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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 13] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 13] (18+)

Danladi was able to thrust smoothly now but not with speed as Hannah was dictating the speed trying to get him to lose his load.

She grabbed his balls smearing them with her juice and kept on squeezing, Danladi was forcing his dick in her palms now and she knew he was getting close to losing his load, she opened her mouth and covered the head of his dick with it, her mouth couldn’t take more than that.

The wetness and warmth of his Boss’s mouth on his dick almost paralyzed Danladi he thrust faster and harder and all of a sudden clasped Hannah’s head in his hands as he rapidly shot thick sticky hot cum down her throat. Hannah swallowed all, closing her eyes to savor the taste to her heart’s content.

Few minutes after fully ingesting the seed she slowly opened her eyes to meet a shocker, a very hard and angry looking dick was just barely two inches away from her face.

Danladi didn’t lose his erection after releasing that truckload of cum in her mouth. She got off her knees and looked Danladi in the eyes, all she was lust. Suddenly, he lifted her from below and swiftly placed her on his praying mat, quickly pushed her gown up, and seeing she had no panties on was like an answered prayer to him.

He wanted to do this quickly thinking Hannah might change her mind and not let him fuck her. He held his dick in his right hand as he probed her pussy with it and finally pushed in when he located her entrance. Ughhh Hannah grunted as her eyes dilated as the dick invaded her honeypot he held her boobs firmly for support and kept firing.

It’s been long he had been with a woman and fucking his boss was a dream he never had come through, it felt as though Hannah’s pussy was on fire the way her gateman was pounding her.

He didn’t change position but was hitting the depths no one has ever hit back to back over ten minutes and his energy was as though he just penetrated her. Soon she started to cry from too much pleasure damage Danladi was doing to her pussy.

When he saw tears in her eyes he knew she was getting it good and withdrew almost all the way out, Hannah thought he just wanted to stop fucking when she was almost at her edge and locked her legs around his back but got a shocker when he slammed hard into her

“Ehhhh Jesus, Jesus” Hannah yelled as more tears escaped her eyes as she came on Danladi’s dick pushing him out of her he shot his cum all over his praying mat grunting like a wounded animal.

WTF!!! Hannah opened her eyes to see her distraught looking husband standing at Danladi’s door, Danladi saw his boss and looked away, Felix turned, went outside the gate, and drove off. Hannah got up and without saying any word to Danladi, she limped back to the house and threw herself on the bed feeling all weak.

Felix returned the second day and fired Danladi and threw Hannah out of the house and Sharon had to wade in.

She bribed him with her pussy to make him take his wife back and they fucked countless times after that until he ran a DNA test on both of his daughters and found out both were not his. He divorced Hannah and left home, no one heard from him ever since.

She sighed remembering how much she enjoyed fucking him as she rubbed her thighs together getting excited in pussy.

All Nike could think about was if Kunle would fuck her mother for real. She wondered if her mother would writh under the pleasure of Kunle’s dick just like she did, would her mum really fuck her own nephew? It looked dirty and degrading but at the same time hot at hell to her but she was jealous too.

Kunle was supposed to be hers alone even though it was wrong for her to be in any form of sexual relationship with him she still felt jealous, she was the first to make a play for Kunle then her older sister hijacked him, now her mum is probably getting her brains fucked out by him and now Aunty Sharon had made it clear she’s interested in getting some of the dick.

She took a look at the driver’s seat and took her time in admiring Aunty Sharon’s physique, damn she was busty, very cute and her ass, her ass was a banger, she looked at her sister on her left, she had been smiling to herself all through the journey for reasons Nike couldn’t understand, she was cute and well endowed both in the front and rear, then she looked down at her own boobs, they were just a tad bigger than regular oranges and her ass wasn’t protruding that much.

“So, it’s me against these three eh, Nobody would take Kunle from me” game-time bitches she whispered under her breath.

Precious snuck out of the guest room after certifying that Nike was sound asleep she quickly crossed the hallway and made for Sharon’s room hoping it wasn’t locked.

She gently twisted the doorknob and the door creaked open, she pushed more gently and squeezed herself in hoping she doesn’t wake Sharon who was covered in a duvet all up to her neck.

She tiptoed to the drawer and gently opened each one after the other searching for the dildoes they used earlier in the day. When she got to the third drawer she found the strap on but the dildo was missing.

She took out the strap on and continued her search for the dildo. After a few minutes of an unsuccessful search, she gave up hoping to ride the strap on the couch, or maybe wake Nike to fuck her with it. Nike wouldn’t mind, she enjoyed showing Precious she was better sexual so she would gladly take the offer of pummeling Precious’s pussy with the strap on.

As she turned to leave she saw Sharon had moved and the duvet exposed her hand and boob, the dildo was in Sharon’s right hand. Precious smiled at the scene and something about Sharon’s exposed boob made her feel hot in her panties.

She felt drawn to it, she moved closer to the bed to take a better look at it, it was big, almost like a melon, the areola was wide and very dark and her nipple was bigger than the erasers that come on pencils. She placed the nipple in between her thumb and middle finger and pressed hard for no reason.

The ahan and sigh that escaped a still sleeping Sharon’s lips sounded so heavenly and sexy to her ears. She pinched more making Sharon wince in pleasure. She twisted the nipple, tweaked and turned it, she enjoyed the fact that Sharon was moaning due to her manipulations.

She replaced her fingers with her mouth as she gently bit on Sharon’s nipple, she gasped and held Precious’s head in place as she stroked her hair, she soon found Sharon’s other nipple and started ministering to it with her right hand increasing the volume of Sharon’s moans.

Her hand caresses Sharon’s belly as she enjoyed sucking on Sharon’s tits whole her hair was being caressed. Soon, she made her way down to Sharon’s coochie, it was like river Nile and Niger there, the place was totally flooded and scalding hot. She went in with her middle finger,

“I’m not a nun nor a virgin,” Sharon said as she gave her dildo to Precious.

“Fingers don’t work for me that much” Precious quickly got the drift as she plugged her pussy with the sex object.

Sharon smiled and whimpered as Precious drove it all the way to her cervix, she felt the dildo in her belly,

“Damn you girl, that’s how to do it, hit that spot again” Precious got all the encouragement she needed as she withdrew all the way out slammed all the way back in,

Arrgggghhh… Sharon grabbed her sheets tight as Precious held the dildo in deep depths of her pussy as she turned it, Sharon’s pussy walls gripped tight on it, and Precious would still pull it out and slam into her, Sharon moaning like a baby under her manipulations was a big deal for her.

However she became worried when Sharon started to scream, she didn’t want Nike waking up and joining in on this, she wanted to have this moment all to herself she quickly mounted Sharon in a 69 position, it gave her leverage to keep fucking Sharon and keep her quiet and she smothered all her noises with her pussy.

When Sharon parted grabbed Precious’s bubbly ass, she parted her pussy, it was bright pink and beautiful, she gave it a long hard slow lick and stopped at the clitoris which she gently chewed on.

Precious almost came from that one act as she let out a shrill scream of hers but she didn’t want it to end this way as she started hitting her Auntie’s pussy harder and faster Sharon couldn’t eat her pussy anymore now she just grabbed Precious’s ass for support as she moaned into her pussy enjoying how hard she was getting fucked.

Precious seeing that Sharon was close started pinching and toying with her clit then she brought her mouth to it and nibbled on it.

BOOM! Sharon exploded and she ejected the dildo from her pussy with her climax when Precious turned to face her Auntie half of her face was covered in sticky cum which made Sharon laugh.

“You deserved that, fucking me like I’ve offended you” she said as she grabbed her sheets in a bid to clean the mess she made on Precious’s face.

“Leave it there auntie, please fuck me hard,” Precious said as she offered the strap on to Sharon. She presented her pussy to Sharon after assuming a doggie position, Sharon buckled in and said

“Buckle in Baby girl, it’s going to be a rough hard ride” she swiftly penetrated all the way in till her pubic hair was grazing Precious Pussy and started slamming into her.
At first precious tried to muffle her moans and cries but soon she was wailing uncontrollably as Sharon showed her tight cunt no mercy.

Both of them were covered in sweat and Sharon thought maybe to slow down and go easy on the girl seeing that she was now resting on her elbows instead of her palms, but she received a shocker as Precious started throwing her ass back to get more of the strap on in her, this development made Sharon happy

“That’s it bitch! give me those back shots” she cried out as she pulled on Precious’s shoulder for deeper penetration

“Yes ma, fuck meee, fuck me hard, I’m your bitch” Precious returned enjoying the onslaught. It was like the wave of the sea carried her up and smashed her on the shore when her orgasm hit her and she released a bucket load of juice right in the bed before she collapsed on it.

You’re such a bad girl Sharon whispered in her ear as she picked herself up and gently made for their room.

Remembering the whole thing made her pussy wet all over again.

“Hey, we’re home, get down”, Nike said to her as she woke from her thoughts.

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