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May 16, 2021

LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates II (18+)
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LipGlossMaffia’s The Flatmates II (18+)

Written by LipGlossMaffia

Oh well, I’ve had to listen to them having sex for three months. Time for some payback, she thinks to herself as a broad grin lights her face. Despite telling herself that, she’s still embarrassed nonetheless.

As she nears the bathroom door, she makes the mistake of glancing into the living room and the kitchen. Jide is in the living room watching TV, and he looks up with a broad knowing grin as they pass. He raises his eyebrows at Michael. Kate doesn’t see Michael’s response to him, because she makes eye contact with Pamela in the kitchen. Pamela is wide-eyed with a curious smile, and a look that says: “What the fuck is going on?”

Kate’s face is completely ashen as she reaches the bathroom door. She yanks it open and quickly pulls Michael inside, closes the door, and lets out the breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.

This is THE definition of the walk of shame, she thinks.

“Look at you. You’re positively glowing,” Michael says, smiling affectionately at her. Kate glances over at the mirror and sees her face. Her eyes go wide with embarrassment and somehow her skin seems to get red. She looks back at him sheepishly and looks away.


Michael finds her embarrassment so endearing. She’s so full of contradictions. She writes highly graphic and detailed erotic stories, she lets herself go into the ecstasy like no woman he’s ever been with, but she blushes talking about sex, and here she is blushing like mad because her best friend and roommate know she has just had sex.

She’s so cute, he can’t help but kiss her. He turns her face to his and feels with his fingertips the actual heat emanating from her face. He smiles giving her a reassuring look and plants a soft kiss on her lips.

“Haven’t you heard them having sex?” he asks.

Nodding and rolling her eyes, she says, “Yes, frequently.” He smiles brightly, partly at Kate’s reaction and partly happy that his buddy, Jide, is getting it regularly.

“So, what’s the big deal?”

“It’s just….embarrassing,” she replies and looks away. He gently turns her face back to look at him again.

“Why? Because everyone expects you to be celibate?”

“No. Well…. I mean…..” she huffs out an exasperated breath. “I don’t know.”

“Just relax, Kate,” he says softly and reassuringly as he gathers her into his arms and hugs her body close to his. “I have roommates, too. Everyone is just going to have to get used to it, cuz I intend to make you scream on a daily basis from now on,” he says with a broad smile, waiting for her reaction. She looks up at him with a horrified wide-eyed look. He chuckles and kisses her forehead.

I knew that would make her react.

“Oh God,” she whispers and leans her head against his chest.

He watches her affectionately as she pulls away from him and starts to take off her robe. He growls lowly as his eyes travel rapidly over her naked body again.

Now, we’re just showering. I have to get to work, Michael,” she admonishes.

He takes off his robe and her eyes widen seeing he’s already hard again. She gives him a reproachful look, but her eyes betray her delight.

“What?” he asks. “I can’t help it. You’re incredibly beautiful.” She smiles brightly at that. He continues to let his gaze travel over her as she turns toward the tub and starts the water flowing.

They both step in, and as she tilts her head up to the water, he presses his body up against her from behind. He plants his mouth on her neck as his hard shaft spreads her ass cheeks and one hand quickly slides up to squeeze her nipple. He knows how sensitive her nipples are and hopes this will get a reaction. Simultaneously, he slides the other hand down into her slippery slit and over her clit, delighted to find her wet again…or still.

“Ohhhh, Michael,” she moans and presses back against him.

Ah, yes, that’s the reaction I was hoping for. He smiles against her neck, once again loving how sensitive and sensual she is, not to mention responsive!

Encouraged, he slides two fingers deeper into her, finding her so hot and slippery. When she doesn’t try to stop him, he slides his fingers back out and rubs her clit vigorously, while continuing to squeeze her nipple. Within seconds she’s panting and moaning again.

“Oh God, Michael,” she moans again. “Oh, God… Oh… Alright. Fuck me quick,” she says and she bends right over and braces her hands on the side of the tub.

Michael’s eyes open wide with surprise seeing her bent over, hot beautiful Kate, spreading herself open, displayed before him. He grins broadly at the sight. The hot water is coursing down on her back, splashing up at his torso and face, and running down over her ass and pussy lips.

He growls and slides his hard cock into her slippery heat. They both moan as he enters her and buries himself inside her. He grabs her hips and starts thrusting quickly. Her hand flies up to her clit, and she starts rubbing it frantically.

Within seconds, he’s slamming hard into her over and over, causing her to squeal with each thrust. They are both moaning as they climax together quickly, coming hard and fast, panting while the hot water splashes over them. He thrusts a few more times till he empties himself within her and he’s certain her orgasm is done. Finally, he pulls back.

She stands up and turns around, moving closer to him. She seems a little shaky, so he gathers her up in his arms and pulls her close.

“Oh Kate, you’re so amazing,” he says in a low husky voice.

“So are you,” she says, as she lifts her face to kiss him. He kisses her deeply for another long moment, as the water courses over them. Still panting, they pull themselves away from each other.

“Ok, now we really have to hurry,” she says, giggling.

He watches as she grabs the body wash and begins washing. She hands it to him and he pours some on his hand and lathers his hair. He can’t help but slide his soapy hands over her breasts. She gasps and gives him a reproachful look.


“I can’t help it,” he smiles at her. “You’re irresistible.” She rolls her eyes but smiles anyway.

“I really have to go now,” she says, and grabs his hands and moves them back to his own head. Michael chuckles.

They each wash, but not without a few more kisses and soap-slippery caresses thrown in for good measure. They finish showering quickly and step out onto the fluffy red bathmat. They dry off quickly and wrap themselves in their robes, and head back to Kate’s bedroom to get dressed.

Michael notices that Kate looks pointedly at the floor, and nowhere else, as she walks back down the hall toward her bedroom. He chuckles to himself again at the incongruity of her embarrassment and her unbridled passion.

“Oh fuck! We have to be out of here in ten minutes,” Kate declares when she sees the clock.

Finding his jeans on the floor, Michael begins dressing in the clothes he wore the night before, while Kate opens a drawer in her dresser. She stops for a moment and looks over her shoulder at him seductively. Michael pauses with his fly open and stops dressing to watch her wiggle into a red lace thong and matching the bra. He gets hard again. She notices and smiles.

As she turns to walk to the closet wearing only the red thong and bra he can’t help but drink in her curves. She slides on black dress pants that look so good on her ass, and a black shirt that hugs the curve of her breasts. Her hair falls down over her back. All he can do is stare. With or without clothes, she looks so delicious.

After getting dressed, she turns around and catches him watching her with a hungry look in his eyes, the bulge still in his pants. He moves to cover up, but there’s no use. He’s caught. She laughs out loud and looks pointedly at his crotch.

“You’re going to have to keep it in your pants for a few hours,” Kate says.

He smiles sheepishly at her and resumes dressing. He finds his shirt where it had been flung on the chair last night and pulls it on.

Kate goes to the dresser and looks in the small mirror on top. Again Michael just watches her intently as she glides some product through her hair, moisturizes her face, and applies some light makeup.

He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist, pressing his body against her back so she can feel his hardness against her ass again. She gasps. He looks at her reflection in the mirror and whispers in her ear, “You don’t need that at all, you know. You’re absolutely beautiful without it.”

“You’re going to give me a big ego,” she says, smiling back at his reflection, as she throws lipstick, her wallet, and phone into a small purse.

She turns around and holds her hand out to him. He gladly takes it with a smile and follows her out of her room.

Pamela is standing by the bathroom door as they leave.

“Kate!” She calls out, then raises her eyebrows seeing Michael following her.

“Have to get to work,” Kate says as she pulls Michael quickly along behind her, “I’m late.”

Michael is sporting a Cheshire cat smile, and he winks at Pamela on his way out. Pamela just stands there wide-eyed and gape-mouthed. He can’t help but chuckle. Geez! Girls are so uptight about these things.

He follows her out of the apartment and they walk in silence the few steps down the hallway to the elevator. Michael is smiling with affection all the way, watching Kate squirm. As they arrive at the elevator and Kate pushes the down button, he says gently, “You’re going to have to face them, you know.”

He watches her face as she looks up at him, embarrassed, her brown eyes wide. They seem to shine even brighter when she blushes. Perhaps it’s the contrast against her caramel skin.

“I know,” she says softly.

“What’s the big deal?” he asks. “The four of us already hang out so much together anyway. This is perfect, really, if you think about it. Best friends dating best friends. What could be better?”


Did he just really say “dating”? Kate is temporarily distracted by the tingly rush of excitement caused by that little word so that she momentarily loses track of what they were talking about.

The elevator arrives and thankfully it’s empty.

They step in and Michael presses G. He looks back at her with his eyebrows raised, obviously waiting for her to respond. What had we been talking about? Oh yeah, my embarrassment. She blushes again, but this time because she has lost her train of thought.

“It’s just that I haven’t shared an apartment with anyone for a while. I just moved in here to share the cost. I guess this part of the living arrangement hadn’t occurred to me.”

“What, that they know we’re having sex?” he asks.

“Yeah,” she says sheepishly and looks at the floor.

He cups her cheek gently with his palm and turns her face up to look in his eyes. She loves it when he does that. It’s such a gentle yet commanding move, and every time he does it, he looks at her with such emotion, it makes her melt.

“But you’ve heard them…”

“Yeah,” she shrugs, “and because I’ve heard them, I know just what they heard this morning.”  He smiles sinfully at her and raises his eyebrows up and down. She giggles and playfully pushes on his chest. Just then the elevator reaches the ground floor with a lurch. The doors clunk open.

He reaches for her hand, and she gladly takes it. Her heart soars as they walk through the lobby and out onto the street holding hands. As a couple, she thinks. Dating.

Once on the street, the phone in Kate’s purse dings. She reluctantly lets go of his hand and fishes it out. There is a text from Pamela. Kate laughs out loud and turns it, showing Michael. It reads: “omg!!!! u better talk 2 me as soon as u get home or I swear I will kick your ass!! xoxo”

Michael laughs. “I can’t imagine ever telling Jide I’d kick his ass and then following that with hugs and kisses.”

Kate laughs too and drops the phone back in her purse. She grabs his hand again, smiling contentedly. They start a brisk pace along the pavement, toward the gallery.

She looks up at him, sensing he’s about to say something. He looks over at her, resuming the conversation, “You know Kate….the guys I live with…we’ve all had girlfriends. We’ve all heard each other having sex. It’s no big deal. It comes with the territory when you live with people. You’re just going to have to get used to it.” He smiled at her.

She smiles back, “I know,” she says tentatively.

Michael tries to make a straight face. “Well if you can’t handle it, then the only solution I can see is… you’ll have to stop having orgasms.” He gives her a sideways look and sees her smiling at him with mock horror in her eyes.

“Well,” he continues, “I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not very good at being quiet. Of course, I’m just basing this assumption on less than 24 hours of evidence. We’d have to test the theory more thoroughly to be sure.”

She looks at him pointedly, a half smirk on her face, and punches him playfully on the shoulder. He mocks being hurt on the shoulder where she’s barely tapped him.

“Well then,” Kate says sternly, “I’ll just have to try to be quieter…because NO orgasms is absolutely out of the question.”

Michael smiles broadly.

They walk with an easy rhythm, in comfortable silence. As they walk along holding hands, Kate keeps gazing up at him, smiling. They round the corner and they can see the old red brick house that’s been converted to the gallery on the next street. It’s a popular independent gallery/ café in the middle of the city center that effectively rivals the big corporate businesses.

“How long have you worked here?” he asks.

“Just since the beginning of September,” she says, “I was lucky to land this job so close to home. Business is brisk, so even though it’s not high end, the tips are still pretty good at the end of the day.”

Michael nods, listening to her with rapt attention.

Before they get too close to the café, Michael tugs on Kate’s arm, turning her towards him and gathers her into an embrace, planting his lips on hers. The quick action takes her breath away and starts her heart racing again. She opens her mouth to him and wraps her arms around his neck, as his hand comes up to caress the nape of her neck, while his other arm is wrapped around her waist, pulling her close. The kiss is quick but deep and intense. Kate is breathless, again, as she pulls away grinning.

Kate stares into the endless depth of his dark brown eyes. They’re so dark, that even in the sunlight it’s difficult to distinguish the iris from the pupil. She tilts her head at him and smiles. “Why don’t you come in and have breakfast? You must be starving. I know I am.” Michael’s stomach rumbles at the mention of food.

“I guess my stomach is speaking for me,” Michael chuckles, nodding.

A broad smile alights Kate’s face.

The first and second floors of the old house have been renovated. One side of the first floor was filled with café tables and chairs. Large comfy chairs with little side tables by the large French windows. These prime seats are usually taken.

As they walk into the main room of the first floor, Kate asks Michael, “Do you drink coffee?”

“Of course,” Michael nods.

“Sit wherever you want,” Kate says, appraising the room and noticing about one-third of the tables are full. She knows the place will fill up as it gets closer to lunch. She says “hi” to her co-worker Shade behind the coffee machine and waves to Godwin in the kitchen.

Looking back at Michael, she says, “I have to go check in. I’ll get you a coffee and menu. What kind of coffee do you want? Latte? Cappuccino? Espresso?”

“Thanks,” he says genuinely smiling at her, “Just plain old coffee, milk and sugar.”

She smiles affectionately into his eyes one more time and turns to head into the kitchen.


Michael looks around the café area. It had a similar setup with Terra Kulture. He had always thought it was high time they had some competition.  About half of the occupied tables have a single person with a laptop, typical for an art café. He notices one of the large plush chairs by the window is free so he settles into it and gazes around the place.

He picks up a Saturday newspaper from a nearby table and starts reading. Moments later he senses her presence near him and looks up from his paper. She’s looking down at him with a beaming smile, holding a large mug. She also has a bunch of menus tucked under her arm. He’s struck again by how beautiful she is.

A broad grin spreads instantly across his face when he sees her. While she places the cup on the table beside him, she leans a little closer than necessary, and looks into his eyes, giving him a sultry look. For a moment he holds his breath thinking she might kiss him. But she straightens up and hands him a menu.

“I’ll give you a sec with the menu,” she says.

“That’s okay,” he replies, “I already know what I want.” He says it with a mischievous look in his eyes. Kate giggles and blushes.

“Behave,” she whispers but smiles at him letting him know she wants the same thing. “So, what do you want to eat?”

He says nothing but looks at her with a positively predatory look. He deliberately lets his gaze travel down her body to her crotch, and he stares pointedly at it for a moment, before he looks back into her eyes. She giggles and blushes again, but the look in her eyes shows him she wants it just as much as he does. She squirms slightly and shifts her weight.

“Food,” she says, blushing deeper and giving him a playfully reproachful look. “Breakfast food! From the kitchen?”

Michael chuckles and relents. He loves the way she blushes. It excites him to see that she wants him as much as he wants her. He hands her the menu without opening it, and says, “Just an egg sandwich with tomato, please.”

“White or brown?”

“Brown, please.”

He smiles at her for another couple of heartbeats. He’s happy that she doesn’t seem to want to leave his presence. An image of her smiling at him as she straddled him this morning fills his consciousness. His look turns hungry, and he notices her beautiful eyes are sparkling as she smiles at him.

Finally, she seems to realize she should get back to work and turns to go. He watches as she goes to the kitchen and places his order, and then starts checking in with the other tables. As one of the curators in the gallery, she liked talking to customers and getting opinions. He continues to watch her as she moves about the room. She has a kind of grace to her movements. So feminine. So attractive.

She has an easy-going manner with the patrons. She smiles warmly at them and greets them with the genuine friendliness that makes them feel at ease and smile back at her. He watches her hips sway and her hair swing as she moves about the café. He remembers the red lace bra and thong she’s wearing beneath her black shirt and pants and it causes a stirring in his loins. As she moves around the café, he just can’t take his eyes off her…

To Be Continued…(Duh)

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