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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 7) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 7) [18+]

Wunmi knew what that hand was moving towards. Again, she found herself half-regretting her choice of clothing. The short pleated skirt offered no obstacle to his hand as he stroked her thighs. Despite her initial mental “no,” Wunmi said nothing and made no effort to stop him as his hand moved on her thigh.

The black hole inside her grew as she made no effort to halt his hand as it slid slowly upwards, teasing her, caressing her, moving between her legs. That black hole inside her expanded as, without a pause, he stroked up her inner thighs, working upwards to brush her panties, to touch her at the juncture of her thighs.

She found herself glad that she had worn the panties Sophie had given her. At that same moment, Wunmi realized then that she was going to let him touch her there. She was scared but wasn’t going to say no.

“Ooohhhhhh.” Wunmi shivered and moaned out loud, the combination of his mouth on her breast and his hand caressing her at the most sensitive part of her body sending a new wave of excitement and pleasure rushing through her. Her body felt hot everywhere, sensitive and tinglingly aware of every caress and every touch. She was acutely aware of that heated liquid pleasure centred on that part of her that his fingers brushed.

The same pleasure her fingers gave her, but more acute, more exciting. She wanted him to continue, but at the same time, she was afraid of letting him go on, afraid of what might happen. The fear and the pleasure mingled in an exquisite combination that held her helpless.

Again, she opened her mouth, and again, she intended to tell Jide to stop. She placed one of her hands on his, where he cupped her between her thighs. Her mouth opened to protest, a protest that was cut short as she heard a loud groan.

She glanced around and saw what was happening on the bed in front of the small window. One of the guys had been making love with the girl there as the other watched. Wunmi glanced around just as the two guys changed places, one withdrawing and lifting himself from her, the second moving over the girl and entering her.

Wunmi moaned herself, her body shivering as she watched the guy’s cock position itself and then slide into the girl, who made no protest and seemed to welcome the second guy. What must that feel like, Wunmi wondered to herself, to have two guys like that, taking turns making love to you? And to be watched while it happened, for the girl’s head had turned towards Wunmi.

Their eyes locked. The girl looked at Wunmi, her eyes widening and her mouth opening wide as the second guy entered her. Wunmi found herself unable to tear her eyes away, trying to imagine what that felt like.

Her hand felt Jide’s moving. She looked down. She looked down to see Jide’s mouth latched to one of her breasts while between her legs, Jide’s hand was pressed firmly upwards against her panties. His fingers there, separated from her flesh by only the thin black lace, drove her half-crazy.

Embarrassingly, Wunmi could feel her flooding wetness as his fingers pressed against her. From the way his fingers were pressing against her, she was sure Jide could feel that wetness too.

Fuzzy from the unaccustomed alcohol she had drunk, Wunmi’s nervous system was overloaded with visual and sensory excitement, excitement that she didn’t want to stop. Now, she wasn’t even sure how to stop it. She continued watching the three on the bed, the second guy moving on the girl, moving vigorously now, grunting and groaning, the girl making little noises.

Again, Wunmi wondered what it would be like to be her. For a moment, Wunmi could see herself as the girl on the bed, and the thought was terrifying.

Terrifying and strangely exciting.

Jide’s mouth chose that moment to abandon her breast and return to kissing her, harsher now on hers, more forceful, his tongue probing her mouth, exploring her, tasting her, meeting her tongue, and forcing it to do as he desired. As he kissed her, he lifted her and turned her so that her back was now resting firmly up against the back of the couch. Seated as she was, Wunmi could clearly see the guy next to her and his girlfriend.

She was kneeling on the floor before him, her head bent forward over his lap, her mouth engulfing his cock as her head slowly bobbed up and down. Her top was open, her bra was pushed up, and her breasts completely exposed. Wunmi realized with a shock that that was how she must look, her halter top pushed up and out of the way, her breasts exposed to anyone who cared to look.

The girl next to her looked.

Wunmi could see she was smiling around the cock that filled her mouth. That girl could see everything Jide was doing to her, just as Wunmi could see what she was doing to her boyfriend. Jide’s arm slid behind her, and held her as his mouth came down on her breast again. Jide’s hand under her skirt was equally as firm and possessive as he touched her there.

Beside her, the guy’s head was turned to look at her, the girl was looking up at her, both smiling. Both looked at her breasts. Both looked at Jide’s hand under her skirt.

Wunmi found herself gasping, breathing hard, almost moaning as Jide’s fingers toyed with her, pressed against her panties. Looking at the couple next to her, Wunmi could see the girl’s head slowly bobbing. She could see the guy’s cock, so hard and erect, disappearing into the girl’s mouth, then emerging, shining with her saliva, right next to her, so close she could have reached out and touched it.

On the bed, Wunmi watched a sudden flurry of movement as the girl was repositioned on her hands and knees. Now she was taking two cocks at once, one guy kneeling behind her thrusting himself into her, the other sitting back as she took him into her mouth.

Oh my God! Wunmi’s mind whirled. Her turmoil of thought was interrupted as Jide’s mouth and hands lifted from her. He urged her off the chair and onto the floor in the gap between the two couches and the bed. Almost before she had time to think about what was happening, Wunmi found herself lying on her back on what seemed to be a soft rug in the centre of the small room, with couches to either side, the bed by her head, the door at her feet.

It didn’t seem to matter too much that she was naked from the waist up. Jide was half over her, kissing her, his head blocking Wunmi’s view of the others in the room, his tongue thrusting deep inside her mouth while his hand cupped, lightly squeezed and caressed her breasts before moving downwards to raise the hem of her little skirt, brush the pleated material upwards to her waist, exposing her little black lace panties to his eyes.

His hand moved to circle her taut stomach, kneading her muscles and adding to her heightened anticipation. His hand moved from her stomach to her inner thighs, sliding over her sensitive skin, returning to her panties, bringing a heartfelt moan from her as he once more touched her sensitive flesh through the thin lace.

He teased her sensitive flesh with his fingertips, tracing the outline of that most intimate part of her, sending little ripples and shivers of exquisite pleasure through her body, bringing a further flood of hot wetness that she knew must be soaking her panties. She could feel the material clinging to her. Her legs seemed to part for his hand of their own accord now, spreading wider, her hips twitching and lifting jerkily with her growing excitement.

Jide’s mouth left hers, licked her neck, nibbled and sucked, moved down to her shoulder, then to her breast, drawing another moan from her as he sucked on the sensitive nipple again, swollen and hard. Wunmi welcomed the almost painful pleasure of his lips tugging at it, his mouth engulfing her breast, his tongue swirling across her skin.

Arching her back, Wunmi tried to push more of her small breast into her mouth, her hands holding his head to her chest with strength and eagerness that surprised her.

Eyes looking up, she could see the girl beside her, still kneeling before her boyfriend, taking his cock into her mouth, her head moving. The bed by her head was squeaking in a steady rhythm. Although she could no longer see what was happening up there, she could hear the girl moaning.

Moaning like Sophie.

She could feel Jide’s hand roving over her body as she watched the girl beside her. Jide’s hand was exploring her thighs and her stomach, always returning to brush her panties, to brush and tease her through her now-wet through panties.

Wunmi could hear herself breathing hard, her body reacting to his touch seemingly of its own accord, her hips lifting from the floor, searching for his hand as his touch lightened, moved away. His mouth moved across her breasts yet again, sucking, licking, nibbling, and drawing on her nipples until Wunmi wanted to do more than moan.

As if sensing her rising excitement, Jide circled his hand on her flat stomach, but this time continuing downwards. His fingers slid under the small black lace panties, easing his fingers still further down to cup her between her legs.

That first touch of his hand on her pussy sent shivers racing through Wunmi’s entire body. One of his fingers probed inwards, pressing between slippery labial lips which parted easily for it, finding her entrance, probing, pushing and then very gently entering her.

Wunmi’s mouth opened wide, her legs spreading themselves further apart seemingly of their own accord. Waves of sensation roiled her body as his fingertip eased its way inside her. His lips abandoned her breast to once more find her mouth, to kiss her again.

Now she kissed him back eagerly, moaning softly into his mouth as his finger delicately probed her pussy, his large strong hand moved on her sensitive flesh, his finger probed deeper inwards, each touch one of exquisite pleasure, each touch a new and shockingly intimate experience.

Wunmi knew that things were going too far. No, they weren’t going too far. They had gone too far but she knew she had already almost lost the ability to say no to him, to stop him. She didn’t care. She moaned when his finger withdrew from inside her, a soft moan of disappointment which was replaced by a shocked gasp as his hand unexpectedly eased her little lace panties downwards, off her hips, jerking them down to her knees.

The feel of the night air on her exposed skin brought a sudden jolt of trepidation. Her exposure, her near nakedness created a surging excitement within her.

His hand continued to work her panties downward. Heedless of any audience, Wunmi found she had no will to resist, even though she was aiding him, drawing one leg up, freeing her own foot, leaving her panties hanging from one ankle as she turned towards him, eager for his hand to touch her again.

His hand did. Wunmi moaned yet again as his finger renewed its thickly probing entry, sliding inwards until his hand cupped her pussy, squeezing her sensitive flesh, his finger a strange yet exciting intrusion deep within her.

She moved one hand down to rest on his, feeling the muscles move as his finger explored her, feeling his finger moving inside her, her other hand brushing his head as he once more suckled at her breasts. It felt good. Really really good. So good that Wunmi forgot about everyone else in the room, only that she and Jide existed.

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