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June 5, 2020

Severance Package

Written by Dan Chucks

I only just missed the SUV to my left by just a whisker as I eventually succeeded in controlling my speeding car!

This was the second time it was happening and I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t happen again. I was only just grateful nothing nasty had come out of it, even though my heels still pressed down the throttle in blind furry.

I was unbelievably sad! Angry! Livid! Enraged! Furious! Purple…name it!

I was just upset in a reckless and in an ‘I don’t fucking care’ sort of way. The wheels under my hands could testify to it even, given how very hard and tightly I held onto them. My body shook in rage as my head burnt like it had hot coal dumped on my newly made braids. I just wished I had gotten to the office already – or as it stands now my ex-office – and I only hit the throttle even harder each time I remembered I still had some distance to drive.

Despite all the seething, I still knew within me that my mission wasn’t exactly conditioned to be successful! It has always looked like I wasn’t going at the right time. Like I wasn’t even heading to the right person! I quietly feared it would be a futile one but still insisted on going. Of course I just had to go, after all the embarrassment and disgrace! I needed to get back at them in some way. I needed an opportunity such as this to show them how enraged and sick I was for their obnoxious decisions. Someone just had to put it to their faces; something no one at the office has ever dared to do. Hypocrites.

Always acting like they loved how everything with the office works, while also going behind to seethe and complain. Dogs! Dogs with balls the size of orange seeds. It’s just a shame they would have to rely on a woman like me to stand up and shove the authority their collective egos up their collective assholes. But then, I wasn’t even ever going to wait on their support before choosing to do it. After all, I was pissed. Pissed with everyone!

And so beautifully, I had a perfect opportunity before me. I had so wished to do this for as long as I could remember but never found the chance, but for now. I was so grateful for a time like this one! When I was given my Sack Letter 3 weeks ago, if felt like the end of the world. I thought my world was crashing. I thought about the money, my career, the opportunities I’d be losing, the few friends and even the secret fun too! It felt like there was never a way I could replace all those again.

But then, all of a sudden, the sack was now looking like the best thing that ever happened to me in recent years. It subsequently gave birth to a perfect opportunity in just 3 weeks. An opportunity to walk back to these ingrates and tell them to their faces that they are no more than a bunch of dicks. A collection of overfed dictators who think of nothing else other than themselves.

Most especially, the biggest of them all, Mrs. Abayomi, the Chairman and owner of the company.

Yes, I fucked her husband and it was picked as the unofficial reason for my sacking. While my failure to secure an advert contract for our advertising firm (also because of an unexpected business trip with her hubby), was given as the official reason. But which man wouldn’t want to cheat on his wife when she is such a selfish spoilt egomaniac? Between, it isn’t even as if I wanted to do it at first, but given he was later instrumental to my rapid growth within the office, it eventually looked like a beneficial thing to do after all; at least on the surface. So I got sacked.

With her own signature directly appended on the letter. And an addendum pointing out that my Severance Package would be worked out in 3 weeks and transferred into my account. Coincidentally, this became the opening I so craved for because when I got a credit alert from my bank exactly 3 weeks later, the said Package looked far less than I expected.

Basic benefits like ‘Payment for unused vacation time and sick leave’ were completely omitted leaving the sum far lower than anticipated. While the ideal thing to do is to lay a simple complaint and request that a review be made, I predictably choose a different path all together. I was going to go there myself, with the bank statement I managed to secure, and I was going to throw the paper on their faces and ask them what the fuck they thought they were doing! They were dogs! And needed someone to remind them of that every once in a while!

Already, as I had early pointed out, I was feeling bad still within me that I was likely only going to meet the wrong person(s). My office wasn’t the head office, and virtually all the bad eggs I was wishing I could clash with were all at the head office. Sammy was the guy in charge in my branch. ‘In charge’ because despite being just the Vice Branch Chairman, he still did all the administrative work meant for the Branch Chair himself.

Mrs. Abayomi had made her husband the Branch Chair in question and Sammy worked under him. That was what led to the affair he had with me, which was subsequently exposed quite mysteriously and thus led to my sack. Despite all my anger and want for revenge, Sammy was someone I still respected and hoped I could spare of all these.

He was a nice guy and well mannered. He was in addition really handsome and always looked responsible. In fact, when I had noticed at the time that he was having some sort of a crush on me, it did always give me the butterflies. I had already started fucking the Branch Chairman by then though, and even when it looked like something was going to happen between myself and Sammy given how often we found ourselves sitting together in meetings and committees, his heart was probably ultimately broken when he found out about my affair with the boss.

He still played wonderfully mature and kept it to himself.

Since it was 99% certain that I wouldn’t meet Mr. Abayomi (he never ever stays in the office) or any of the other people who are part of the head office, it only looked a given that Sammy would be the one I’d meet. And that kept being the little worry I endlessly nursed within me. He was by far the nicest guy I had worked with during my time there (the boss wasn’t exactly nice, just willing to throw around some money as long as there is a pussy to be fucked), and it was only going to seem ungrateful to go back there acting up in front of him.

But then, I was bitter and cantankerous, to say the least and did not think there was ever going to be room for some sort of sentiment! I was likely even going to go all out on Mr. Abayomi if he was the one I ended up finding at the office! After all, where was he when his wife chose to give me the P45? Between, he was even the cause of it all. If he had kept his small dick within his shorts I wouldn’t have had a reason to offer a pussy that was only going to put me in trouble. Anyways, there was little reason to complain at all. After all, I was just a few weeks away from getting a new job.

Not exactly as glamorous as the last one but a bit similar in monetary terms. I hadn’t let all the name-calling and mud-slinging get to me as they expected. And goodness knows that I was going to pour whoever I was going to meet in that office a bucket of bile, in words! Even if it were to be Sammy!

I took another bend just then, at full speed and almost ran into an approaching commercial bus! I could even hear the people in the bus cussing and audibly abusing me with all their might! I wasn’t giving a fuck myself! I hit the throttle harder and zoomed off.

They were just stupid as long as I was concerned! They just had no fucking idea, since they were probably having their coolest moments ever. I wasn’t having mine. I was enraged and seeking vengeance! And nothing other than vengeance mattered right then.

My head buzzed! My hands shook and my nose flared in furry.

The stupid bank statement was on the passengers’ seat, and each time it ever came into sight, my anger doubled. I was going to so shove it on whoever-I-met’s face! They should fucking see what they fucking find fucking reasonable to pay out to a fucking fired staff! They should fucking read it and if possible fucking eat it.

Fucking dogs, It so irked me that my head hurt so bad. The bumpy road wasn’t helping either and as the car practically flew through the tarmac, with my horn honking endlessly, the relatively short drive was no less a bouncy ride, in literal terms.

Thankfully, I soon sighted the six-storey building that housed my ex-office. I could even see the company logo which looks new and slightly different now, boldly hung from the 3rd floor which is theirs. Of course I had no time for sheer frivolities so I quickly took a sweeping turn into the little parking arena in front of the complex, raising a barrage of dust in the course.

As I furiously swung my car door open, I was greeted by a large bang just as soon – I had hit the car next to mine with the door. Fuck! But who cared?! I snatched up the bank statement, stepped out and slammed the car shut immediately.

I could even see some people downstairs momentarily interrupting their chit-chats to look my way. They must have wondered what was going on? That was for them anyway, because I wasn’t giving a flying fuck what they thought or felt! As I hit the staircase, I was prepared to practically fly through it! I was breathing very hard quite alright, probably out of a burgeoning fatigue, but I already wished I was on the office floor. And when I began climbing eventually, it took me less than no time before I was at the final landing.

I was panting and wheezing when I got to the door, and when I pushed it open, I meet Oluchi, our receptionist.

She wanted to smile and greet but suddenly rescinded as soon as she saw my face! Goodness knows that she did easily understand that she had just faced a brick wall! I walked past her without saying a word and even increased my pace as I turned into the corridor leading to the offices of the Branch Chairman and his Vice. They both shared the same secretary but had different offices. I literally crashed into the sec’s office on getting to the door.

She hurriedly stood up from desk in sheer panic
“Auntie Daniela…” she blurted in awe! Evidently surprised to see me.

I didn’t even reply her, instead I marched on towards the Vice Chair’s office having quickly noticed that the door to Mr. Abayomi’s office was locked as predicted

“Please don’t go in there ma…I need to inform him that your are h…” she was rushing out of her seat and towards me as she pleaded but I was already at the Vice’s door and wasted no time in barging in!

“And what the fuck is this Samuel?!!” I immediately began questioning on seeing Sammy pulling some files from the rack on his table. I already was putting up the bank statement to his face while walking towards him.

“Daniela…” was his first reaction. He was equally surprised to see me in his office
“What the fuck is this?!!” I asked again, charging forward towards him. The large table between us was looking like the only hindrance now
“What’s the problem…please calm down…” he had both his hands stretched out as though to plead
“Calm what fucking down?!! I’m asking you to explain this shit in my hand and you are asking me to cal…” I threw the paper at him!
“What shit?…” he looked down on his table and then picked up the piece of paper.
Meanwhile the secretary who had followed me into the office just quietly sneaked out at this point.
“This is your severance package I assume…” he began saying again after seeming to examine the written figures
“Of course it is!! And I am asking you what the fuck you guys think you’ve done? Eh?!! What in the world do you bunch of non-entities think you’ve done?…”
I was yet to finish when he quickly cut in, rather calmly. “Calm down Daniela. Calm down ok? Whatever it is will be sorted out…”

I didn’t seem to want to hear him say that for I instantly interrupted rather brashly! “What are you talking about Samuel?!” I was calling him by his first name. Something I had never done before!

“C’mon Danie…”
“I am not fucking calming down ok?…I won’t calm down!…” I was screaming on top of my voice and even wishing it could be much louder! “You guys are a complete fraud here! Fraudsters! Bunch of idiots! And you are asking me to calm down! I am not calming any fucking down! You hear me?! I am not…”

He just stood there watching me, and probably shocked by the amount of furry in my eyes! No one in the office premises has ever seen me in such rage.

“I have had enough of your nonsense here!” I continued, knocking on his table as hard as I could! “For how long was I going to bear this nonsense?! You frustrate my promotions! I try to bear! You cut down my salary countless times! I get no explanations but still try to bear! You eventually sack me! And yet after agreeing on a severance range, this is what I get?!! Peanuts?! Eh?!! Answer me Samuel?!! Peanuts?…”
“But you know this isn’t a fault from here or myself Daniela?” he was still unbelievably calm.

“It isn’t a problem from the branch. Please try to understand this. It is all from the head office and I can help you sort this discrepancies if you can just be patien…”

“I am not getting any patient young man!” I just threw every bit of caution to the wind on this one! Here was a guy at least 5 years older than myself being dressed down! “I am not going to be any patient! I tried being patient when I could and I don’t fucking care whose fault it is. This a fucking office! A fucking advertising firm and should fucking act like one!…I have…

When I said ‘ I don’t fucking care whose fault it is’ he hissed and waved his head before looking into the sheet of paper again. My inner me knew I was going to far already, but I wasn’t even sure I wanted to have any limits! I kept talking and talking, cussing every human being that ever worked under the office while reserving special abuse for the owner and her board.

When I specifically said that I was disappointed gravely by the outcome of things, he quickly interrupted.

“So…so…what exactly do you want?” he wasn’t as calm as before. Probably now worn out by my endless talking and swearing
“What I want? What I want?!!” I was quite shocked to even notice in that very moment, that I didn’t even know what I wanted. “What I want?!! Is that what you are asking me?!” I needed to still be in control
“I mean, you have to tell me what you would want me to help you do Daniela.

I have suggested you remain patient with me while we sorted things out. And you refused. And I explained that the problem is from the head office, yet you’ve insisted all of us are incompetent and all. Okay, I am asking you now, what you want. What do you want me to do for you? Tell me…”

“I should tell you what I want you to do for me?…” my anger just mysteriously multiplied by 9. I was even now rising to my toes.

“Eh? I should tell you what I want you to do for me?! You are an Idiot! You are fool! A big fooool….”

“Hey hey hey hey hey…” he quickly interrupted! He was instantly infuriated and I could see it in his own eyes now. “Don’t even go there! Don’t even dare say those again…”

“And what will you do if I do? Eh?!! What will you do if I do?!!… How can you call yourself a Vice and yet you are here letting such nonsen…” I found myself cleverly avoiding the offensive names, anyway
“You are out of your mind!!” Was his next reaction, all to my greatest surprise! He was suddenly bursting up!

“Me? Out of my mind?!” I was shocked to the bones!

“Yes! Totally out of your mind! What else were you expecting?! Eh?!! What else where you expecting?!” He was pointing at me so furiously! “After all I did for you! You still chose an old man with a family! After all my effort and work made sure your promotions were never delayed, yet you chose to…”

My eyes were already full! “What are you talking about?! What nonsense are you talking about?!…” I couldn’t just believe he had just wronged my age-long belief that Mr. Abayomi was the one behind the promotion thingy. I only just got even angrier.

“Don’t put up that surprise look here! Because you can’t claim you never knew all this while! You knew! You knew I loved you and wanted you. You knew I desired you and tried making you as comfortable as you can be here! Yet you never really gave me the chance!”
I kept trying to open my mouth to speak but words wouldn’t just come out of it!

“…I kept dying within me! I kept sulking and hoping that one day you’d realize that I wanted you! Yet you never did! And decided to give this beautiful body to an old dying man! See where he has kept you! He couldn’t even save your job! He couldn’t even save your…”

I didn’t let him complete this one before cutting in again! “And how’s that supposed to be your business? Eh?!! How’s that supposed to be your business?!” As I spoke I noticed the obvious condemnation within me! In fairness to him, he was winning me over someway somehow even though I couldn’t explain in what sense.

He was someone I had always admired from afar and even as I watched him as we spoke I couldn’t imagine I had ignored a stupendously handsome man like him for some old ingrate! He was totally right! I fucked up big time! I did! “You have no right to snoop into other people’s affairs and life…”I still fought on, though

“It’s still my business baby because I still want you!” I didn’t see this one coming and on seeing the sheer emotion in his eyes amid his return to calmness, I melted!
“I..I…”, I couldn’t just speak anymore

“I still want you Daniela…” he continued ignoring my stuttering. “I still wish you could be mine! I love all I see and I know you are the perfect match for me baby! Just look at you! Beautiful face, crazy boobs, sumptuous body, lovely legs.

What more can I ask for?! Yet you give these all to some wasting old man. You should stop fucking him. He is…”

Now the fairytale just came to an end! Did he just indirectly insult me again?! I didn’t even let him finish. “Just shut up! Shut the crap!…” he was stunned by the sudden swing in mood and just stood with an open mouth, looking at me! “I didn’t come here to receive some moral instructions from you! I already know you are the nice good-looking priest of a man.

Thanks. I like myself bad like that! Now do you mind bringing all those knowledge to that sheet on your table? I would appreciate it best that way! ”

“And then why did you come to the priest if you didn’t want any morality instructions?” he anger was building up again…

“Because he works here!” I was back to type! This was bullshit!
“Not at all whore! Not at…”

I just went bonkers!! “What did you just call me?!” I found myself pulling closer to him across the table!
“Oh…you heard it? I called you a whore! Only whores do the things you do! Only whores…”

He was still on his speech when I instantly swung an arm at his face in all furiousness! He was sharper than I ever thought! And he caught my arm, and held on to it!

“Haha…you thought you could slap me huh?!” he hissed, putting up this wicked snarl on his lips!
“Will you leave me right now!!” I barked!
“No I won’t Daniela!” he pulled me closer to him!
“I said you should leave me this instant Samuel!!”

“And I said I won’t!” he pulled me even further towards him and this time keeping a full grin on his face!
“If I ever pick up my phone, I will make sure I call…” I didn’t even finish speaking when he unexpectedly pulled me fully into him and without warning crushed his lips straight into mine. We were bound in an unexpected kiss!

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