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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Episode 7) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Diary of Reserved Wild Child (Episode 7) [18+]

I locked in on him and he was quite shocked with the way I stared at him all over. I was thinking of all the deliciousness I would be milking out of him. I walked over to him stunning him the more and pressed my lips against his ears asking if he would like to have a taste of my cake.

The smell of my cologne, my sweet thin voice coupled with my fancy Hausa accent pulled off the seduction with exceptional success. He stood frozen shaking his head at my question. I pressed my boobs into his chest and asked the same question again but this time I told him I wanted to hear him answer me. He answered repeatedly, eager to see what I would do.

I am a rich girl and I am sure he has never had a babe as classy as myself with the way he acted. I licked his ear from the outer part to the insides before placing my hand over his shoulders and gently pressing him down.

He fell to his knees with ease. I wished his girlfriend could see how I was making her all-macho boyfriend my sub with simple seduction and a touch of tushness. I ran my palm over his hair, the seducer has been seduced, and I asked if he would like to eat Mommy’s pussy.

He answered repeatedly as I pulled up my little, pretty gown and brought my pussy close to his face so he could sniff my bald, sweet-smelling pussy. he tried to grab my ass from behind and push me towards him to eat my pussy but I stopped him. Instead, I gently drew his head to my pussy. his fingers gently pushed my panties out of the way, our eyes locked as he was doing that and I was seductively biting my lower lip urging him to go on.

He did not break our stare till his tongue reached the lips of my pussy and licked it. It was all I expected it to be. He finally broke the stare and concentrated on eating my pussy. I also had to hold on to a sink with one hand and his head with the other. He had both of his hands on my ass to push me towards him more. I also was pushing his head towards my pussy more.

When it felt like I was going to black out, I took him to the bedroom, he was crawling behind me like I had asked him to and he was to count how many times my ass jiggled or else he would not get to bury his dick inside my pussy. he counted out loud till we got to the bed.

I wished again that his girlfriend and the rest of the gang would have seen what I had done to their number one me on a lot more than I had imagined it would and I now got a clearer picture as to why my roomie was all about not wanting to share him.

However, she had made a mistake by plotting for the guy to fuck me. Now I would claim monopoly over his dick. I had a mind on the fact that the door was not locked. I wanted them to see what I was doing. It was nice watching him play with that dick while I packed my hair into a bun preparing myself for action.

The action – me getting in bed and giving him a mean blowjob. He has a long dick but it did not stop me from swallowing as much of it as I could. I did not ignore his balls, they were sucked too and my hands never left his nipples alone. He held my head so tight begging under his breath every time I deepthroated his dick.

I do not think anyone has given him that kind of blow job before. I did not know I could do these things too but I was practicing everything I had heard my mom and her friend say they have done that have driven men crazy and I was pulling them off easily. Now, there was something I wanted to try out. I stopped sucking his dick and kissed him hard with my hand gently stroking his hard dick.

I gently asked in his ear if he would like to fuck me. I was not satisfied with that answer yet, I made him plead that he would like to bury his dick inside my pussy and then I gave him my condition which shocked him but he had come too far and would do anything to make sure his dick penetrates my pussy.

I bent over on the bed and spread my ass cheeks for him. My asshole was there winking at him. He came to it and gave it a slow loving lick. It was a bomb like I had heard them say. After a few more loving licks of my asshole, he ate it with more enthusiasm and jerked himself off along the way with my fine Hausa-accented moans driving him crazy. The joy that his eating my ass was making me moan so much made him eat me harder.

That was when the rest of his gang came to the door with my friends. Instead of finding me at his mercy getting my brains fucked out like they had planned, he was there eating my asshole and calling me his mommy. This time, I had allowed him to place one of his hands on my boobs. They were amazed at what was happening in the room so, the guys did not know where or how to join in. It was perfect for me to notice their presence.

So, I told him to lay on the bed. His dick was standing at attention. I grabbed it firmly and stared into his eyes asking him who owned his dick. His girlfriend was shocked to her bones as she heard him say the dick belonged to me and called me mommy immediately after. I heard her burst into tears as she ran off. I broke a small smile of victory, change of dick ownership was completed. After rubbing his dick along my pussy, I eventually stuck it to my opening and gently let it go in.

Eyes were on me, I let their eyes feast on my ass grinding on his crotch with his dick deep inside my pussy. I held both his hands on his chest and just ground on his dick. I was moaning but he was moaning the same as me. Who says guys do not moan? They would if you understood the assignment. After grinding him to my heart’s content, I took a deep breath and squatted on the bed. His dick came into view now.

Everybody knew what I was about to do but they thought it would be crazy for me to do. I made three to four soft bounces on his dick and gradually intensified it. I was riding that dick like a dick-starved woman and my pussy seemed to enjoy it too much. I could feel my wetness lubricating his dick and making my thrusts easier. Others in the room could see his dick covered in thick whitish fluid from my pussy that was making our fuck more erotic.

I was hearing mumbling sounds from the rest of the room and I knew someone was getting fucked in the mouth. It was Fadekemi, I figured that out when this guy could no longer hold himself and he started to burst his nut deep into my pussy.

I immediately got off him. I did not want that to happen but it was too late already. I looked around the room and it was an interesting sight. One guy was fucking Fadekemi in the mouth, she was on her knees like a good girl.

To my right, someone’s son was wasted and fighting hard to catch his breath. I cannot believe that I had slayed the dick of this guy that everyone had been hyping for me all these days. Becky was also standing beside two guys and was stroking their dicks. I could see her face. She wanted my pussy but she did not want to expose herself as a lesbian so she was there, stuck with two dicks in each hand. The fear that the two guys would mercilessly use her cute pussy to make themselves cum soon was vivid on her face.

That was the payback I had been looking for, I did not plan it, but I would let it happen since she betrayed me. However, the payback would only be sweeter if I exposed her. I smiled after looking down at my pussy and seeing the mess of cum on it courtesy of myself and this guy that’s drifting to sleep already.

She hates eating pussy when it’s being cum on but she cannot refuse to eat a pussy, I know that much. I spread my legs towards her and beckoned her with a finger. She stood still and looked left and right at both guys before gently walking towards me. She would rather eat pussy and blow her cover than have two dicks at once. I cradled her head as she unleashed her tongue on my pussy. the guys were shocked but I had other plans for her and them.

Becky would pay. I beckoned them to join us. With one hand holding her head on my pussy, my other hand spread her ass cheeks and I smiled at the other guy as he spread her other ass cheek understanding what I had in mind. The second guy got the cue too and placed his dick on her ass hole. She quickly looked up at me pitifully.

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