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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E21) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E21) (18+)

The following Saturday night, I found myself alone in bed, reading a book until I was tired enough to sleep. I found myself to be increasingly restless; I was constantly thinking about Ogechi and the boundaries she pushed with me. She was out with Tobi that evening, so I knew with resigned jealousy that he would get all of her affection that night. I was angry at my own feelings; she was Tobi’s girlfriend anyway. I was getting carried away.

I don’t remember what time it was when they both showed up. I heard them stumble in, stifling laughter and failing miserably at being quiet. If I had any chance of falling asleep soon, I knew it was now ruined.

Normally the couple headed straight to Tobi’s room. Tonight though, something was different. I heard their voices in the living room for a prolonged period and what sounded like some kind of argument. I sat up and tried to listen closer. So much for privacy.

“Come on, I don’t wanna wake him up… What if he comes out here…?” It was Tobi’s voice.

“Shh! Relax, he never comes out!” Ogechi was insisting to him.

I heard a few more muffled sounds. Between quiet giggles and soft moans, I was sure they were deciding to fuck out of their room for once. Now, I promise you, this normally isn’t something I would do. Let the lovers be, sure. But tonight? For whatever reason, I felt the need to try and sneak a peek. Maybe Ogechi was bringing out the worst in me.

As careful as I could, I turned off my bed lamp, slowly opened my door and tried to look down the hall. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I could hear them a bit better. The little bursts of laughter seemed to have been completely replaced by soft sounds and restrained moans. I thought about turning back, but at that moment I heard Ogechi with a hoarse whisper, “It’s fun when it’s naughty…”

My cock jumped in my boxers as if pointing me, onward, this way! I accommodatingly tiptoed, inch by inch, down the corridor until I got to the very edge. The further I got, the more acute the sounds of their actions became. Tobi was trying his best to keep his grunting silent. I rolled my eyes a little, wondering if he really thought it made that big a difference if he was outside his room. I could always hear him in there but, then again, I was spying on him this time…

With a deep breath, I peeked my head around the corner and could see the entire living room. It was fairly illuminated because the windows were open and the streetlights from outside poured in. Tobi was sitting on the couch, the back of which was to me, with his arms spread out on the top of it. Ogechi was on her knees next to him, one arm resting on the back of the couch like Tobi, the other down below where I couldn’t see.

From her shoulder’s movements, her intent expression, and Tobi’s composure, it was obvious she was giving him a handjob.

I watched this for maybe a minute tops, I don’t know how long really, when she noticed me. Tobi was still facing away from me; he had no way of knowing I was there unless he turned around. But Ogechi only had to look up and notice my shadowy form standing at the end of the hallway.

For a second I panicked. I stood as still as possible, hoping against hope that she would look away. I didn’t want to duck back into the hall when she was staring in my direction because then I was positive she knew for sure. But then I saw her smile. It was a slow, devious, calculating smile. She bit her lower lip at me and cooed, “Mmm, do you like this?”

My heart leaped in my throat. Was she blowing my cover? “Oh- yeah babe,” Tobi answered her. I shuddered with relief.

She changed her rhythm with her working hand, which had previously looked to have been quicker strokes. Her shoulder rolled slower now. Tobi groaned.

“What’s the matter?” she pouted.

“Ugh, you- you slowed down…”

“I… heard some guys like long, slow strokes…” She glanced back in my direction. Did she wink? “Maybe so they can… savor the pleasure…”

Tobi seemed to give a reluctant expression.

“Maybe this will make it better…” she leaned back and effortlessly pulled her shirt up and off, tossing it carelessly away. As she undid her bra, she was looking back at me, sticking her chest out a bit so I could get a better view from my vantage point. Although I was nervous, I was almost fully hard. I began to fondle myself through my boxers.

With her breasts free, she went back to working on Tobi’s cock. “How’s that? Does that make it better?” she asked in a sweet voice. By the way, she kept drawing her gaze back to me, I knew she wasn’t directing the comment at Tobi. This girl was something else.

This lasted for a little while when she suddenly stopped and stood up from the chair. Now I could tell she was wearing a loose, short skirt. My hard-on was at full mast as I stared at her body. She pulled her underwear down from underneath the fabric, leaving the skirt on. As she pulled them off from her legs, she stood back up and tossed them over the couch towards me.

She giggled a little but quickly turned to look at Tobi. She stood with her legs apart a little and ran her hands up her thighs, pushing the skirt up to expose her naked pussy. She let it drop back down as she continued to caress her stomach and then breasts, playing with her nipples.

The same way she did when I wanked off in front of her. She looked so damn hot; the light filtering in through the windows painted against her skin in an exotic way that seemed to accentuate her already amazing curves. All she was wearing was that skirt. Keeping it on was somehow naughtier and sexier than her being totally naked

She bent over Tobi and was tugging on something. I realized she was pulling his jeans all the way off. Then she climbed on top of his lap. He was still sitting back, facing away from me. By the way, his head followed her body, I could only imagine the excited smile he wore. As she straddled him, he finally moved his arms off the back of the couch and felt up her perfect breasts before he slid them down to her hips.

Ogechi had one hand balancing herself on the couch behind Tobi’s shoulder. I knew she was guiding him into her with the other hand. I could almost feel it myself as I heard Tobi let out a low growl and Ogechi take in a sharp gasp as she let out an ooh. I closed my eyes briefly in anguish, oh to be on that chair right now…

They found a steady rhythm and she put her other hand on the couch, using them both to help balance and steer her movements against Tobi. Her face alternated between occasional smiles at Tobi, her eyes closed in pleasure as she leaned her head back, and staring directly into my eyes with a look of raw lust. After a couple of minutes she started talking again, catching my stare.

“I really like that you think about me…” Her voice was seductive.

Tobi grunted a confused, “Huh?”

She pulled her stare from me to him. “You think about me, don’t you?”

“Uh- yeah… of-of course…”

Her eyes closed again as she concentrated on riding him. “I think that’s so hot… I like to imagine you masturbating to me…” She was looking intently at me again. “That’s not so wrong, is it?” she asked in a pseudo-innocent voice. She bit her lower lip again at me. I was chewing on my own lip to keep quiet as I jerked off, watching.

“Ah- no, not-not wrong,” he muttered, somewhat perplexed.

Oooh, good… I’m glad you don’t mind. It just- ah– turns me on so much to know you can’t help it… That you gotta touch yourself thinking about me…”

Maybe I should have felt guilty about this. Who was she being cruel to? To Tobi because he didn’t realize she was talking about me? Or to me because I wasn’t the one whose cock was in her pussy? At that moment though, all I could think about was her naked body slowly raising and lowering, her eyes piercing into mine, and her hot words making me burn with want.

“I- I love being able to see your cock,” she breathed. As if following command, I thoughtlessly pushed my boxers down and pulled out my hard-on so it was in plain view. She moaned deeply.

By now she was only giving cursory glances at Tobi; mostly she was looking past him and at me. By the way, his head was rolled back against the chair, I think his own eyes were shut as he enjoyed in his own pleasure. I could tell Ogechi’s breathing was beginning to pick up. Her arms began to tremble slightly as she pushed herself into him, slower now but with more intention.

Mmm this is so hot… I want- I want you to come for me…” she moaned.

“Don’t worry baby, I will,” he returned.

“Ah- ah- no, not… I- I really mean it… Come for me, please!” She was staring straight at my crotch, watching me pump myself. I knew she meant me. I squeezed myself harder at the base and gave myself quicker strokes, working myself up. Although the situation was surreal, I knew I was going to be able to blow. Shit, just the way she was talking…

“Yeah! Do it, come for me! Do it!” she was panting now. Tobi was mumbling that he would soon. I didn’t need to wait. The thought of Ogechi desperate to see me explode was just too hot. She was begging me. I felt the familiar floating sensation rush through my entire body in that brief second that occurs before orgasm is inevitable. Then the amazing rush up my thighs, down my stomach, and between my legs as I felt the first huge stream spurt out of me.

I had one hand still pulling furiously at the base. I cupped my other hand out in front of the head, catching the ropes of cum that shot out of me. I tried my best to hold it out a way so that Ogechi could see it spurt out and into my palm. As it happened, she cried out, “Oh god! Yessss! Come for me, you’re so hot!” Then her entire body began to shake as she threw her head back and tried to muffle out her cries.

Holy shit. Watching her come right then was probably the crowning achievement of my life. My own climax would have started to fade, but simply watching her shot a fresh surge of animal heat through me, and I just kept on coming into my hand. My knees actually buckled a little bit and I had to lean against the wall to keep standing.

As Ogechi clutched the back of the couch and rode her orgasm, Tobi finally lost control. I heard him grunt, “Finally!” and give out a staggering groan. Ogechi seemed to come back to earth then and she pulled her face back down. She leveled her gaze at me as her chest heaved with heavy breaths. Her face was completely wet with sweat and, for once, she didn’t have that look of total control painted on her face with a grin.

We returned each other’s look for a few moments like that. She then mouthed a silent wow to me and smiled.

I felt like a king right then. She didn’t say wow. Tobi didn’t see that. Only I did. And was that actually a surprised smile on her face? My reverie was broken when I noticed Tobi trying to push himself up from the chair. Ogechi’s eyes grew wide and I actually saw a glimmer of panic as she feared losing control of the situation.

She pushed him back down on the chair as she got up herself, giving him a controlling smile. With one last glance at me, she gave a slight nod toward my room. I didn’t need any more encouragement; my own courage was failing me now.

I tip-toed as fast as I could back into my room and silently closed the door behind me, cum still pooled in one of my hands.

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