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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 9) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 9) [18+]

She was enjoying his excitement, the little groans and exclamations, the urgency of his hand on her head, guiding her and pushing her where he wanted. Her excitement slowly grew. In her inexperience, Wunmi wondered if he would finish in her mouth or pull it out, that was what some of the girls talked about.

It was what Sophie had talked about. She had always wrinkled her nose at those girls, but now she was finding it was quite enjoyable. She almost giggled as her head bobbed up and down. She wondered what it would taste like. She was looking forward to it.

To her surprise, after what seemed like a long time but was only a couple of minutes, Wunmi felt her head being pulled back up. Jide eased her over onto her back without a word, kissing her, their tongues meeting and sliding against each other, his naked body pressing hotly against hers.

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her leg, his massive chest pressing against her small breast, his hand between her legs again, his finger sliding inside her with slippery ease.

Wunmi wondered if he could taste himself on her tongue and then she stopped thinking about that as he rolled over her, his knees sliding between her legs, pushing her legs wide apart, his chest pressing against her breasts, his erect shaft bouncing on her stomach and then brushing against her inner thighs. Wunmi gasped in sudden shock.

Looking up at his face above hers, feeling his body on hers, between her now widespread legs, it dawned on Wunmi with startling abruptness that Jide had no intent to finish in her mouth, that his intentions were far more invasive than that.

Even as he continued to kiss her, she felt the swollen head of his cock pushing against her, brushing against her thighs. His finger inside her withdrew, his hand moved down, guided one leg further apart, and urged her knee back, her other leg following instinctively. Wunmi’s heart fluttered like birds as she realized she was in the same open and exposed position as the girls she had watched on the bed and the couch opposite only a little while earlier.

There was another of those heart-stopping moments as she realized what was about to happen, what would happen if she didn’t stop him. If she didn’t say no.

“I want you.” Jide’s breath whispered in her ear.

Wunmi didn’t say no. She didn’t say yes either. Her heart pounding like a drum, she looked up at him and she waited. She waited for him to take her.

Jide’s face smiled down at her. One of his hands brushed her hair back from her forehead. His lips touched hers. They kissed. She felt his cock brush against her, touch her, push lightly, bringing a gasp from her.

“I want you Wunmi,” Jide breathed again.

She realized he was waiting. Waiting for an answer from her. An answer she still wasn’t sure of, that she couldn’t bring herself to give. She knew what she wanted, but she was afraid. Afraid? She was terrified. Jide moved a little, she felt him pushing against her, the head of his cock slipping inwards a little, sliding between her labial lips, pushing against her entrance.

Her eyes widened at the pressure, at the feel of him there, spreading her lips, pushing thickly against her. Wunmi knew things had gone too far, she never intended this to happen, but now she couldn’t find the willpower to tell him to stop, to push him away from her. He moved again and it felt so good. So very good. Such an exquisite pleasure to surrender herself to him. She looked up into those beautiful eyes.

“Yes,” she whispered, faintly, almost inaudibly. Irrevocably.

“Hhhuuuuhhhh.” She gasped as he pushed, as she felt herself stretch. She felt her labial lips spread wide around his girth, parting for him, clasping him in a slippery caress. The swollen head of him pushed through her entrance, then paused inside her.

Jide’s mouth lifted from hers. She saw his face, his eyes looking down into hers. He groaned quietly, a wordless noise of sheer pleasure. Her hands rested on his waist. Now she made her own wordless little noises, excited little gasps as her body absorbed the feeling of him partially inside her. One of his hands stroked her forehead, brushing her hair back where it had fallen forward again. He smiled down at her tenderly.

“Okay?” he asked.

Wunmi fuzzily considered the question. Was she okay? It depended on the context. She knew she was being ridiculous. Of course, it wasn’t okay, she shouldn’t be doing this at all. Not here. Not in the middle of the room, on the floor, with an audience.

“Don’t stop,” Wunmi whispered up at him.

He smiled. His finger, the finger that had been inside her, stroked her lips wetly. She opened her mouth a little, his finger slid inwards, and she tasted herself as she sucked on his digit. He smiled again, removed his finger and kissed her gently, simultaneously beginning a slow gentle movement within her.

Wunmi could feel him moving. She could feel his cock pushing inwards, feel stretched around his thickness, each gentle thrust moving just a little further within her body, each gentle thrust stretching her vaginal channel around his invading length.

“Ooohhhhh… uughhhh … ooohhhh … uuughhhh.” She could hear her voice as he moved. He felt so big inside her, so huge and hard, pushing up inside her. She could feel him, feel herself stretching as he worked himself deeper into her. He was so big everywhere, so big over her, his body dwarfing hers. She felt tiny beneath him, tiny and helpless.

She pictured the hard length she had held in her hand. It was hard to believe that it was now partially inside her but it was, she could feel it, a thick intrusion driving inward at the juncture of her widespread thighs. How would it all fit, he was so big. So thick. So long. Wunmi whimpered in sudden distress.

Jide paused, kissing her gently, hand stroking her, soothing her. “It’s alright, Wunmi,” he breathed in her ear, “it’s alright, just relax.”

As he soothed her, Wunmi relaxed, her distress slowly fading. Jide kissed her gently, his hand caressing her, soothing her, calming her, his eyes holding hers almost hypnotically. Now he smiled down at her, brushing her hair back from her forehead, kissing her gently, his lips tender on hers. Mid-kiss he began moving again, slowly, gently, easing himself in and out, luxuriating in the slippery, tight clasp of her vaginal channel around his cock.

Wunmi gasped as he began moving again. Her hands still rested lightly on his waist, she could feel his muscles tense and relax as he moved, she could feel his body moving on her, she could feel him inside her, moving, penetrating.

The weight of his body on hers was strange and exciting, his chest crushing down on her breasts, their bodies pressed tightly together, intimately entwined and joined, her legs spread wide apart and drawn back, her thighs cradling him as his shaft entered her.

Oblivious to everything but what he was doing to her, Wunmi moaned softly with each gentle thrust within her body. She could feel him inside her, feel the rigid shaft within her, entering her. A slow-burning heat spread through her body, making every nerve sensitive, her skin tinglingly aware of his every touch.

With every movement, his cock penetrated more deeply within her body. Beneath him, Wunmi gasped, eyes suddenly wide as he took her hands, positioned them on the rug beside her head, and then held them in his, pinning them down as he rested his weight on his forearms.

He kissed her, his mouth locking itself against hers, and as he kissed her, he moved inside her, thrusting inwards against her tightness. Wunmi jerked beneath him as he worked his cock into her, but she was helpless under Jide’s weight, her hands pinned down by his.

He thrust again, harder, deeper. Beneath him, Wunmi arched her back and mewled into his mouth, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. Jide drew back and thrust again, harder, continuing to thrust, wanting nothing more than to bury his cock in her.

Beneath him Wunmi surrendered herself willingly, eagerly, feeling him thrusting up inside her, opening her, stretching her, sliding deeper and deeper inside her with every movement.

Jide’s mouth was still locked to hers, his tongue deep inside Wunmi’s mouth as his cock worked its way inexorably deeper within her no-longer virginal channel. Above her, Jide luxuriated in the feel of her almost naked body beneath him.

He enjoyed her repeated little groans, the plaintiveness of them, the wild-eyed surprise and shock and excitement on her face, the way her body arched upwards beneath him as he fully penetrated her. He wanted nothing more than to fuck Wunmi hard. It took him real willpower not to.

He found himself groaning with his need as he restrained himself, thrusting gently, slow tender strokes that went on and on until he could feel his length completely buried in her tight little channel, his pelvis pressed firmly against her delicate little mound.

He thrust again, hard, forcing himself in just that fraction more and as he thrust, beneath him Wunmi gasped, her surrender complete, the sensation of being stretched and completely filled consuming her.

Jide stayed there, revelling in the feel of her slick little channel clasping his shaft, the tight hot slippery feel of her, the feel of her taut body and her firm little breasts, her slender thighs cradling him, the strained look on her face as she looked up at him through glazed eyes.

Beneath Jide, Wunmi felt each of Jide’s thrusts driving his shaft deeper and deeper insider her until at last he paused, all of him inside her at last. Little shivers ran through her body as she looked up at him in helpless surrender.

“So big,” she gasped.

“It feels so big inside me… I can feel it all the way up in me.” And she could, huge and thick and hard, impaling her. Filling her. Stuffing her full.

She revelled in that feeling, half closing her eyes to concentrate on feeling him inside her.

Jide smiled and kissed her lips lightly. “I can feel you Wunmi, you’re gorgeous.” He kissed her again. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” Wunmi gasped. “Don’t stop.”

She wanted to feel him moving inside her again, it didn’t hurt at all, it just felt strange. Her mind was in turmoil. Regret. Excitement. A little shame at what she was doing, the desire to continue, to experience this in full. The burning heat of her body demanded more, the feel of him within her, his thick penetration of her at the juncture of their bodies, solid and hard, piercing her.

“Oooohhhhh.” Her moan was a soft moan of surrender and excitement and of desire.

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