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LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates VI(18+)

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LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates VI(18+)

Written by LipGlossMaffia


I am lying in my bed, naked, in that semi-conscious space where I’m drifting in and out of sweet dreams of you and half-awake fantasies. The waking fantasies are really just glimpses. Kisses. Touches. Slow caresses. Shivery memories and desires.

I’m lying on my left side facing off the edge of the bed, as I often do. The bed creaks and sinks as you climb in under the covers. As you slide your body in close behind me, I notice simultaneously your smell, your breathing, and the way you move. Such a sweet dream.

My eyes pop open wide in shock and delight as I realize it is you! It’s really you! Here in my bed! I turn my head back to look at you and a huge smile spreads across my face as you press your body in behind me in a spoon position, and slide your muscular arm around my waist to my stomach and pull me closer into you. I relish the warmth and excitement of so much skin touching at once. I try to turn my body to face you, but your strong arm and the position of your body behind me has pinned me in place. 

“How?” I start, but I am silenced as your lips press against mine. Despite my question, I know it doesn’t matter. I know in that surreal way you know things in dreams, that this is right and natural and meant to be. I give in to the kiss and relax my body against yours, luxuriating in the feeling of so much skin touching. The kiss is soft and slow at first. Then, my mouth opens as yours does and our tongues touch and swirl around. 

As our tongues dance, your hand starts to travel up my torso. My nipples harden in anticipation before your hand even reaches my breast. I sigh into our kiss as you take my nipple between your thumb and forefinger, twirling and pinching it, making it even harder. Having difficulty keeping my head turned in this awkward position to kiss you, I reluctantly turn my face away from yours, back to a more natural relaxed position on my pillow. You chuckle lowly in my ear and trail kisses across my neck and shoulder. 

Your body slides unbelievably closer to mine. I am reveling in the heat and comforting softness of so much skin contact from your chest to your feet. I feel your hardness press into my ass. I wiggle back against it, causing you to purr lowly in my ear as you continue kissing my neck and shoulder.

You release my breast and slide your hand slowly down my torso. My breathing becomes deeper. You stop to tickle the little tuft of hair above my clit, and cup my mound, then slide down slowly over the smooth shaved skin beneath that. My legs part slightly and I slide my lower knee forward to welcome your hand more easily. I gasp as your hand slides down and traces the swollen outer labia, and they part for you revealing the hot wetness inside. “Mmmm,” I hear you growl lowly in my ear. 

You glide your fingers slowly down into my wet slippery slit, over my clit, and deep into the sopping heat beyond. We both sigh as you discover just how hot and wet you make me. My breathing speeds up. Yours is deep and rhythmic in my ear as you continue to kiss and lick my neck and shoulders. My head is swimming with the incredible pleasure of having you here in my bed, touching me like this. You slip your fingers back out, and repeat the same motion, using two fingers to simultaneously squeeze and press on my clit as you slide past it, and plunge back into my soaking pussy.

Small moans escape me as I begin to writhe my pelvis in tune with your movements. My squirming accentuates the feeling of your cock against my ass, and suddenly you feel even larger and harder than before. You continue kissing and nibbling on my neck and shoulder and start speeding up the movement of your fingers sliding over my clit and into my pussy.

I can feel your hard cock pressing into my ass. I press back harder against it, causing you to gasp and utter a low growl. In response, you pick up the pace of your movements over my clit and deep inside me.

Within a couple of minutes, I am panting and my legs start to quiver. My legs feel like they are melting like I don’t have control over them anymore. Tingly hot jolts of sensation emanate up through my torso. You change your movements, so you are pressing firmly and quickly back and forth over my clit. Your breathing speeds up, and I am panting and gasping. 

This is more than I can take. I feel intense heat building within me. “Ohhh yessss,” I moan as my lower body starts convulsing. Then my entire body tenses as my climax approach. I let out a long low cry as my climax crashes over me. You continue working my clit, keeping me coming longer than I could have imagined. You slow your fingers with the rhythm of my spasms and then withdraw them as my quivering starts to subside.

I turn in your arms to face you and press my breasts against your chest. I press my open lips to yours and kiss you hungrily. Our tongues meet and swirl around each other in a passionate kiss. I am devouring you, so hot, so aroused, so hungry for more.

As we continue to kiss, I reach down between us, reach for your cock and grasp it hard. You draw in a quick breath. It’s so stiff and hot. I stroke your cock with my hand, causing it to feel astonishingly harder. Your breathing speeds up as I continue stroking you.

You reach your hand back to my sopping wet pussy. We are both breathing hard, panting, nearly gasping, in between kisses. I lean forward and push you onto your back, straddling you and sliding my body on top of yours in a fluid motion. Your rock hard cock slips easily into my slippery hole. You moan, a low rumbling sound, at the feeling of being engulfed in such heat so quickly.

Once you are completely inside me, I press my chest against yours, lie still, and kiss you slowly for a moment, savoring the feeling of you filling me up inside. Your hands are caressing my back and ass, gliding slowly over my skin.

Then, still kissing you, I slowly slide my pelvis up until just the tip of your cock is inside me, and then slide slowly back down until you are fully engulfed in me again, and again, and again. After repeating this movement for a few minutes, I push up with my hands to sit up on top of you. Your eyes open wide. A wickedly delighted smile lights your face.

I smile down at you as I start to grind my hips in a rhythmic movement like a sultry dance. Your eyes go wider still and a seductive smile spreads across your face as you feel this new sensation of my pelvis grinding on top of you. Somehow you read my mind and your hands glide from my ass up along my hips and side, to my breasts.

You squeeze both nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. The sensation jolts through me like an electrical current. “Oh yes,” I breathe. You squeeze harder on my nipples. I close my eyes and tilt my head back for a moment as I continue writhing and grinding on top of you. “Oh yes,” you moan as you are enjoying watching me ride you in ecstasy.

Looking back into your eyes, I continue to ride you, harder and faster, moving my hips in a rolling grind. You are thrusting up into me in time with my movements. The smile fades from your face and is replaced by wanton lust. It reflects my own. We are both panting heavily now. You squeeze my nipples harder. “Yes,” I breathe and it turns into a moan. Suddenly I feel convulsions beginning deep inside me. You continue squeezing my nipples. “Yes,” I gasp, looking into your eyes. My movements become more frenzied. 

Staring into your eyes, I keep going hard and fast on top of you, moaning and sighing with every thrust of my pelvis. I’m having a hard time keeping upright as the contractions become stronger. I lean forward against your chest and lift my pelvis off your cock and pound back down onto it. You moan loudly, as do I, and I continue fucking you hard over and over, slamming your cock deep into me, rubbing over my g-spot. We both moan each time I plunge down onto you.

The frenzied spasms inside me reach a crescendo and I cry out as my muscles clamp down hard around your cock. ‘Yes”, you moan loudly again and pump your cum deep inside me in spurting waves. You wrap your arms around me as I lie on top of you for a few minutes. Our panting slows to deep fast breathing, to almost normal. We kiss slowly and deeply. And smile at each other. 

I lie on top of you for awhile, and then slide off you, but keep my arm and leg draped across your body. Smiling contentedly at you, I caress your face and kiss you again. I still cannot believe you are here. It just feels so right. I drift into a serene sleep.


Michael finishes reading and looks up at Kate with awe.

“Another amazing story, Kate,” he whispers hoarsely. “God. You’re incredible,” he whispers, his eyes full of wonder and sincerity.

She smiles the sweetest smile at him that makes his heart melt. He sees something in her eyes, something that looks like love. He knows he is head over heels about her, and he dares to hope that’s what he’s seeing in her eyes as well.

He closes the laptop and places it gingerly on the desk. Without another word, he wraps his body around her and pulls her into a spoon position, wrapping his arm tight around her and pulling her close, just like in her story. He’s gotten incredibly hard again, reading the story. His erection presses in between her ass cheeks. He begins kissing her neck and shoulder, and her face turns toward him. He presses his lips against hers.

The kiss is soft and slow at first. Then, he feels her mouth open as her tongue searches for his. Their tongues touch and swirl around.

As their tongues dance, his hand starts to slide up her torso and her nipples seem to harden in anticipation before his hand even reaches her breast. She sighs into the kiss.


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