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Edymaniac: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 12]


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Edymaniac: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 12]

“No Chidi, you mustn’t, please, no,” Aisha pleaded.

Chidi replied by kissing her open mouth once more and Aisha reluctantly responded, forgetting about her appearance. She could feel that her gown had been drawn up over her naked ass. He squeezed the firmness of each of her cheeks, pulling her onto his dick again, slipping his hands over her buttocks to feel the skin of her shapely firm ass.

She knew that her legs were on display but still she instinctively opened them a little as the two of them held to each other. She was wet between her legs and there was no doubt what was going to happen next. Aisha snapped out of her stupor abruptly as she felt another pair of hands begin to massage the ass and she felt the nearness of another body behind her.

“No, no, please, oh no, you mustn’t,” she pleaded unconvincingly.

Chidi still held her tightly and she just went with the erotic experience. She knew to protest would be futile at this point. As the new hands encircled her waist and caressed her ass, Chidi held moved her hand down onto the rock hard dick. Aisha almost summoned up the courage to stop but she was too far gone.

“Take it out Aisha,” Chidi ordered.

As if in a trance Aisha fished the big dick out of Chidi’s trouser and felt the warmth and thickness in her hand as she brought the young dick out in the open. Aisha’s felt another guy’s fingers explore the lips of her pussy and rub her clit. Aisha knew she was past protesting so she resolved herself to just let it happen.

Just as it had happened many times before with Ikenna, Aisha was being led down a sexual path where she was a plaything and an object of desire. She was extremely proud that her body could still stir the sexual licentiousness of these young men.

Chidi moved backward and bent Aisha forward a little so that she could take his vibrant erect dick into her mouth. Aisha was now bent over sucking Chidi’s prick as she held it in position with her hand. Meanwhile, Ikenna was at her rear and with her gown bunched around her waist, he was easing her legs wider apart.

Ikenna whispered, “You have a beautiful ass and pussy Aisha, so fuckable.”

She obediently opened her thighs exposing her pussy lips to Ikenna’s probing fingers. Aisha held Chidi’s dick perfectly in her mouth as she sucked and nibbled and licked up and down on it. She felt Ikenna’s firm hands on the tops of her thighs and then she felt the warm skin of another dick brush against her ass cheeks and pushed her pussy lips.

The wetness of her body opened her pussy easily and the thickness Ikenna’s dick pushed aside her pussy lips and slid into her.

Aisha gasped as Ikenna’s first thrust pushed her forward causing Chidi’s dick to hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged but she recovered quickly and returned to licking and sucking every inch of the beautiful dick in her mouth. Aisha thought how she must look at the moment in her own apartment, her gown up around her middle and being fucked doggy style while sucking a giant dick down her throat.

Ugo stood nearby watching the scene stroking his manhood, not wanting to miss a second of the wonderful display of Aisha giving up her and enjoying the assault on her shapely body. Ugo could see Ikenna’s dick entering her with long, regular, penetrating strokes that almost lifted Aisha off her feet. Ikenna held her firmly by her hips and Chidi held onto her head. Ugo watched Chidi’s thick dick as it slipped down into her throat before easing out to momentarily rest between her lips and then slide back down again.

Neither of them was rushing the experience as they wanted to enjoy Aisha’s body. They wanted to savor her submissiveness and the eagerness with which she had given herself over to their sexual advances. Aisha was helpless in their dual grasp and beautifully exposed. At first, she had been reluctant but now she wanted it to go on and on, thrilling her and fucking her deeply.

She didn’t think about it any longer, she just listened to her body and went with the flow. As she sucked, nibbled and pushed back onto the cocks in her the feeling was incredible.

Aisha groaned as Ikenna rammed up into her pussy with each thrust and Chidi held her hair gently as he controlled her head movements over his dick. Chidi held his dick with one hand as it moved in and out between Aisha’s willing lips until finally, he had reached his pinnacle, then he withdrew slightly and held Aisha firmly so that he could shoot in her mouth and over her face.

Aisha was in such an aroused state from the dick pounding into her at the rear that she paid no attention to Chidi’s positioning. Then his thick ejaculation shot into her mouth and splashed all over her face. Chidi held his dick close so that his milky seed hit Aisha’s cheeks, chin, and forehead. Aisha also felt the liquid enter her mouth as she held her lips open in an attempt to capture it all. She felt the fountain spew all over her face and her tongue darted out to lick around her lips.

She felt the warmth as cum dribbled down her face as Chidi held her head in place. He then pushed his wilting member back into her mouth again and urged her to suck him dry.

“Lick it, Aisha, lick me clean,” Chidi ordered and Aisha obligingly sucked and licked until every drop was taken into her mouth.

Ikenna still held Aisha and he was still thrusting his vibrant dick into her from behind. Ugo now wanted to enjoy the woman who was their plaything once again.

“Let’s take her into her bedroom,” said Ugo as he watched Ikenna enjoying himself.

Ikenna eased himself out of Aisha’s succulent body. Aisha raised herself to a standing position and Ikenna enveloped his arms around her waist to tease her pussy lips with his fingers again. Aisha was on a high as she had almost been brought to orgasm. She held Ikenna’s fingers on her pussy and guided the guys to her bedroom.

She felt wonderful and knew that she must have looked stunningly sexual to the three guys. She didn’t care that her gown was bunched up around her waist, or even that her face showed traces of Chidi’s semen. Aisha still held Ikenna’s fingers tight onto her vaginal lips as the four of them entered her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, the four of them removed all of their remaining clothes.

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