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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 10) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 10) [18+]

Jide ground himself against her mound, the look on his face telling Wunmi that he was enjoying her soft moans, enjoying the expressions that played across her face, the way her hands clutched at his and then tried to pull away, the little starts and quivers of her body beneath his.

He began to move inside her, a gentle in-and-out stroke that drove her half crazy as he moved. Wunmi closed her eyes as he began a slow and steady movement inside her, oblivious to anything but the feel of his body on hers and the sliding movements of his shaft inside her body.

She could feel herself adapting to his penetration, her body accustoming itself to this new use, his movements inside her stretching her, while for Jide each thrust was a tight slippery sliding rush of pleasure.

Wunmi’s body burned, her swollen clitoris demanded more, she found herself increasingly eager for each of his thrusts inside her, welcoming them, drawing her knees back as far as she could to open herself even more to him. He took full advantage of her eagerness, moving harder now, faster, his movements less restrained. Wunmi could sense his growing urgency, she welcomed it, enjoyed it, just as she enjoyed the excitement and desire displayed on his face as he looked down at her.

She could hear the sounds coming from their bodies, a steady slapping of flesh against flesh as he thrust vigorously into her, the wet sounds of their joining, her own soft moans of pleasure as Jide took her. She remembered the girl on the bed, some of the words she had said, how they had shocked and excited her then.

Now she understood. She looked up at Jide’s face and found herself wanting to excite him and satisfy him. The words formed in her mind. She found it hard to say them, words she had never thought would come from her mouth. In the end, Wunmi’s excitement overruled her upbringing.

“Fuck me,” she breathed, almost inaudibly, watching the excitement on his face as he heard her. She let the words whisper from her lips again. “Fuck me hard.”

Wunmi forgot everything as Jide responded to her whispered words, and he began to move faster inside her. Faster, harder, his body moving urgently on hers in a new and demanding rhythm. A rhythm that was almost, but not quite, painful.

Hard, demanding thrusts that penetrated deeply within her body, thrusts of that hard male shaft that filled her again and again. His body pounding against the cradle of her slender thighs, his breathing hard and fast, his face above her taking on a strained look of desire, of need, of lust.

Wunmi’s excitement grew. The burning heat within her demanded more, wanted more, wanted him. Heedless of the others in the small room, she could hear herself, hear her voice, wordless groans intermingled with obscenities and encouragement to him.

“Ughhh … Hhuunngghh … Fuck me …huughhh … huuggg … like that … Fuck me like that … Hard … Fuck me hard … Yes yes yes…Nnnughhh … use my pussy… ”

In the back of her mind, she found it hard to believe that she, Wunmi, was the girl doing these things, making these noises, uttering these words. But it was, and even those stray thoughts disappeared as she felt a need building up inside her, a slowly surging need that demanded release.

Her awareness narrowed down even further, focusing in on the steady thrusting at her centre, the rhythm of his body inside hers, his cock sinking itself to the hilt inside her again and again, the pulsing slippery clasp of her channel around his shaft.

Somehow, he slid a hand between their joined bodies, his fingers finding the swollen nubbin of her clitoris just above the point at which their bodies joined. His fingers circled, and rubbed, bringing a sudden wave of pleasure that was exactly what she needed.

Jide’s thrusts shortened and became more powerful, and his fingers circled and rubbed. Wunmi found herself moving beneath him, her legs suddenly splayed wide, feet flat on the floor, her back arching with her need, lifting his weight with her slender body, groaning and then crying out as the pressure within her built and built to a cresting wave that suddenly broke and washed through her body.

Washing through her in a golden wave of pleasure, every muscle in her body clenched tight, the world turning black, the golden heat rippling outwards and consuming her, filling her to overflowing. Wunmi cried out again and again as Jide rode her through a paroxysm of pleasure.

He rode her arched body back down onto the rug, pounding himself into her, all restraint now cast aside as he moved irresistibly towards his culmination. She felt herself spasm around his cock as he plunged into her, felt him thrust deep into her again and again, his cock driving deep inside her. She could feel his need, his urgency, as he thrust and thrust and thrust again. She could sense that he was on the verge, that he was losing control, holding his culmination back by sheer willpower.

And Wunmi wanted his culmination, she wanted to satisfy him, to feel him finish, to give him the pleasure he had given her, to give herself to him.

He slammed her slender body into the rug again and again and then, at last, his need was overpowering, irresistible, irreversible. The sounds of his body slapping hard against hers, the wet sounds her body made as he thrust into her, their panting breaths, Wunmi’s sobs and moans, all echoed through the confines of the small room.

One of his hands abandoned hers, found her hips, slid beneath her, lifted and held her for his pleasure as he looked for every last fraction of sensation. Wunmi groaned in the aftermath of her pleasure, aware of what he was doing to her, helpless in his hands as he drove into her one last time.

Beneath his weight, cradling him between her widespread thighs, Wunmi felt his body tense against hers. He thrust, he held himself high inside her. She felt his cock throbbing, throbbing and then exploding within her, his cock pulsing as his semen spurted out, boiling down his length, flooding her channel, she felt for the first time those explosive spurts as he emptied himself into her.

Juddering beneath him, she felt the urgency and the passionate culmination wracking his body as he finished inside her. She felt every one of those jetting eruptions deep within her, welcoming them, welcoming his satisfaction.

“Hhhhnnnuggghhhhh … nnuughhh … Nuugghhh … nnuuughhhh.” Her own gasps accompanied each of those jetting eruptions within her body as his climax seemed to go on and on forever.

Then she was sobbing for breath as Jide’s movements ceased, suddenly and shockingly conscious of being almost naked on the floor of the small bedroom, of having been taken in full view of everyone else in the room.

Pinned beneath Jide, his hands again pinning hers to the floor above her head, his weight heavy on her, her knees clasping his ribs, slippery with their intermingled sweat, there was nothing she could do other than lie there, feeling him on her, feeling him inside her, his cock slowly softening within the clasp of her channel. He stirred on her, his weight easing a little, his head lifting.

His breathing was harsh in her ear, harsh and heavy, slowing. His head lifted, his eyes looked down into hers. With a quick smile, he kissed her gently. His hands released hers, one arm sliding under her neck, the other brushing her sweat-soaked hair back from her forehead.

This time when he kissed her she opened her mouth to him, kissing him back, passionately, her hands resting on those gorgeous arm muscles, feeling them flex as he supported his weight. She loved that weight, loved feeling him on her, his naked body pressing down on hers, those solidly muscular thighs spreading her wide.

When his mouth lifted from hers, she opened her eyes to see half a dozen excited faces watching them from the couches and the bed. Wunmi groaned in exquisite embarrassment, her body still pinned helplessly beneath Jide’s. Adding to her sudden shame, the door at her feet opened, hallway light illuminating her and Jide’s intertwined bodies for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a few seconds.

“That’s just disgusting.” She heard the voice as the door started to close again. “I don’t understand. How can some girls just do it like that where anyone can see them.”

Wunmi knew they were talking about her. She hoped no one recognized her. Not that anyone here except Sophie and Tope would. She hoped. She could feel Jide inside her, feel his cock slowly softening. It dawned on Wunmi with an irrevocable finality that she was no longer a virgin.

There was a moment of dread while she worried that he would discard her now that he had done what he wanted to her. Wunmi didn’t want to be a one-night stand.

Wunmi didn’t want to be a one-hour quickie at a party either.

“Sorry, what was that?” Jide had been saying something to her. She had missed it.

He repeated himself, quietly, in her ear. “Want to skip this party?”

His heart did a little dance. He wasn’t going to walk away and leave her. “Yes, please, can we?”

His lips brushed hers. He moved on her so that she gasped, her eyes widening. “Your place or mine?”

Wunmi smiled, her heart doing a little dance. “My place.”

She never did find her panties. They had come off her ankle and disappeared in the darkness. She didn’t worry about them. Sophie wouldn’t want them back after all. The wet flood down her thighs when she finally stood up was embarrassing, though. In the elevator of their shared apartment building, she stood close to Jide, as close as she could, her hand in his.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him. Her guy. She would have kissed him if it hadn’t been for the others they shared the space with. But they all got out on other floors, floors before hers. Then she did what she wanted to do. She turned to him, slipped her arms around his neck, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

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