning to school, he headed in the wrong direction. When I asked why, he said he had not cum yet and we could use the night. 

I was wowed and interested in the idea. I put a phone call to my girls that I had gone out with a sugar daddy and would come back the following day. As soon as I dropped the call, his phone rang too and he lied to the person that he was headed for a meeting. 

When he dropped the call, I could see Ebun on the caller ID with her contact saved as “Baby”. I asked if that was his other fling. He laughed and said that was his daughter.

For the second time, I was wowed. It was me 2 – 0 Ebun. I love this game.

Written by Reezy Sama

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