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Edymaniac: Ebube Moves In (Chapter 6)[18+]

“Shhhh, you’ll wake Ebube,” Kunle said.

I decided to go for it. “She’s already awake,” I told him.

Kunle’s eyes turned towards Ebube. She gave him a nice smile and waved. Kunle stopped moving. I started moving again I started pumping myself up and down on his cock. I let the blankets fall off me. Using my arms to support myself I raised my upper body. My breasts were completely exposed. I used my knees and hips to fuck Kunle.

I didn’t even pretend to be quiet. “That’s it, baby, fuck me. Fuck me while my sister is watching. I’ve always told her what a good fuck you are.”

I ground my hips against his cock. It felt so good. “Mmmmmm baby, it feels so good.”

I don’t think Kunle forgot that Ebube was in the room but he sure got comfortable fast. He grabbed my hips and thrust his cock up into me.

“That’s it baby fuck me. Oh god yes, I’m cumming.”

With that, I moaned and shivered as the orgasm washed over me. I was sure that under the covers Ebube was playing with herself. I wanted her to see more. I sat up straight and let the covers fall off me completely. I tilted my head back and thrust my breasts out. I rode Kunle’s cock.

“God yes, that feels so good, oh god, fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt,” I let out. Then with a giant orgasm, I hung my head forward, “God yes yes yes,” I screamed as I came.

When I looked at Ebube she had kicked the covers off her. Her top was over her breasts and she was playing with her breasts with one hand. The other hand was in her panties playing with her pussy.

“Look at Ebube,” I said to Kunle.

He turned to look at her. She gave him a shy smile and said, “Don’t stop.”

Watching Ebube play with herself sent Kunle into super fuck mode. He rolled me on my back and pushed my legs straight up against his shoulders. I could only imagine Ebube’s view of his cock. He lined it up with my pussy. Using my legs to tilt my pussy up he started fucking me. He also got verbal.

“Is this what you want? Do you want to be fucked hard in front of your sister? You want her to see how slutty you can act? Fucking in front of your sister. Flashing those truckers. And look at your baby sister. I saw her fingering herself for those truckers. I bet if I had stopped she would have let one of them fuck her.”

I heard Ebube moan.

” Is this what you want,” He went on. “You want me to show Ebube all the ways you like to fuck. Do you want to tell her you sometimes pretend you’re her when we fuck?”

Ebube moaned again.

“Show Ebube what position you like to fuck in when you pretend to be her.” He ordered.

I quickly got on my hands and knees, head down on the mattress. Ass up in the air. Kunle got behind me and started thrusting his cock in and out of me.

“Tell Ebube what you say when I fuck you like this,” he went on.

I looked at Ebube.

I grunted with each thrust. Between thrusts, I told Ebube what I had said.

“I asked him if he thought we looked alike in this position. Could he imagine that he was fucking you?”

“Show me,” said Ebube.

So I did, just like I did at home. “Come on baby, is my little sister turning you on? Would you like to fuck her sweet little pussy? Do you think she looks like me in this position? Do you think you could tell the difference between us?”

Kunle just kept pounding me from behind.

“Ebube said, “Oh my god that is so fucking hot. I wonder if our pussies do look the same.”

Kunle kept fucking me from behind. On her bed, Ebube got on all fours. She completely lost her panties. Her ass facing Kunle and I. She spread her legs and lowered her chest and shoulders to the mattress. As we watched she reached down between her legs and started playing with her pussy. It was fucking hot.

Watching Ebube with Kunle’s cock pumping me from behind I couldn’t control myself.

“Oh fuck Ebube, that is so fucking hot, God you have a sexy pussy. I hope mine is as pretty. Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming.”

I came hard. I’m a squirter. I drenched Kunle’s cock and had juices running down my leg and soaking the bed.

As I came, Ebube let out an “Oh my god,” and also came. She collapsed onto her belly and turned to watch us.

I had cum so much I wanted a Kunle to cum, but I wanted Ebube to see. I wanted Kunle to cum all over me.

I knew how to make him cum.

“Come on baby, fuck me. Fuck my cunt. It’s yours. Please cum on my ass. Please spray your hot cum on me. I want to feel you hot and sticky on my skin. Come on baby fuck your pussy, fuck your pussy. Give it all to me.”

I watched Ebube. She was on her side again still playing with her pussy.

I could tell she was close again.

I urged Kunle again, “Come on baby, show my baby sister how much you cum. Maybe next time you can cum all over her slutty ass. Come on baby, show her what you got.”

That did it. He pulled out as rope after rope of hot cum squirted out of his cock and all over my back, legs, and thighs. I came with a loud “Fuck yes,” as the hot cum hit my body.

At the same time, I heard Ebube say, “Oh my god yes,” her body shuddered and I could tell she had cum again.

We all rested to catch our breath for a moment. I bent my head to lick Kunle’s cock clean. It was covered in my juices and his. I licked it clean.

As I did Ebube said, “That looks so good.”

“It is,” I said.

I noticed Kunle had fallen asleep. I got up to wash some of the cum off me. Ebube followed me to the bathroom.

“God, that was hot,” she said. “I hope someday I find a man like Kunle. He is so good to you, and so good to me. Not once have I felt like an outsider in your home. He always makes me feel I belong there.”

“By the way, that cum dripping off your body looks delicious,” she said.

I had gotten a washcloth and was cleaning up. I put a gob of cum on my finger and sucked it off. “It is delicious,” I said.

She was looking at me. I scooped another glob onto my finger and brought it to her lips. She licked my finger clean.

“Mmmmmm,” she said.

She helped me finish washing the cum off my body. Then she hugged me.

“I love you two. You have been so good to me,” she cried. Then she kissed me on the lips: nothing too sexual, but a kiss.

“Mmmm, I can taste his cum and your pussy on your lips,” she said.

I forgot I just sucked Kunle’s cock clean. Of course, that’s how I tasted. We both went to sleep.

The next day there was no pretense of changing separately in bathrooms. We had all seen each other naked. Who cared? We got in the car and drove. It was a quieter drive than the day before. Ebube broke the ice.

“I want you to know that I love both of you. You’ve been so good to me. Thank you for everything,” she said. “I hope I haven’t caused any trouble. Things got kind of wild last night.

Kunle answered. “Ebube, we love you. We all loved the wild part, not because it was wild, but because it was you. You mean a lot to us. The wild was fun, but that could not have happened without the trust we built since you moved in with us.”

“Right baby?” he said to me.

“You’re my little sister. We’ve shared everything in life. We have no secrets. Less now.”

We all giggled.

“I’ve loved having you with us, both living with us and on this trip. I wish it would never end,” I said.

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