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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 8) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 8) [18+]

“You’re beautiful,” Jide breathed, looking down at her almost-naked body. She lay before him, on display, every inch of her offered up to his eyes and his touch. Wunmi was all too aware of her near nakedness, her halter top crumpled around her neck, her skirt a mere belt around her waist, her panties hanging from one ankle.

She was on display not only to Jide, but anyone else in the room who looked would see her. Wunmi didn’t care as she looked up at Jide. All she cared for was that she was offering herself to him. It was an offering that he took renewed advantage of with his mouth and his hands.

After what seemed an eternity of rising excitement, his hand withdrew from her once more. Wunmi made a disappointed little sound.

Jide laughed softly. “Just wait; don’t be so impatient,” his voice murmured.

It took Wunmi a moment to realize that as he spoke, he was stripping off his jeans and underwear and that he was now naked from the waist down. His T-shirt followed. He was completely naked beside her. They were both as good as naked in the centre of the small room with half a dozen others around them. Wunmi had never felt more exposed and embarrassed in her life.

She had never felt more excited.

His hand took hers, guided it to his erect and now blatantly exposed cock. Her fingers touched him there for the first time, grasped him gently, shockingly hot and hard, silk over a thick steely core. She shivered at the feel of him, so solid and so hard under her fingers, so strange, so exciting.

And, with all that the feel of his rigid length under her fingers implied, threatening. She knew what he must want, and it frightened her. Terrified her. Excited her. He felt so big, so big and hard.

“That’s it, Wunmi, oh yeah, that’s it. Stroke it gently,” Jide whispered.

Wunmi felt the hard shaft she clasped in her hand throb under her fingers. Instinctively, not really knowing what to do, she began to move her hand slowly up and down on his length, feeling him stir at her touch.

“That’s it, yeah, that’s good” Wunmi heard him whisper encouragement. “That’s so good, keep doing it like that.” Tentatively, not quite sure of what she was doing but knowing he was enjoying it, Wunmi’s hand stroked him slowly, gently, and uncertainly.


“You’ve never done this before, have you?” His voice was a whisper in her ear.

Looking up at him, her heart pounding wildly, Wunmi shook her head, an almost imperceptible little shake. “No, no, I haven’t,” she whispered. She had never done anything like this in her life, let alone in a room with other people able to watch her, able to hear her.

Her heart pounded as she realized they were being watched. She was being watched, just as she had watched those others earlier. Now the guy who had been getting a blowjob next to her was watching her as his girlfriend lay on the couch on her back while he toyed with her, his eyes on Wunmi. His eyes met hers. He smiled and winked. Wunmi’s heart pounded, and embarrassment sank deep into her stomach.

But her hand kept on stroking Jide’s length as his finger teased her pussy. Teased her and then gently probed inwards again, bringing a moaning gasp from her lips. That moan, the look on her face, brought a smile to Jide’s as she looked back at him.

A smile that warmed her heart, that made her melt. Wunmi melted around his finger.

His hand renewed its intimate exploration of her body, bringing another little gasp, and then another and another from Wunmi. Bringing an involuntary spreading wider of her legs for his hand. Bringing that melting heat and wetness where he explored her.

She found herself wanting to see what she was holding, to really look at this strange male appendage that was so hard and erected in her hand. Jide seemed to sense her curiosity.

He half rolled backwards, his arm lifting and turning Wunmi so that now he lay on his back and she lay on her side, her head resting on his broad shoulder, one of her legs on his. His hand urged her head to move across and onto his chest.

Now, in the dim light, she gazed down at the erect cock she timidly clasped in her hand. She had seen pictures. Like any girl, she had been curious, but this was the first real cock she had actually seen. The first she had seen close-up. The first she had ever held in her hand.

The sight riveted her.

After a long pause, she resumed stroking him slowly, watching the motion of her hand on his rigid length, feeling the hardness beneath her fingers, the contours, the heat, the velvet soft skin, the swollen head, those raised veins, the way his skin moved as her fingers gently stroked him.

Wunmi raised herself a little, the better to see him, to see his full length, to see every inch of him. Her heart seemed to swell in her chest, after choking her as she looked at the sheer size of him. So long and thick. So hard. Her fingers couldn’t even circle him completely when she held him. Below his shaft, she saw his testicles, large and rounded, fascinating to look at.

Jide brushed his fingers through her hair as she stroked him. He seemed to be enjoying her shy hesitancy, savouring and enjoying the anticipated pleasure to come, drawing it out for as long as possible.

His hand pressed lightly against the back of her head, urging her head downwards towards his cock. Wunmi’s heart pounded wildly as she suddenly realized what he was looking for from her. Now it didn’t seem quite as shocking as it had earlier in the evening.

But still, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. Her eyes moved to look the girl beside her, kneeling above her boyfriend, once more hard at work, her mouth engulfing the guy’s cock. She watched for a long moment, watched her head bobbing, her lips moving, sliding on the guy’s shaft. It didn’t look so hard to do.

It was just, she had never done it before.

Jide seemed to sense the cause of her hesitancy. His hand ceased to stroke her hair, instead easing her head around to look at him. A light kiss to her lips, another caress as she half lay on him, her naked breasts pressing against his chest.

“You’ve never done this before either have you?” His whisper was barely audible.

“No.” Wunmi gave her head a little shake.

“Just open your mouth wide and let it in, then use your lips on the shaft and lick it with your tongue.” He grinned. “When you get used to that, start moving your mouth on it and sucking on it at the same time. Kind of like a big lollipop.”

“Uh-huh.” That sounded dumb.

“You ready to give it a try now?”

“Ummmm … Okay.” Wunmi’s hesitant whisper. “Ummm…”

Still slowly stroking Jide’s cock with one hand, Wunmi inched her head downwards towards it until she was stroking him right in front of her face. Still hesitant, she inched a little closer, delicately touching the tip of Jide’s cock with her lips, her tongue flickering out to lap him lightly.

She tasted him with her tongue, a flickering touch with just the top, before she drew her head back, licking her lips. To her surprise, his cock tasted just like the rest of him, maybe a little more salty. Greatly daring now, she moved her head forward, and this time, as she lightly kissed the tip of his cock, her tongue flickered out and slid around him.

“That’s it, Wunmi.” Jide encouraged her.

Heart beating hard, Wunmi touched the tip of Jide’s cock with her lips before rather shakily opening her mouth wide and taking the head of his cock very carefully into her mouth. The head brushed between her lips and slid into her mouth easily. She felt him resting on her tongue, inside her mouth.

Her lips closed on his shaft, and her tongue slid around him, licking him as she lowered her head a little without thinking. He was slightly salty, a little bitter, and tangy. She found, to her surprise, that she liked the taste of him.

“Jesus Wunmi, that’s it,” Jide groaned. “Oh fuck, that’s good.”

Wunmi realized he wasn’t whispering anymore. She found she didn’t really care. His hand pushed lightly at the back of her head, urging her mouth downwards on him.

“Jesus Wunmi, that’s it; oh yeah, yeah, suck on it,” Jide groaned.

Wunmi was enjoying his excitement now, enjoying his ready response to what she was doing to him, happy her inexperience wasn’t showing. It was, but to Jide, Wunmi’s inexperience was as exciting as everything else about her.

He strained upwards as his hands held her head, jerkily moving his cock in her mouth, sliding in and out between her lips. Wunmi stayed still and let him move, her tongue sliding across his shaft, sucking lightly on him, tasting the saltiness of him as his cockhead moved across her tongue and moved inside her mouth.

Her hand held him, guiding him to her mouth. As he relaxed downwards, she remembered the actions of the girl next to her on the couch, her head bobbing up and down. She began an imitative motion, sliding her head forward and back, her tongue sliding and licking his shaft at the same time. After a short period of familiarization on Wunmi’s part, the two of them adopted a slow and steady rhythm.

Jide’s hips lifted and fell, his cock sliding gently in and out of Wunmi’s mouth, his hands holding and guiding her head. For her part, Wunmi let his cock slide in, then, after he slid back, she would bob her head downwards and then back again, her lips sucking on his shaft as her tongue slid around the swollen head, exploring the shape of him.

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