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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 6) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 6) [18+]

At her Bible study class at church, of all places.

Ade was a nice guy, but his kiss had been all wet and sloppy. He had tried to stick his tongue in her mouth as well. Gross! Wunmi took another drink quickly. This guy probably knew how to kiss really well. He looked and acted like the sort of guy that would. Wunmi smiled as she realized she really was thinking about kissing Jide.

Or at least, letting him kiss her. She wished now she had more experience. She really wanted him to kiss her. His arm wrapped more intimately around her shoulders, and he eased himself closer. Drinking postponed any decision, though, so she finished the bottle’s contents.

It was only after nothing came out that she realized the bottle that was her temporary protection was empty.

Jide’s hand reached around and took the empty bottle from hers. He dropped it behind the chair. His face moved closer as Wunmi glanced at him. Her heart seemed to stop as she realized he was actually going to kiss her. He was. He actually really was. She waited for what seemed an eternity but in reality, it was probably only a second or so.

His lips touched hers, brushed them lightly. A jolt of pure excitement surged inside her as his lips brushed hers again, pressing more firmly against hers as his arm eased her even closer to him. His tongue pressed against her lips.

His mouth seemed to want hers to open. A brief memory of Ade flickered through her mind as her lips parted tentatively. His tongue somehow slipped between them, slipped into her mouth as her mouth opened wider, brushing Wunmi’s teeth, brushing her tongue.

His kiss wasn’t at all what Wunmi thought it would be. She liked the taste of him. She liked the feel of his tongue inside her mouth. He wasn’t sloppy or wet either. Before she knew it, her mouth was wide open, his lips meshed firmly against hers, his tongue probing deep inside her mouth. Wunmi realized she was enjoying this.

If her dates last year at high school had kissed like this, she would have let them keep on kissing her. She forgot all about the eminently forgettable Ade as, instinctively, she half turned towards Jide, one of her arms sliding around his neck as their kiss went on and on.

Her hand brushed across his neck, her fingers stroking across his skin, feeling the solid muscles, the thickness of his neck, and the solid strength of his shoulders. Just the feel of him under her fingers drew a breathless little moan of pleasure from her, a moan that filled his mouth.

She hadn’t meant it to be, but Jide took that as encouragement to do more than kiss her. One of his hands almost immediately cupped one of her breasts through the thin material of her top. Wunmi’s eyes widened. Only one of her dates had ever tried to touch her like that. For a very brief moment, she regretted wearing the flimsy little halter top.

The regret lasted only momentarily. His hand moved on her breast, caressing and exploring; sending little rockets of pleasure shooting through her body. It was okay, she told herself; she was wearing her halter top. The material was between his hand and hers.

It wasn’t like he was actually touching her skin. It was okay for him to touch her like this. She could let him do that; it wasn’t like his hand was inside her halter top.

“Oohhhhh.” A soft, low moan escaped from her lips into his mouth. He kissed her harder, his mouth more demanding, his tongue sliding deep into her mouth, her own mouth opening even wider to his.

Even as he kissed her, Wunmi felt his other hand behind her, at her back, then a sudden relaxation of the tightly fitting halter top as he unfastened the tie that held it together behind her back. Wunmi’s eyes widened even more as the now loosely hanging top allowed his hand to slip under it, cupping her naked flesh, running a thumb lightly across a nipple that she now realized was swollen and achingly hard.

“Oooohhhh.” Again she moaned into his mouth. The feel of his hand on her naked skin generated a shocked excitement—an intimate invasion that was as unexpected as it was enthralling. It was delicious, but she knew this was where she should draw the line.

She should stop this right now before things go too far. And this was too far, she knew. But it felt so good. It felt really really good. There was no harm in letting him touch her there. It wasn’t like his hand was inside her panties. Her indecision led her to continue kissing him as his hand caressed both her breasts alternately. She sighed her enjoyment into his kiss.

She would stop him if he tried anything else, she told herself. The loose halter top at least concealed what his hand was doing to her from the gaze of the others in the room. Not that they would care. What the other three girls were doing was far more obvious than what Jide was doing to her.

Jide chose that moment to brush the halter top around and up to one of her shoulders, turning it into a cape of sorts, exposing both her small breasts to his eyes. To the eyes of anyone else in the room who made an effort to look.

Jide looked. He lifted his mouth from hers to look down at her nakedly exposed breasts. Her first reaction was to cover herself with her free hand, a jerky movement that his hand intercepted, taking her hand and holding it in his as his eyes examined her.

A burning feeling spread downwards from her neck, over her chest, and across both her breasts, her nipples engorging even further, jutting outwards, swollen to a size that seemed to her to be enormous.

Wunmi watched him looking at her, watched him looking at her breasts as she sat next to him on the couch, half turned towards him. His hand left hers, cupped one naked breast, caught one swollen nipple between a thumb and finger and squeezed it lightly. At the same time, his head lowered, he engulfed her other breast with his mouth and licked it with his tongue, licked at her swollen nipple.

“Oooohhhhh.” Wunmi forgot the words of rejection she had been planning on. She forgot her intent to reach up and remove his hand. She forgot her intent to cover herself with her own hand or even her halter top. Instead, her back arched, her eyes opened wide, and she moaned out loud.

It wasn’t just ripples of sensation that washed through her, it was waves. She pushed her breast hard into his mouth while his hand continued to gently tease and tug at the other nipple that it held so firmly. That it seemed to know how to handle so well.

“Nnnoooohhh … ooohhh … ooohh.” Wunmi’s protest turned into a prolonged moan as his tongue swirled across and around her nipple and over her skin. Pushed backwards into the centre of the chair, she was a bit embarrassed, acutely aware of her sudden exposure, horrified that the others in the room would see her exposed breasts.

Horrified that they might hear her uncontrolled moan of pleasure. Horrified that they would see what Jide was doing to her. She was almost more worried about that than she was about his mouth and hand on her breasts, although that was worrying enough.


Because what Jide was doing to her was sending waves and sudden explosions of pleasure washing through her body continuously. One of his hands was behind her, supporting her as her back arched in a completely involuntary movement.

The hand that Wunmi had intended to use to remove his from her breasts was instead betraying her, resting on his head, stroking his hair as his mouth suckled at her. She gave a hurried glance across the room. The couple on the couch opposite were too engrossed in what they were doing to each other to be interested in what was being done to Wunmi.

Too engrossed?

Her eyes widened in shock. The girl on the chair opposite was almost naked, her top open, her jeans discarded on the floor, the guy on top of her, between her wide legs. Even as Wunmi looked, the girl moaned softly, the guy moved.

Even in the dimly lit room, Wunmi could see the guy’s cock sliding in and out of the girl’s body. She found herself watching them over the top of Jide’s head as he suckled at her breast, unable to tear her eyes away from the sight, shocked at what they were doing so publicly. Shocked, and at the same time, wildly excited.

The sight of them, seeing what the guy was doing to the girl, made what Jide was doing to her seem minor by comparison. She tried but she couldn’t tear her eyes away. The sight of the guy’s cock moving in a steady rhythm as it penetrated the girl opened up a black hole of sensations within her own body.

The mouth on her breast, sucking gently at her nipple now, kept adding to the rippling excitement that she felt. Jide’s hands turned her, pushing her back and a little sideways towards the other couple with whom they shared the chair. And all the while his mouth worked on her.

Wunmi looked at her hand, stroking his head, almost absent-mindedly, unable to think a coherent thought. Her body was on fire, burning with the excitement she felt. Her hand somehow seemed detached from her, alive with excitement, alive with scared anticipation, doing what it was doing of its own accord, not under any conscious command of hers.

Shivering, she arched her back a little more, pushing her breasts at Jide’s mouth. Her eyes remained fixed on the chair opposite, watching the guy moving on the girl, his butt lifting and plunging, his cock sliding in and out of her body, the girl’s legs drawn back, far far back so that her knees clasped the guy’s ribs.

The girl’s feet bounced against his hips as he moved on her. Wunmi found herself fascinated by the way those feet moved, by the audible noises the girl was making. She sounded as if she was enjoying herself. She could hear her moaning, sobbing, and whispering.

She could hear her breathing hard. Wunmi could hear herself too; she was making little noises of her own as Jide’s mouth continued to work at her breast. She could feel the guy behind her as well, his body suddenly hot against her naked back as Jide eased her back a little more. Jide’s hand left her breast, moved down to her hip, then high on her leg, stroking her, sliding across her skin.

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