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April 17, 2021

Average Joe (18+) : Pastor’s Daughter
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Average Joe (18+) : Pastor’s Daughter

After that first episode with Chioma, we started fucking all around the house like newly weds. Every moment we were alone, we would be in each other’s arms, either totally nude with me thrusting hard and fast into her or partly clothed while she sat on my dick and rode me joyfully.

Sometimes she would be in the kitchen preparing dinner and I’d sneak in behind her and grab her ass. She would gasp and tell me to stop the act seeing that my parents were in the sitting room watching the 7o’clock news. I didn’t care, I just wanted to have more orgasms. And since I couldn’t go out and ask any other girl for it, I wanted to exploit my one and only source till it dried up like a well that had run out of water.

Well, the well didn’t dry up, the blady thing moved outta town.

We had been at our hide-and-smash game for a little more than 2 months when she suddenly became cold towards me. Every time I tried to initiate sex, she would refuse. She started locking her door before she slept so I couldn’t sneak into her room anymore. Once while she was bathing and I walked naked into the bathroom with the full glory of my erection in view, feeling like a walking Greek sculpture, she screamed at me and told me to leave.

Even threatened to say to my folks that I tried to rape her if I refused to leave. My very last attempt was when I tried to do the “kitchen sneak” on her. I had tiptoed to where she stood busy with what she was doing and slid my hand beneath her skirt, reaching for her crotch with my fingers and trying to slid a finger into her when she’d turned around quickly, brandishing the knife she’d been chopping carrots with, intending to cut my head off. I’d quickly dodged and the knife had slightly cut me just at the side of my face. I stepped back with fear as she pointed the knife at me with a scowl on her face to show she had meant it.

I was angry, but at the same time, didn’t want to do anything that would attract my parent’s attention towards Chioma and I. After that incident, I never attempted to touch her again. It wasn’t until a few days later when I came back from School to hear my Mom screaming at the top of her voice at Chioma. I later eavesdropped on the conversation, I realized that she had caught Chioma vomiting into the toilet at the early hours of the morning. From what I’d watched from numerous nollywood movies at the time, I realized then that Chioma was pregnant.

At first, the news hit me with such dreadfulness that I just went into my room and sat on my bed, wishing that all the events of the past few weeks never happened. That first orgasm, the many after it, all the sexcapades we had enjoyed. The slamming and the thrusting, the damn porn CDs Angela had given to me. I just wanted to undo everything. If Chioma was pregnant, then the seed within her was surely planted by me. It never occurred to me that someone like Chioma could be letting other dicks that were not mine to penetrate her coochie.

In my childish mind back then, she was mine alone. Only I had access to that sweetness between her legs, I had thought.

I had believed she was too humble and too obedient to my Mom to actually be fucking other guys while she stayed with us but it became clear to me, when she mentioned the name of two guys she’d slept with under much lashing of whip by my mother. She never mentioned mine, and I just kept my mouth shut while she was being forced to spill the whole truth.

At the end of it all, she had to leave. My mom told my dad that she was never getting another maid, which meant my doing of house chores returned. This time, I didn’t complain. I obeyed my mother’s every command, just like the bible said I should. Like I was trying to please God so he wouldn’t reveal the grave secret of my sinful acts with the now departed Chioma. I think that was the reason.

With Chioma gone, I had returned back to where I was, the miserable loner who couldn’t have a girlfriend. The boys in my class still told stories of their sexual deeds. I had one to tell as well and felt that I should, but I kept my mouth shut and just listened but the more I listened, and thoughts of Chioma came to me, my mind just wasn’t at rest. I had a boner every time I saw a lady that appealed to my sexual senses. I bought a porn CD each week, after watching it and jerking off to it, I would destroy it. My libido had become something else. And every time I laid eyes on a pretty lady, sexual thoughts would get in my head that very moment. I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with me.

In Church the next Sunday, the pastor preached on sexual immortality and how to overcome it. I listened with much rapt attention and hoped to overcome the constant urges that I had to sleep with any lady I set my eyes upon. If I hadn’t been such a shy guy who couldn’t even have a decent conversation with ladies, talk less of goading them into having sex with me, I wonder how many I would have slept with at such a “tender” age. At the end of the Pastor’s sermon, I felt renewed and assured that I could resist the desires of the flesh.

Well, that thought was held strongly to heart by me until a few minutes later when I saw somebody I hadn’t seen in a while. Victoria, the Pastor’s third daughter, she had just returned from her boarding school located in a far away state for the holiday. I hadn’t seen her in seven years, the last time I saw her, she had liked me so much that she had kept asking me to marry her.

We’d been kids back then, and every time it got to play acting as “mommy and daddy” we were always together. We’d create a small room with benches and use sheets to make a door, both creep into our “bedroom” and do some things meant for adults only. All in the name of acting but it didn’t end there, whenever we were alone, she would reach for my member which was quite bigger than it should be at the time and squeeze it. I had no idea what she was doing but she told me she’d seen people do it. I didn’t care much for sexual matters at that age and time.

On seeing her at the church that Sunday, I wondered if she still had such feelings for me. I would find out later, when the daughter of the Pastor came visiting, all by herself.

My parents were home when she came and I were in the kitchen, still trying to atone to God for my misdeeds with Chioma. I was surprised when I saw her and wondered the kind of courage she had to come to our house on her own. My mom didn’t see anything wrong in it though. We caught up on old times while she sat there in the sitting room sipping the juice I’d offered her. Suddenly she asked that we go to my room, I saw a glint in her eyes which suggested that what I’d been thinking must have been true. I was worried about taking her to my room with my parents around, but I did as she asked. Vickie jumped on my bed the moment she entered my room and immediately threw this question at me…

“So tell me about your girlfriend” She inquired

“Huh?” was what I could reply.

“I said you should tell me about your girlfriend or you want to lie that you don’t have one?” She added

I was surprised at how she brazenly asked me such a question, and stammered when I replied that I really did not have a girlfriend. She still didn’t believe me.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked in return.

“I stay in a boarding school, Federal Government Girls College. There are no guys there so I can’t have a boyfriend. You attend a day school, with boys and girls and you have your own room. You want to tell me you haven’t been sneaking her inside here?” she asked with a smirk.

I swallowed when I remembered Chioma. “No, I haven’t. I can’t sneak a girl here when my parents are around.”

“But your parents don’t know I’m in your room, do they?” she still had that smug look on her face when she asked this.

“No, they don’t but they know who you are and so it’s not a big deal. You’re the pastor’s daughter and my very good friend”

“So that’s what I am to you abi, Joe? The pastor’s daughter, very good friend”

I frowned and observed her for a minute, She was sitting at the edge of the bed now with both hands on her side. Legs closed together, in a black flail skirt. She was wearing a body-hugging blouse, and I noticed her boobs had grown quite big. I saw the look on her face again, like she was expecting me to do something. I just sat on my plastic chair across her and thought for a while before answering her last question.

“But are you not the pastor’s daughter and my very good friend anymore?” I asked slowly

She looked at me and sighed deeply. I just continued observing her, wondering where the conversation was leading. Out of nowhere she asked me a mind-blowing question…

“Are you a virgin?”

My eyes widened and my lips parted wondering what the heck was going on

“Why are you asking” I replied

“Tell me jorr” She replied

I observed her for a bit. “No, I’m not”

“Wow, cool. Tell me about it” she said asked excitedly.

Even if she had a gun to my head, there was no way I was telling her about my first time with Chioma. She pleaded and pleaded, but I refused. It was my turn to ask her if she was a virgin, she told me she wasn’t, and I was surprised and not surprised at the same time. I had suspected she wasn’t, but the fact remained that she attended an all-girls boarding school. I didn’t bother asking her to tell me about it though, we just sat there in total silence and awkwardness for a few seconds.

Right then, I heard the voice of “Evil Joe” for the very first time…

“Do you know you’re an idiot? How can you be so stupid? Look at a lady that used to kiss you and squeeze your dick seven years ago now grown up and swollen in the right areas asking you about your girlfriend and if you’re a virgin and you’re pretending like you don’t know what she came here for. Nigga you better behave yourself now and do what you’re supposed to before I…”

I didn’t allow Evil Joe to finish before standing up and walking to where Vickie sat on the bed, and sitting beside her. I put my arm around her slender waist and spoke with my softest voice and came up with my best sentence at that moment.

“I missed you, Vickie. Ever since you left, I always thought about you and wished that I would see you again. Maybe I don’t have a girlfriend because I’ve been waiting for you.” with that last sentence, she turned to look at me, and I saw desire in her eyes.

I slowly brought my lips to hers and kissed her while I was there trying to be as gentle as ever, Vickie grabbed me and we both fell on the bed. Her hands were all over me, dragging at my t-shirt and reaching for my bare body. She moaned with each kiss, her sexual voice filling my ears and fueling my desire. She reached for my crotch and squeezed my enlarged cock. I found her boobs and squeezed them through her bra.

I fondled her hard nipples just as she squeezed my cock. The whole thing was heated up, like we wanted to each tear each others clothes away and do it totally nude, but it kept occurring to me that my parents were at home, and I didn’t want to get caught fucking the Pastor’s daughter on a Sunday evening. A plan came to my head…

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