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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Episode 8) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Episode 8) [18+]

Amid all that sex noise, I could still hear that clear pop sound when Becky’s asshole got penetrated. She looked up sharply from eating my pussy and stared at me her eyes searching for pity but I was enjoying watching her get fucked already, especially the look on her face. the guy fucking her too was one slick guy that I would not mind sampling his dick sometime. 

He popped into her asshole gently and did not rush her. Both of his hands were holding her ass cheeks apart and he was fucking into her pussy gently not going all the way in. 

The way I see it, every time her ass hole opened a little bit more, he pushes his dick in a bit further and every time his dick fucks a bit deeper, I could see it on Becky’s face and the way she grabbed the bedsheet a bit tighter. It was an erotic sight and I was greatly turned on by it and that was why I was recording the whole thing so I could re-watch it.

Becky could not take her face away from mine still but it feels like I had helped her unlock something new that she liked. 

The guy paid attention to detail and this time, his dick had gone all the way into Becky’s ass hole – she was opened to his fucking all the way and his palms were no longer needed to hold her ass cheeks apart, they were grabbing her waist and pinning her in a perfect arch as the guy was now doing some real slam into Becky’s asshole.  

I enjoyed her moaning and pushing her body back to meet his dick halfway while I played with her boobs and the second guy was already fucking my mouth.  It was a coincidence that we were enjoying this orgy that was supposed to be a gangbang of me but I would not have had it any other way. 

Fadekemi was half plastered on the bare floor with both her boobs tightly pressed into the floor and only her ass propped out and getting well drilled by the fucking her mouth earlier.

The guy fucking Becky in the ass did not look like he has plans to cum soon and she seemed to be enjoying herself too much too but I could not really ascent to that because my guy was in top gear already too, he was holding my hair in one hand, my face in the other and fucking my mouth. 

It was hot, I could feel the hotness all over my body except my pussy, that place was too wet but inside of it was scalding hot, I was sure of that and I needed a hard dick to go swim inside it again. So when this guy’s dick suddenly got dislodged from my mouth, I thought he was ready to fuck me already but when my sight cleared up, he had been pushed aside and replaced by a new figure. Yes, he was back, my roomie’s boyfriend. 

I thought I had slayed his dick earlier. Well, he was back with his dick looking harder than the first time we fucked. I could see lust in his eyes the way he looked at my exposed body on the bed.

He bent over and sucked my boobs, at the same time, I could feel his dick looking for my pussy hole. When he got the spot right, he dipped just the cap of his dick in, before I could enjoy it, he pulled out and did it again and again making me frustrated over my hunger for satisfaction. 

He saw it on my face and broke a grin while holding my stare – a move he used to distract me from the fact that the full length of his dick went into my pussy slowly but at once. It cut off the air supply into my nose as I gasped and did my best trying to grab the sheets. 

His pelvis collapsed on mine with his dick disappeared between us. I could feel it all over my body but it felt like he was hitting my spine and my throat. My pussy blessed him with more juice and like that, he just started kissing my neck and only his crotch was moving, fucking me. No, he made love to me and it was sweet and intense. 

But, like he could read my mind, I was beginning to get bored of the love and wanted to be slotted. I felt his weight shift off me a little and I noticed he pulled out farther than he had been doing before then he slammed into me. It was reverberating. 

He gave me up to five thrusts like that and one would think he was building up to cum but he was not. I came but he continued to give me those close hard thrusts. I had my hands grabbing my big boobs, grabbing the bedsheets, I gasped and grunted and finally realized again why this guy was treasured by my roomie. 

If I had someone this endowed with a dick and is this good with its usage, I would be selfish too. Whilst enjoying my poundings, I looked to the floor, Fadekemi and her guy were done for that time. It was a gooey mess between them as they cuddled after their climax.

Becky on the side of the bed that I am was in a fix. The guy fucking her ass earlier was nowhere to be found but the guy fucking my mouth had now taken her place fucking her ass. She never changed position from where I had left her so I suppose she enjoyed the backdoor sex that much. 

Her former guy soon returned from the restroom with a hard and wet dick. I knew what was coming when he jumped into the bed in front of Becky and spread his legs. His friend provided an assist by pulling out of Becky’s ass and spanking it before ordering Becky to go suck his friend’s dick. 

She crawled over to him moaning still and he crawled after her into the bed. She grabbed his dick in her hand and immediately got to work. The guy behind her got to work too and penetrated her ass again fucking it softly for the first few thrusts before he returned to the pace he was hitting her ass hole with before they had that small break.

If I was being honest, I would admit that I was beginning to get jealous of what Becky was enjoying. I had enjoyed being fucked by two people but I have not been fucked by two guys and if I had not been smarter, I would have been in this situation that Becky was currently in and I was craving it even though this guy here was doing a good job digging my pussy. 

He had turned me over on the bed and started to fuck me from behind giving me the choice of moaning into the bed or watching Becky get fucked over by these studs inches away from my face. I watched her stop sucking this guy and crawl up to him and glue herself to his chest before they started to eat each other’s lips. 

She was moaning and tried to wonder why she was that dramatic over a kiss. Was she moaning from the kiss or because the guy behind her was spanking her ass as she was getting kissed?

It never occurred to me that the guy kissing Becky had one of his hands down in her pussy and had two of his fingers sliding in and out playing with her clit. I found out mistakenly when this guy pulled out of my pussy and aligned his dick with my ass hole. What is with these guys with assholes? 

But my body shuddered at what I was about to experience. It was quite a hassle but he started to fuck my tight ass with his dick cap. 

My ass hole started to welcome a new dick but since I had not used that port much and he has a big dick, it was very tight and it took a while for my ass hole to fully accommodate more than his cap but he was patient. Becky was already sitting on the dick of the guy she was kissing earlier and the other guy entered her ass again for the third time that night. Their moans were so sweet and I just loved how they fucked her between themselves. 

She was getting fucked badly. The guy facing her was kissing her and the one fucking her ass had her boobs in his hands.

Before I could make a wish, I got mine. The guy fucking Fadekemi joined me and my roomie’s BF on the bed. He started by kissing my lips and neck while his friend was getting more length of his dick in my ass. 

From my neck, he went to my cleavage and started to kiss them, especially as I used both f my hands to pack my boobs into a unit so he could devour them and he did. He ate my nipples softly and was fingering me at the same time. I have to admit that these guys are professional fuckers. 

My knees were leaving the bed, the guy behind me was lifting me and his dick was going deeper in my ass. 

By the time he returned me, I landed on a dick. It just feels so fuck to have both holes occupied at once and I am sure I came immediately after they started to fuck me. Becky and her guys finished up and Fadekemi was in a corner making a clip of my threesome. I cannot wait to show it off to my roommate.

Written by Reezy Sama

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